- Inspirational Insights on Relationships & Life
Imagine you could have a cup of tea with some of the wisest people you know. They are a lot like you, except a generation older. You can ask them tough questions to help prepare for what comes next in your life.
For Warm Cup of Wisdom, Dori Jones Yang interviewed nine women she admires and asked them to share their wisdom about issues we all think about: joy, anger, loss, forgiveness, hope and peace. With humility, honesty, and humor, these wise women opened their hearts to her with warm advice and touching stories. She also asked life questions about finding your calling, midlife transitions, aging, and making a difference, as well as relationship questions about raising teenagers, relating to adult children, making marriage last, and dealing with difficult people. Their answers, she found, were both insightful and inspiring.
This book may inspire you to start your own "wisdom project"!
Warm Cup of Wisdom is now available in paperback and kindle, through Dori's store. Yes, this is Amazon. They give some publishers a hard time, but they are wonderfully supportive of authors. If any of you want to support Dori and indie publishing, please post a review on Amazon (if you like this book!) If you prefer, you can order a NOOK version and review it there. It's also available in other e-book formats through Smashwords. (Click here.)
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