Friday, November 30, 2012

Sexuality items from blogroll

RantWoman is amused and trying not to be diverted too far by the following items:

5 Best and Worst Things Christians say about sex ....

Walt Whitman's Quaker Paradox

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fast, Pray, Walk for a Nuclear Free World

RantWoman is presenting some information for her own and others' edification.

1. RantWoman wishes to acknowledge recently receiving an exhortation to check out a site called

RantWoman received this in connection with matters of WA Public Policy. RantWoman is unclear how directly the site relates to WA Public Policy.  For one thing, the site is in Japanese. Mr JAWS does inform RantWoman the site was last updated in July 2012. Mr JAWS also informs RantWoman AGAIN that Joomla is uneven as far as output that tells Mr. JAWS everything RantWoman thinks is needed. RantWoman does not speak or read Japanese and is in no position to comment further on content.

2. In the spirit of also interesting to pass on:

Shonin Senji and Gilberto have organized a 2 week long peace/ anti- nuke/ Rohachi event in southern California starting Nov 29- Dec 12.

Fast, Pray, and Walk for a Nuclear-Free World
Respect Mother Earth

11/30-12/12, 2012 San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, LA and Diablo Canyon

After Hiroshima, Chernobyl and Fukushima, our world is crying. We may see a tear on the Buddha's face and sense that Jesus and our ancestors also weep. We will fast (& walk) with hope and prayer for peace and nuclear free world.

We have a duty to pass on to the next generation a safe, clean, peaceful future and the possibility of happiness. But we face great challenges to survive on Mother Earth with the increased spread of radiation and the continuing possibility of nuclear war.

All life is born and sustained from the same source. We are one, irrespective of nationality, race, gender, or age. We can strive to live peacefully and to love one another. In this spirit, we are going to fast and pray at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant during the first week of December. (Dec. 8th is the Buddha’s Enlightenment day.) Afterwards we also will walk and pray in LA and San Luis Obispo. This is an interfaith activity and open to everybody. It will offer the opportunity to learn more about the great wisdom of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and the spirits of our ancestors.

Kanaeda, Senji

Tentative Plan:

11/30 Fri. Walk to or around San Onofre (TBA)

12/1 Sat. Rohachi Fasting 1st Day 7am-5pm (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station)

2 Sun. 2nd Day 7am-5pm

3 Mon. 3rd Day 7am-5pm

4 Tue. Breaking Fast (4th Day)

5 Thu. 5th Day 7am-5pm

6 Fri. 6th Day 7am-5pm

7 Sat. Breaking Fast(7th Day)

8 Sun. Jodo-e Celebration (Buddha’s Enlightened Day) Move to LA

9 Mon. Rest Day

10 Tue. Peace Walk in LA

11 Wed. Move to San Luis Obispo

12 Thu. Walk from San Luis Obispo/Morrow Bay to Diablo Canyon

Br. Senji Kanaeda and Br. Gilberto Perez

206-780-6739(anytime) 206-419-7262(after December)

RantWoman is informed that hopes are to carpool from the Seattle area. RantWoman is not opining about carbon footprint or some other issues. RantWoman is interested in this announcement mainly for the spiritual language and the names of the occasions referenced; those RantWoman might better understand if she knew even a tiny bit more about Buddhism.

Nipponzan Myohoji Seattle(Bainbridge Is.) Dojo 6154 Lynwood Center Rd. NE

Bainbridge Island WA 98110

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A mutually Verifiable Bilateral ... Sex Scandal?

What if make love not war really WERE a military strategy?
Warning: some may find what I am about to say utterly tasteless and insensitive. If you are feeling the least bit irony challenged or humor impaired PLEASE click away and save yourself the conniptions!

RantWoman began this post before a whole bunch of decidedly not funny warfare flared up in the Middle East and Central Africa. RantWoman is holding those flash points in the Light, the light of healing and clarity, not just the RantWoman Inner Blowtorch. Meanwhile back at the CIA....
RantWoman wants to THANK General Petraeus and General Allen for philandering. RantWoman is  not, Not, NOT speaking for their wives. RantWoman is simply expressing awe and wonderment
about how their sex scandals are gumming up military careers that she wishes to make a suggestion: could we please evaluate our options for whipping up good sex scandals to put our counterparts out of commission in say Afghanistan? After all, a good sex scandal kills a lot fewer civilians and has a lot less PR blowback than all those drone attacks inflaming the sensibilities of people the US keeps declaring our allies.
I mean, it IS the CIA. Can't they come up with SOMETHING?

Friday, November 16, 2012

TATu Make Love Not War

RantWoman is celebrating the occasion of her Profanity to Quakerese filter suddenly lurching into operation recently while RantWoman was tending to her own spiritual practice in pursuit of more music, swimming, and massage in her life. To wit, RantWoman has been led to render a considerably more vulgar Russian phrase simply as "Make Love Not War." How did RantWoman get there?

It dawned on RantWoman that Youtube has a search bar and suddenly RantWoman needed to reprise a cultural moment from 2003 just before the beginning of Gulf War II. The occasion: a US tour of the Russian pop-duo TATu, "This one loves That One" also known as "we're not lesbians, we just play them on TV." TATu are famous for kissing on camera.

RantWoman notes that in general Russians of both genders kiss others of their gender more often and more innocently than, say, people from the US. RantWoman has decided just not to opine about why it's controversial when TATu do it. One of the duo's first media events was a performance on Good Morning America. The news was full of impending war; the US literally was about to start bombing, and TATu appeared on Good Morning America wearing T-shirts they themselves decorated with the offending phrase which RantWoman is rendering as "Make Love Not War." It appears not to have occurred to ABC that Russian-speaking guests might need Russian-speaking backup for the regular network censor and no one caught that the slogans on TATu's t-shirts is obscene.

A performance, with T-shirts, which is why this is a link, not an imbed with mention of various "things are not as they seem" elements,:

By the time TATu performed on Jay Leno later the same day, the matter of the profanity was caught. Sigh. That's why the next night, the band performed wearing T-shirts that said "Censored." The band appeared on Jimmie Kimmel--after Don King and Monica Lewinsky. Again, RantWoman is not commenting on numerous presentation points. The offending slogan appears briefly, scrawled on the host's hand with a LONG bleep while the slogan is explained:

The wonders of YouTube are not necessarily helpful if one is prone to free associative wanderings anyway. Here are clips, first in Russian with Spanish subtitles and then in English of TATu appearing on a Russian TV show "100 questions for Adults." RantWoman is posting the clips for comments on parenting and art and career.

Part 2, both English and Spanish subtitles

Part 3, English subtitles, no Spanish, about blasphemy, art, sin

Part 4, no subtitles

RantWoman sort of kind of apologizes for leaving her monolingual readers hanging but suggests that if you click on the links, the wonders of Youtube might help find subtitles which do seem to be available for some segments.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dana Lyons...or Business Meeting ...?!?!?

RantWoman just helped abbreviate the following item for the weekly bulletin.

Earth Ministry:Singer Dana Lyons, best known for his comedy hit song Cows with Guns, is touring communities from Billings to Bellingham and from Portland to Coos Bay along the route of proposed coal trains. These trains would carry millions of tons of coal from MT and WY to west coast ports for export to China. Dana will perform a concert and give a short informational presentation on the regional environmental and other economic effects of the proposed trains and coal ports.
Sunday, November 11, 1-3 pm

Woodland Park Presbyterian Church,

225 N. 70th St, Seattle 98103

RantWoman acknowledges she is doing everything she can to maintain her cred as a Bad Friend:

--Cows with guns?

--The timing of this event conflicts with Meeting for Business

--The Clerk himself will likely be strongly interested in attending.


RantWoman promises to post further tiding about evnnts that do NOT conflict with Meeting for Business.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After the election: MidWeek Meeting for Worship, and...


6:45 TO 7:45 PM.

University Friends Meeting Worship Room

That of God emanating from NPR informs RantWoman that on Election night throughout the land many houses of worship from the Nazarenes to the Episcopalians will be holding special worship and prayer gatherings. RantWoman's Light based on past post election experience is that such occasions sometimes inspire both seekers and journalists to address the search engine of their choice or, if kind of retro, to call up and ask "what do the Quakers think?" or "What are the Quakers Doing?"

RantWoman thinks that many Friends will be wanting to go to other election night events. RantWoman calls her readers' attention to University Friends Meeting's regular midweek Meeting for Worship at the coordinates above. If any results are the least bit doubt on Tuesday evening, much greater clarity may have arrived by Wednesday!

RantWoman will consult with weightier voices or at least the clerks of key committees about a general and more formal invitation. RantWoman is also clear that God and the authority to note a public invitation already extended are accessible to all.

RantWoman especially invites those who feel led to pray, reflect, celebrate, mourn, lament, howl, yowl, commiserate, yearn, hope, envision.. related to results of the election to consider this worship opportunity.

Note: our worship is unprogrammed expectant waiting on Divine messages. Even if one is certain a message involves howling or yowling, we urge anyone offering a message to ask whatever you call the Divine for help holding at least a few breaths of worshipful silence between messages.

RantWoman further soberly notes:

--An assortment of people believe that the earth is only a few thousand years old and that the Bible is a perfect roadmap for family life.

--A long and embarrassing parade of politicians keeps making angels dancing on the head of a pin pronouncements about rape and conception and abortion and the will of God. These politicians never once ask themselves why the US ranks embarrassingly low among industrialized nations in infant mortality and other measures of maternal and child health or what policy steps might both cut the number of unwanted pregnancies and improve these other indicators.

Our nation needs particular ONGOING prayers, if only because the politicians described above are no less certain than is RantWoman to be speaking for God--and we ALL get to try to work out our problems together. May we all at least pray together. In that vein, why stop at a one-time visit. Y'all are welcome every week too!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ben Pink Dandelion at North Seattle Friends

If news somehow has missed you of Ben Pink Dandelion delivering 3 days of Woodward lectures at North Seattle Friends Church, on the topic "A Short History of Time, Transformation, and the Quakers," there is still time for two more lectures.

If you are short of time, get on the road to the lectures and skip the rants below!

The stories of Ben Pink Dandelion's name make RantWoman smile, not only for the utterly engaging delivery. Ben was born a surprise to parents, "devout atheists," in their 40's. For some reason a Biblical story about parents in a similar state led then to name him Benjamin. The surname? Oh, the surname. That dates from a peace camp in 1984. All the anarchists there took very silly names. Everyone else with even sillier names changed their names back the next year. Pink Dandelion did not. RantWoman wonders whether the concept of parental consternation applies to atheist parents faced with such choices.
RantWoman is  Biblically challenged as far as the finer points of theNew Testamentand the evolution of Paul's thinking. RantWoman is also severely challenged as to early religious tracts and the history of 17th century England. Perhaps it is no wonder that some pieces of the story Pink Dandelion is trying to tell have not cohered in RantWoman's mind. Alas, RantWoman is going to be unable to attend the Sunday lecture where the part about what all this means for our life today is on the schedule. So RantWoman wil have either to get the lecture secondhand subject to idiosyncratic digestion,  , read abook, or trust her own Light. Oh Dear!

Speaking of reading a book, SIGH! RantWoman visited both Amazon and Pendle Hill sites. Pendle Hill is selling NOTHING electronically, not even so much as a PDF version of a pamphlet. SIGH! RantWoman found a number of things on Amazon and bought a small pamphlet for her Kindle. RantWoman gets to debate about any more of the subset of the total titles that are availabe for her Kindle. Sigh!

And then there was Powerpoint, aka Death by Powerpoint in Quakerese.

RantWoman congratulates Pink Dandelion for his very first Powerpoint ever, a VERY Quakerly Powerpoint.

First, RantWoman was told there were three slides;RantWoman remembers only two. In eihter case, RantWomanappreciates numerical modesty. The title slide was appropriately plain. Bold font, womehwat larger would not have hurt.

The other slide RantWoman remembers featured some kind of a line drawing of timelines tying together the first Coming and the Second Coming. The image was very Quakerly in the following sense. No one expects RantWoman to see anything but fog and blur; almost no one else could see anything either. This approach certainly evokes a certain visual sense of Waiting on God. If that was the intended effect, RantWoman thinks this Powerpoint virgin succeeded remarkably. RantWoman is not feeling nearly as absolutist as sometimes about Powerpoint. In fact, she is compiling a couple of Powerpoint sins forto send to a blind Powerpointer needing to make some pedagogical points; in the Spirit of integrity and single standard ofTruth, for purposes here, advice: if you are going to sin with Powerpoint in the first  place, PLEASE sin boldly!

In the meantime, another concept to check out at the lectures, get thee to  the next two lectures!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween, Hanging over


(Warm lighting

Grey-brown chairs against grey-brown walls punctuated by Exit signs.)


(I will not text during Meeting for Worship. I will not text during Meeting for Worship. I will not text during Meeting for Worship.

No, but I WILL do my hand PT exercises.

I will not text during Meeting for Worship. I will not text during Meeting for Worship. I will not text during Meeting for Worship.

No, but I will exercise legs, ankles, wrists….)


(Halloween is the middle of the week, so which Sunday gets to be Reformation Sunday?)


Zombie figures wandering back and forth between worlds or at least in and out of worship mourning

Andrew Tole, whom RantWoman never met, of Harvard Business School and case study method fame.

Rice Bucket Friend who just had a memorial that should have its own post

(Mother of Peace Activist Friend, seriously weighty Friend in her own right

Mr. Recently Widowed Friend

Lynn Waddington whose book needs to be an audio book.

Police officer shot in line of duty the same day Lynn died and his brave partner who returned to work after also having been shot

Recently Decamped Neighbor due to get her own memorial)

Halloween #Haiku #Quakers

Too much Quaker grey?

Bright lighting, many fidgets

Again with the bland?

Too much Quaker grey?

A time of many colors

Worshipful palette?

A Rainbow sweater

A coat of many colors

Halloween party!

A Rainbow sweater

A coat of many colors

Biblical harvest

Multihued Worship

A night of many colors

Happy Halloween

More blog characters

Think Worship and Ministry

Maybe don’t think hard.

I see you’re in pain

Let me tell you about mine.

Worship and mourning?

Evolution Friend

All evolution always

When do we evolve?

Overbooked parents

An hour and a half per month

To get God’s work done?

Put it behind you …

We have a fresh new load of …

Biblical harvest?

“I’m scared. God’s spooky”

“Your God’s too spooky for me.”

“God is mine, all mine.”

Hold us In the Light!

I do not apologize

For speaking my Truth

Multihued Worship

Discerning many colors

Happy Halloween

So I thank You God

For the fabulous curry

Still warming me up

Multihued Worship

Discerning many colors

Happy Halloween

Oh, Oh, Montana

Neighbor Recently Decamped,

From East Helena

Oh, Oh, Montana

My brother wants, needs his coat

Winter drawing near

Oh, Oh, Montana

Painful things near my surface

Oh, Oh, Montana

Multihued Worship

A night of many colors

Happy Halloween

Metro Halloween

All kinds of Spooks and Goblins

May I get off here?

Multifaith Metro

Need Peace Testimony NOW

Happy Halloween

Are you a Muslim?

A very drunk Halloween…

May I get off here?

Metro Halloween

A very blessed Halloween

Again with the blessed?