Saturday, October 31, 2015

Binge Blog: The Dead Spread, Trees of Life

RantWoman assumes nothing one way or another about neighbor Martinez and Day of the Dead based on her last name. But she gets a tree of life picture for landing a memorial in the middle of RantWoman's #Halloween blog binge.

Arbol para Dia de los Muertos
Day of the Dead Tree of Life--with SKULLS and flowers

Neighbor Martinez was a Jehovah's Witness. RantWoman did not even think to ask about the worship at Kingdom Hall when another neighbor was inviting people to the the after party Dead Spread to be held in the vicinity of the RantWoman / late Neighbor Martinez's domicile.

RantWoman thinks it's a bad idea to judge a faith community on the basis of its Dead spread, but the dead spread for Neighbor Martinez was an inspiration, both for food and for everyone there being utterly welcoming, also bronwer than RantWoman.

The menu: chicken, both roasted and fried, deviled eggs, some kind of hot links dish to be sure we got our nitrites, potato salad, green salad, some kind of green bean dish, some other things RantWoman did not pay attention to. Desserts: cookies, cakes, brownies. Drinks: punch, water, soda.RantWoman was invited to take leftovers home for later but was really glad to see the leftovers were well dispersed before RantWoman got around to thinking of any take-homes, a good bet with resurrection a ways off.

At rest? "Asleep?"
Angel, graves, grey mist

RantWoman was interested to learn:
Kingdom Hall nearby hosts 3 congregations, 2 English-speaking ones and a Chinese Speaking one. They take turns using the facility. They all work different geographical areas and would not all fit at the same time.

Inviting Neighbor said her congregation has about 70 "publishers," people who go out to preach. Inviting Neighbor said the actual service is more of a talk. Some people wore black; lots did not.
Inviting Neighbor knows a LOT about medical powers of attorney, partly because of Witnesses' beliefs about blood transfusions. RantWoman was glad to hear today the Witnesses also believe in flu shots! No point in heading off for the pre-resurrection doze any sooner than absolutely unavoidable.
RantWoman made mental note to ask more about birthdays: Inviting Neibghobor mentioned something at Kingdom Hall on her sister's birthday in march. RantWoman is curious what birthday means since RantWoman thought Witnesses do nto really observe birthdays.

Whole experience also brought to mind Arborist buddy of RantBrother's. Arborist Buddy was a Jehovah's Witness, but not enough of a Witness to pass up a RantBrother invitation to visit a strip club. When RantDad was still alive, Arborist Buddy would sometimes bring a yong "publisher" by the RantParents' house for coffer after a round of Saturday morning rejections. RantBrother worked with Arborist BusinessGuy off and on for a long time and then crashed at various places Arborist Buddy owned. Then Arborist Buddy remarried. RantBrother (understandably) failed to charm Second Wife. But RantWoman deeply respects the long friendship before that.

Anyway, to Neighbor Martinez, blessings on your journey and to those who hosted the Dead Spread blessings on the feast!

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