Monday, December 31, 2012

Family? Bolero!

Today's item in the RantWoman 2012 Holiday Festival of Music and Dance

RantWoman salutes and offer ardent prayers and grace for every family anywhere who is getting to have some kind of Holiday Difficult Conversation, whether it's a brand new topic or the same old drill, even if it's verging on the zone of Family Fight

Hip Hop drummers, dedicated to every family holiday where someone introduces something NEW and DIFFERENT
(RantWoman sometimes likes Hip-Hop; RantWoman is WAY too old to admit that, but it sometimes confers a certain cred when RantWoman finds herself among the right impressionable youth.)

The US Army Band Brass Quintet, downloads in several formats, lots of ceremonial options

This item dedicated to Youngest Cousin because as long as one is going to have pretty stark disagreements, at least see if some good music can be attached. Youngest Cousin is currently on active duty in the army and filling the pages of a certain social network with views RantWoman finds it easy to feel combative about. Okay, RantWoman makes a point of sharing faith-themed items that even faintly speak to her. Some of Youngest Cousin's postings also wind up as pastoral care and bad quaker practice suggestions at the Association of Bad Friends. RantWoman does NOT need ALL that temptation to make Bad Friend suggestions. Pray for Cousin--and for RantWoman, gently laboring with.

The USMC SIlent Drill Platoon. RantWoman is pretty sure this is not some mass outbreak of Quakerism in the ranks.

This item is dedicated to the New Mayan Millenium / Same Old NRA / Guns are the cure for all our problems crowd. This includes the RantBrother. RantBrother keeps asserting that some or another employer is going to have him carry a gun; RantBrother also generously demonstrates that he has more than enough screws loose to, HOPEFULLY, deter anyone from anything to do with him and firearms.

Try to Remember the Kind of September

See, one of the reasons no one should even think of RantBrother and firearms is that he has a long list of people supposedly trying to kill him. The good news, RantWoman supposes: they ain't succeeded yet. The bad news: RantWoman does not necessarily pick up very quickly when she might have something to offer about different points on the "trying to kill me" timeline. RantWoman has no way of evaluating some of the timeline items but RantWoman can identify several points that involve medical care, one of those domains where even if people are NOT trying, there can be trauma and heartache involved. In RantBrother's case, this includes some circumstances from when RantBrother was quite small. RantWoman finally collided hard with the realization that things RantMom has said probably mean things were quite awful for RantBrother. He must think so too because the geography is on the "trying to kill me" timeline. But RantWoman asked recently by email and RantBrother seems not necessarily to remember or not to have words if he does.

In the realm of Can You Top this
The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round

RantWoman may be downright patronizing in her offers to pray for numerous chronological elders in her Meeting for whom the bus might as well be another universe. RantWoman does not care that this other universe is probably one filled with terror and dread even before RantWoman speaks of RantMom at 75 hanging in there with this unique form of international travel in chauffeur-driven vehicles.

Rotten Truth 1: RantMom is NOT shy about feeling entitled to gritch. "Time to pray" is not so automatic.

Rotten Truth 2: RantWoman can be terrified on RantMom's behalf too.

Rotten Truth 3: RantWoman is also darned proud of RantMom., grateful for pluck and comparative health and the ambiguous blessings of proximity as far as living situation.

Truth 4: RantWoman recently was at another meeting where someone was going on about how his 90-year-old mother still rides the bus, God bless her!

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 2012 entry into the 2012 Pink Glove Dance Video competition.

RantWoman is holding in the Light some ones recovering from breast cancer. The RantFamily is all dancing around LIttle Sister's recent diagnosis. RantWoman is SUPPOSED to be deeply grateful that Little Sister has officially put obsessing about the issue on hold for the holidays. Silly RantWoman went ahead and attempted a couple "what are you worried about?" conversations. Silly RantWoman; hold the those with the need for more such conversations in the Light. In the meantime, RantWoman could also use thoughts about whether she should mention the double mastectomy library of prosthetic bosoms option around the gushy souls well into recovery.

Finally, a couple more moments of song and dance.
Pink Martini Bolero

Pink Martini La Soledad

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wedding Day, Whenever, and Marriage Equality

RantWoman meant to get this posted in time for the mass wedding Sunday December 9 of over 500 Same-sex couples in King County WA. RantWoman wishes these couples well, long life, heartfelt and sincere congratulations.

And yet, RantWoman's basic reaction: Mleah. RantWoman is relieved that more than one of the same-gender couples long happily married under care of RantWoman's Meeting also are unmoved. Friends cited various still existing impediments. RantWoman again is glad for the couples who did race to City Hall, but is also grateful to know many Friends are also unmoved.

RantWoman feels peculiar about this. For one thing, RantWoman remembers helping do final wordsmithing of the 1997 NPYM minute calling for full marriage equality. RantWoman actually was not exactly a key voice; it's just that RantWoman was willing to wordsmith because she is no good at parties; Bonnie Tinker, RantWoman's partner in wordsmithing was always ready to make clear statements as needed. Something just was not gelling in a large noisy social environment but after a few minutes in quieter space, words were clear. RantWoman has also been grateful to feel Bonnie's presence about other matters inflaming RantWoman's soul, butthat is grist for another  mill.

But RantWoman has concentrated her energies in other places. Some Friends in RantWoman's orbit did phone-banking in support of the 2012 marriage equality measure. RantWoman occasionally upheld in conversations the topic of marriage equality, but RantWoman for much of the walk was a bystander as a key state Senator and the governor faithfully labored over different increments of progress. RantWoman's readers may please go look elsewhere for details. RantWoman just wants to reflecton weddingness even if the timing is all wrong for either marriage equality taking effect  or June  or....

First, some over the top wedding music, a Bach concerto for FOUR harpsichords. This item is dedicated to a high school friend of RantWoman's. RantWoman did not attend this friend's wedding but RantDad and a musical ensemble were music. RantWoman treasures High School friend's remembrance about how calming it was beforethe ceremony just to stand and watch Rantdad tune the harpsichord. The other cool thing about this particular piece, unlike a lot of Bach's music, it is pure music with no religious text attached. RantWoman things for some this would be a big selling point.

JS Bach Concerto for 4 Harpsichords and Strings

The last time RantWoman visited with High School friend, Hig School friend shared an endearing confession: when High School friend  and her childhood sweetheart got married , they promised each other they would never buy each other a major appliance for Christmas. But after 20 years, they needed a new washing machine and that is what they were giving each other. RantWoman treasures the thought that their marriage is richer for changing their minds about the washing machine.

And now for some tango, dedicated to a sweet lesbian couple who danced a tango together for their reception; RantWoman apologizes that the visuals ware all wrong.;postID=7286500258046958347

RantWoman has not heard any conversations with this couple about major appliances but their presencein a certain social networking site is full of references to a bathroom remodel and lots of drywall.

And once more, in memory of Bonnie Tinker and long and faithful laboring about marriage equality.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mistletoe, Vision. Passing OverJustin Bieber

Mistletoe? Justin Bieber? You're Kidding, right?
No actually. Thank GAWD Justin Bieber is not a happening meme around Irrepressible Nephew

RantWoman's affinity for the problematic and vexatious and get to God from unconventional directions:
The Misunderstood Mistletoe

Is Mistletoe Killing Your Trees?

Mistletoe Management Guidelines

In RantWoman's days as a teenaged Baptist, one of her favorite hymns was Be Thou My Vision. RantWoman has never before thought about the history of this old Irish hymn. RantWoman admits, the concept of her vision and theology has high potential for metaphor manglement, but RantWoman needs to pray, always, even though still awash in Christmas. RantWoman likes all these different settings of Be Thou My Vision

Warning: not so great accessibility geekiness issue. RantWoman is lazy about naked URL's but a whole series of naked urls can be a big pain for a screen reader user looking for a specific item on a Links List. RantWoman would like to aspire to more courtesy about labels, but this is RantWoman here. Just use your reading keys and try to appreciate the text too. PS. If you are a content provider, use your tools; RantWoman finds descriptive labels much more helpful than "Here." "Click here" might be helpful for sighted people but...

Be Thou My Vision
Instrumental, with history in English and RantWoman assumes Gaelic. St Patrick, spring equinox, Bonfires. In other words, seasonal time warp, but tough.

Instrumental, flute, guitar, ...

Gorgeous, cello and piano, David Abramsky, Clothed in Gladness album

Cello digression, Nearer my God to Thee, 9 cellos, MODERN arranement, The Piano Guys

The Carol of the Bells, 12 cellos, the Piano Guys

Alison Kraus, Be Thou My vision
single voice w guitar

Selah, Be Thou My Vision

4Him, Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou My Vision, chorus, piano

Did we mention RantWoman needs to pray. The exact focus of RantWoman's prayer needs of the day: small children with traumatizing medical issues, overwrought parents, space for the sufferings of bigger children and it's the holidays gosh dang it, can't we all just smile and be perky?

Alison Kraus, Down in the river to pray

The Judds, Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

The Oak Ridge Boys, Oh Beatiful Star of Bethlehem, nice with several men's voices

Don't Stop Believing Flash Mob, OH Union

Almost any airport needs a good flash mob at Christmas time.
Lisbon Christmas Flash Mom

LAX Christmas 2010 Flash Mob

Denver International Holiday Flash Mob

More timewarp
WatkinsAle Music of the English Renaissance

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Typically RantWoman does NOT get all done with holiday music and imagery just because the feast, this year featuring pork loin, potatoes, and brassicas, Brussels Sprouts is over. This year was no exception.

RantWoman is not feeling called to overspecify the meanderings of logic and irreverance behind today's selections. Enjoy?

The Chieftains, Ding Dong Merrily on High
The Chieftains, Breton Carol

The Chieftains, The Wexford Carol

What is Boxing Day item from About.Com

More on why Boxing Day

The Chieftains, Elvis Costello, The St. Stephen's Day murders

Some Gregorian Chant

Canto Gregoriano

Another generous spell of chant, Choir of the Abbey of Mt. Angel
Chant of Early Christians

Hildegard of Bingen, 11000 Virgins, Chant
Hildegard of Bingen, Voices of the Living Light

The Fighting Nun, martial arts moves, Gregorian chant, remix with dance beat. What more could one want?

Alison Krauss, Down to the River to Pray

Movie oddness: the nuns of Sant Archangel

Estela Raval, A mi manera

Rubin Hurricane  Carter

Huracan Carter, en castellano

The Six Most Badass Things done by Pacifists

A Blog as filing cabinet item. RantWoman counted only 3 but one of them was a series of stories about Bayard Rustin, in the realm of setting impossible standards, but powerfully inspiring

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Billboard. Plain. Not Plain.

RantWoman is unclear which spiritual peregrinations have summoned to the front of her mind....a billboard sponsored several years running by the Montana Gathering of Friends, let alone why she is clear to greet the Christ child with reflections on this billboard. Use your imaginations. Available visuals are limited and incomplete.

The billboard said:

Montana Gathering of Friends.

RantWoman finds the thought of really simple unadorned presentation and giant billboard to be delightfully Buddhist, plain and not plain, even flamboyant at the same time.

The billboard was posted above a moderately busy intersection in RantWoman's natal city. RantWoman has not visited the natal city in several years, since RantMom moved to Seattle. RantWoman finds it tremendously important that there have been Quakers in MT for a long time but RantWoman herself, while influenced by a Quaker Auntie figure and also by Friends in natal city, was never actually a Friend while she lived in MT. RantWoman only remembers the billboards from times when she has been a Friend but has not lived in the natal city. Hold these points.

The site of the aforementioned billboard. Use your imagination or just enjoy the blinding flash of light. WHERE did that come from?

While we are on the subject of MT Friends, tidings of various years of Montana Gathering of Friends

The 2013 gathering.
Missoula Friends Meeting and MGoF 2013 announcement

A fun newspaper writeup of the 2012 session of MGoF

Margery Post Abbott offering for 2011 MGoF Session

MGoF Sings song booklet available off Amazon

RantWoman realizes this might not be your holiday of choice and that Christmas celebration practices have varied widely throughout recent centuries. RantWoman is unabashedly pro-celebration. And in the RantFamily, even the celebration needs to be held in the Light. Sigh.

Monday, December 24, 2012


RantWoman and Inner Blowtorch are still doing well but not ripe for presentation. It would vaguely occur to RantWoman to see what her search engine might tell he of whether and how Friends in different countries do or do not observe Christmas but RantWoman has decided to let her focus stick to and start with  luminarias.

RantWoman may or may not offer anything on the matter of luminarias vs farolitos. For the moment RantWoman's leading is to let the lights speak for themselves.

Albuquerque, Old Town
A blog called CannonFire, not as problematic as you might think at first glance

Another from Old Town

A blog entry that touches on the farolitos vs luminaria matter

RantWoman's search enginer was hovering over "Las Posadas" when she was interrupted by Little Sister, free to talk because the guys in her house were off on a tamale pickup expedition!

Back to music. Look, okay, very discerning selection from the various collections served up by Youtube is beyond RantWoman's Light. Check out this one as a placeholder and choose one of the alternatives suggested or use your own darn  search engine.
Una hora de villancicos musica la navidad

A documentary about Las Posadas in Mexico

La Navidad en Guatemala

This last item is dedicated  to...Irrepressible Nephew and his Abuela Guadalupe whom he has never met, to RantMom and every grandparent who does not quite know what to make of dual=-national grandkids,  to every mixed status family and DREAM Act kid anywhere near a Friends meeting anywhere in this country.

There. RantWoman will now STOP and wish everyone Merry Christmas / Feliz Navidad and save further fulmination for the new year. RantWoman bets Friends can hardly wait.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sheep. Flocks. Shepherds, Grazing

And lo RantWoman cried out in angst. ?Come thou fount of every blessing, what is the theme or our holiday festival of music and dance  to be today?"

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman and the Lord said "Sheep Flocks Shepherds. Grazing. Search engine."

And Lo the search engine served unto RantWoman

Sheep May Safely Graze by "Louisville's greatest wedding ensemble"

Some actual grazing, for everyone who won't go a day without thinking about climate change, Cows, Holistic High Density Mob Grazing, multiage but apparently not flash mob

Intensive Rotational Grazing Whole Systems Design Carbon Farming, noodly music and text slides. Worth reading I guess but someone else besides me gets to do it.

Holistic Management, Regenerative Agriculture

Joel Salatin on Pasture management and Keyline Design for Grassfed Cattle

Now hopefully back to music
Sheep may safely graze or students may safely try to graze sheep

Sheep safely grazing with a whole baroque orchestra

Sheep may safely graze on the piano

Gloria in excelsis Deo from Messe in h Moll,

In honor of a sheepherding culture, something from the Basques,

Turns out we have some shepherds who need to get to Bethlehem.

Además dijo El Señor, Otra Vez en Español
Los Pastores a Belén

Los Pastores a Belén, Yvonne y Yvette

Los Pastors a Belén, David Archuleta en el Templo de los Mormones

y otra
Tatiana, Los Peces en el Rio

Done with holiness? RantWoman, secret and former cello imperialist, is not even sorry.
And a nod to cello imperialism; 12 'cellos; the carol of the bells

The Piano Guys, Star Was Parody. Electric Cellos with Light Saber Bows,  and an accordion?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lessons and Carols

RantWoman is messing with the customary Lessons and Carols Form.

RantWoman is pretty sure there is gospel in here somewhere and wishes to be clear that divine guidance and Youtube may or may not overlap, depending.

Some items are only a few minutes; others are whole broadcasts.

But if you can't find something here or within the Youtube six degrees of separation to speak to your condition, please use your search engine your own darn self! Enjoy!

Hanneke Cassel. Childsplay, Strathspey and Reel

Tommy Peoples The Laird of Drumblain / Little John's Hame

Aidan O'Donnell teaching Donegal style fiddle

De Danann Live at the Embankment

Traditional Music in Modern Ireland, Documentary

Irish Folk Revival, 90 minute documentary

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra. The Gay Gordons

TheScottish Fiddle Orchestra The Canadian Bairn Dance 2

Modulations: History of Electronic Dance Music documentary

The Muppets Ringing of the Bells

The Muppets Jingle Bell Rock

The Muppets Family Christmas whole show

The Spirit of Christmas with the LivingStrings

Alegre Navidad

Friday, December 21, 2012

Inner Blowtorch Solstice

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman. And the Lord said, "um, RantWoman, we still do not know how to deal with this Inner Blowtorch thing."

RantWoman. "Funny. Me neither. How about some tunes?"

Today's song theme, Bring a torch Jeanette Isabella

First, a cast of thousands, choreography, the Mormon Tabernacle.

RantWoman has a peculiar gift: sometimes RantWoman is too happy to have music carry her along whether or not the theology of any accompanying lyrics exactly captures her own heart. The visual spectacle looks darned pagan to RantWoman, but what does RantWoman know of Pagan?

Bring a torch / I saw three ships, Celtic harp

Celtic harp, same ensemble as above, the Huron Carol

Celtic women, Christmas medley. A whole hour. Too much of a good thing?

Bring a torch, guitar and keyboard

RantWoman means to witness upon questions of weighty Friends, overweight Friends, and all of us ministers of God. RantWoman has a sense both of getting repetitive and of not wavering in her Light. Perhaps a few more rays over the horizon will fall afresh on the right words....

Meanwhile, RantWoman is not used to thinking of Bach as "protestant mysticism" but such has spoken the radio:
JS Bach, Pipe Organ, BWV 720, Fantasia in G minor on the theme of Ein Feste Burg ist unser Gott

The whole cantata, BWV 80, Ein Fest Burg ist Unser Gott

One more time, different group


Blog as file cabinet item about people leaving NASA Curiosity rover program because of demands that they submit to security clearance procedures.

One of the many colorful moments in RantWoman's life: RantWoman briefly worked as an IT contractor for a certain local large aircraft manufacturer. RantWoman at some point might reflect on the circumstances that made her clear to do that, the circumstance RantWoman was called to witness as result. RantWoman's only point today: besides other circumstances pointing to layoffs, there appearedto be a good chance that RantWoman's group was going to get assigned to provide computer support to build fighter planes. RantWoman rather directly suggestedthat under the circumstances it would be fine just to lay her off. The fighter plane contract never came to fruition, so MAYBE RantWoman got ahead of herself about exiting. RantWoman hereby holds everyone facing the decion discussed here in the Light.

Colombian Forced Recruitment and CO's

Blog as file Cabinet item from FOR about focred recrutiemtn and CO's in Colombia.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shout outs!

RantWoman keeps aiming for the well of universal love and plowing into the well of universal crabbiness and yucky topics festivals.  This can be sort of a problem, say at the holiday  party.

First a big shout out to all the musicians, performers, restaurant staff, ... first responders working their behinds off so everyone has holidays. RantWoman loves holiday music and spectacle, but as proud progeny of a performer from the Tuxedos are work clothes set, RantWoman also deeply appreciates that the spectacle can be a LOT of work.
RantWoman's most recent venue for such spectacle: the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme computing, the RantWoman spiritual and human resources laboratory otherwise known as the STAR of Seattle.  RantWoman has permitted the blogosphere to suck her into procrastination about some thank-yous related to a recent STAR Center holiday party
A particular shout out to May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul.   There is some media element that starts automatically; RantWoman is not commenting on the autostartup issue. For the 4th year in a row, May and her husband and stagehand Bob performed, hopefully to enthusiastic response.
RantWoman learned that May is off to the Seychelles to perform for the holidays and that in the new year, May will be performing for Holland America on some of their cruises. May sounds excited about the locations, but she reports that just like all the rest of the crew musical staff have to go through various forms of physically demanding safety training  May actually looks like this has been good for her, but RantWoman wants to send her off with an extra kick of energy in thanks for all she brings to our parties. PS. Check out her site....

It was an awesome Christmas party. The food was wonderful. Residents , students, everyone RantWoman knows about thought it was a wonderful event.

And lots of us really missed Donna!


--knew everyone in the building and made sure they showed up to things like this.

--knew how to negotiate details like staff to clean up

--knew how to have a good time as witnessed late in life by hair that changed colors periodically, purple, bright red not usually found in hair, aquamarine

--knew how to shop for a party and how to make shopping for a party a FUN adventure.

 In other words, Donna was good at lots of things that RantWoman, for instance, sort of SUCKS at and RantWoman is having yetanother opportunity to learn TEAMWORK just to get enough people in position to handle all the different things just one Donna used to do!
Luckily, May Palmer was in tune with her audience; she is also missing Whitney Houston!

Whitney Houston Christmas Album

We now digress to another staple of STAR Center  gatherings , Zumba. Pick one of th e links below. Picture a whole bunch of people of different abilities and disabilities. Some are doing recognizable dance steps. Some are ...NOT. Now DANCE.

(RantWoman has good intentions about diacritics, but...)

Antonio Banderas  Resistire

Soft Rock, Castillian Spanish, El Duo Dinamico

Estela Raval 1934-2012, overproduced, melodramatic, but obviously memorable

Estela Raval, 40th Anniversary of ...

Another Estela Raval

A different setting of Resistire

Bug RantWoman to find:
--the memorial video

--a song about Besandome otra vez

But you get the idea.

Monday, December 17, 2012

NeuroDiversity, Songs, worship for Dead Children

Barclay was an idiot. RantWman recognizes that silent worship is powerful and that spiritual soil well-tilled  bears fruit with expectant waiting. . RantWoman also points out that silent worship may not at all meet the needs of some people and if Barclay had even the faintest concept of neuordiversity or cognitive diversity or even different paths of adaptation to one's enviornment  MAYBE he wouldhave eased up about paths to worship such as music.

Luckily RantWoman is not the only one who experiences continuing revelation.

This post is dedicated with heartfelt prayer not only to NewTown CT, but to our entire country. This includes everyone --especially RantWoman--who has trouble dealing  with some or another person with a disability.

A weird opener? Foreshadowing?
David Crowder band, Come Thou Found of Every Blessing

 Kindertotenlied with anti-war visuals.  In honor of troops with PTSC from causing death up close  OR from dispatching drones from thousands of miles away.

The entire Kindertotenlieder cycle, a naked url and no embed because the blog loads faster and other people care more aboutthe visualsthan I do.

The full text of Pres. Obama's speech including most of the names of those who died.

In Meeting for Worship, one message was about the shooter, Adam Lanza, being erased from media body counts. One video about Adam Lanza and his mother.

Okay, RantWoman noticed: THOSE PEOPLE, Adam and his mother both, are NUTS. RantWoman is confident there is God in there somewhere too, but at least for RantWoman, all those firearms the family owned definitely get in the way of detecting God.

RantWoman brings this up because RantWoman learned from her daily single standard of Truth diet of public radio  and preparation for Meeting for Worship that Adam Lanza, the shooter is autistic or has a learning disability, or some darn thing. A website called Wrong Planet was mentioned. RantWoman had time for little more.

Based on such Light as had arrived to RantWoman gave a message in Meeting for Worship about how there are millions of people living with autism and the vast majority never go shoot up a school but a lot of other people have no idea what might be going on in their heads and how sometimes something small, a small act of kindness or of missed communication can make a HUGE difference. RantWoman meant for a prayer that more people find the small things that make a big positive difference but is pretty sure she did not get there in Worship. Score one for a second crack at the full message if any more people with hearing loss ask RantWoman about her message.

RantWoman does not exactly apologize for commenting on the basis of the very limited info streams RantWoman consistently dabbles in from public radio. RantWoman just does not have as much capacity for grazing info streams as other people do. RantWoman is also blessed (?) with abundant willingness to open her mouth even if there is only vast ignoranceto back her up. RantWoman does not apologize for speaking from such Light as she had at the time, but THOSE PEOPLE WERE NUTS. MAYBE something small would make a difference. Maybe the community network together could have supported the family and contained their energies in loving ways before it boiled over in Rage. MAYBE an interior sense of Holy Spirit guiding might have stayed the shooter or pulled him back from the brink.
Or MAYBE part of the insanity is, as another blogger puts it, spending billions of dollars making more disabled people in other countries and not thinking about how spending a few pennies on services for the disabled people already here!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dreidl Song Hanukah Kitsch with Trigger Moments

Dear Readers,

If your hearts and soul are full praying for the students and families most directly affected by the US latest bout of gun-induced mass carnage, this time in New Town CT, RantWoman assuredly is praying along with you. Nevertheless, Rantwoman suggests maybe your own Light will serve you better as far as finding options for soothing content than what RantWoman is about to write.

If you recognize the term trigger moment or triggering event offered by radio commentary from long and festive holiday experience, RantWoman is right there with you and will expand momentarily.

If you worship with the likes of RantWoman and Eye Roller Friend, RantWoman offers thoughts from Ben Pink Dandelion about holding the concepts of Remembering and Anticipating. RantWoman is hoping she misses the mark as far as gifts of prophesy regarding this week's Meeting for Worship. Or maybe RantWoman is trying to realize something from a blog post about a passage in Corinthians regarding love not holding a grudge--even if, when RantWoman tries to have conversations about related matters with the Clerk of Worship and Ministry and gets back only "But what does this have to do with Worship and Ministry?" All Worse Auntie / Be Glad You Have Only Your Own Problems Friend has to say is maybe you should be glad not to have the sort of experiences that mean you already know.

Speaking of trigger moments, RantWoman is celebrating several festive holiday moments:

--two sets of info streams that fling around terms like sex offender and pedophile in such broad brush strokes as to be meaningless as least to RantWoman. One is a post from youngest cousin on a certain social media site suggesting that a hangman's noose is the only option for pedophiles, and another is sex-offender postings on

--Judaism-tinged echoes of one of the level II sex offenders RantWoman wrote of previously.

In support of Jewish offenders finding the path they need to set things right spiritually, RantWoman hereby offers a sampling of musical Hanukah kitsch.

Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos.

In the Light, all 8 of them for Hanukah

The Middle School Play, as you wish

This post is dedicated to...The Princess Bride, aka The Middle School Play, STARRING ... Irrepressible Nephew, a few other boys, and a whole bunch of girls, some of them already really tall, and many of them, shock and horror, playing male roles. Diction was a little underrealized. The audience learned that the opening night performance was the first time the actors have gone through the whole play in sequence. The giant is duct-taped to her shoes until after the show. Good Lord there are lot of deaths or presumed deaths. And Irrepressible Nephew clearly had a ball.

RantWoman considered it her sacred duty to show up, if only as payment of karmic debt for many high school music efforts. RantMom is equally certain of her duty to attend. Ambassador Thwack even realized need for vigilance around lots of people who do not know RantWoman. RantWoman admits to a Worse Auntie,  moment when she encountered a sign on the women's room door asking playgoers not to flush while the play is in progress; RantWoman was glad for Lead Me Not Into Temptation seating with RantMom across the room.

RantWoman is especially touched and deeply grateful that the teacher who directs the play lives near Irrepressible Nephew and therefore can give him a ride home. Otherwise Irrepressible Nephew would not be able to do a play without LOTS of bus conniptions for his parents, his grandmother, and of course Auntie.

Now RantWoman will shut up and offer some topical video clips.

As you wish, clip; RantWoman actually liked the school play better but can understand why others might not.

Storybook love, arranged for classical guitar.

Storybook love, fully orchestrated

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Go Tell it on the Mountain

RantWoman is feeling an opening in her leading to hold a holiday festival of singing and dancing on her blog. Okay, so RantWoman is opening the floodgates not only to her own prodigious capacity to free-associate, misconstrue, and leap deep chasms of incomprehnsion in a single bound, even worse, God keeps telling her also to open herself to torrents of info through search engines.

Today's theme: Go tell it on the Mountain presented in several versions thinking that different ears need different voices.

A great kids choir; sorry about the annoying ad at teh beginning

Vanessa Williams and God as movements of bodies, not just of the Holy Spirit

Jewel and Toby Keith

A Wikipedia item about a novel by the same name 1953, by James Baldwin

Go Tell it on a Mountain?

Oh, Hell's Bells.

Mr. and Mrs. Friend with a Remarkable Story just want to come to worship like everyone else. RantWoman recognizes that Friend With a Remarkable Story has less control than other people about reasons his life might get publicly commented about. RantWoman is perfectly fine her Meeting sometimes carried along in the wake of that, along with all the other forms of Quaker witness about in her Meeting.

But along comes Friend from a Nearby Meeting going on and on in kind of an inflammatory way about Friend with a Remarkable Story and then censoring the Remarkable Story pieces RantWoman tried to insert into the narrative in the comments, not to mention some other pastoral care of Friends at challenging moments threads RantWoman decided not even to touch yet.

RantWoman has been reading other blog threads and holding Nearby Meeting in the Light for awhile. RantWoman is also more than morbidly curious enough to be interested in details of key moments, but RantWoman feels it's sort of unseemly to pry and is inclined just to have ears open.

And in the meantime, one actual motivator behind this post: in Meeting for Business Friends learned that QUEST, our single-congregation leading to operate an Americorps program will now post the text of our Meeting's bulletin announcement about sex offenders along with the text about our SHARE ministry and something else on its website.

This reflects one Friend's wish that potential program participants who find the topic restimulating might have the option of choosing  other Americorps programs. Computer Hacker Barbie, aka RantWoman, was already tripping over too many words in Business Meeting but when RantWoman first heard of the concern she blurted out something along the lines of "What? like there wouldn't be sex offenders somewhere else. At least here we try to talk appropriately about it!"

Maybe RantWoman will suggest, when a certain yellow sheet gets wordsmithed to everyone's satisfaction that the text on the web also includ a link to the text of the Yellow sheet, but so far all that is available is RantWoman's whacking at a draft.

Go tell it on a Mountain!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Carbonated Holiness

WARNING: if you would rather not read about suicide right now, please accept a prayer in your direction and feel free to click away immediately and consider whether you also need to call your local crisis line, assuming you have a  local crisis line.

SECOND WARNING: if you cannot imagine laughter ever co-existing in the same conversation, with suicide, probably it will also be simplest if you click away.

The rest of you, please do not say RantWoman did not warn you; see if God also shows up too.

RantWoman is doing her best to offer holiday levity but today the RantWoman Metaphor Manglement Service, the God of Grab the Blind Person and Bless Them, the Computer hacker Barbie School  of Spiritual Nurture, and RantWoman's blog roll are serving up a peculiar brew:

The basic prayers, per Anne Lamott, help, thanks, wow, with a garnish of "laughter is carbonated holiness!"

A blog entry book review for a book that sounds delightful--even though there is also a suicide.

RantWoman's latest Grab the Blind Person and Bless Them moment technically was not a Grab the Blind Person moment but still. The Blessing Individual plonked his bicycle in front of RantWoman while RantWoman was sitting on a bus bench awaiting transport in such a way that it would have been awkward for RantWoman to move. He then proceeded to tell RantWoman she is blessed for ...RantWoman is not quite sure what. Next he needed to tell RantWoman that he expected shortly to be in less modest straits because his rock band "Susie Loves Suicide" has suppposedly signed a contract and is about to go on tour.

RantWoman apologizes to survivors of suicide and suicide prevention resources everywhere, but it was all RantWoman could do not to burst out laughing about the band's name. WHAT kind of prayer can one offer for that?

A Humorless soreheaded prayer perhaps?

RantWoman is reflecting on a moment from Business Meeting. A memorial was being Read  for Rice Bucket Friend. Rice Bucket Friend was the son of Baptist missionaries to China. He grew up wiht a lifelong attention to Daoism and passionate peace commitment. He acquired his Nom de Blog from his Chinese Amahs commenting on the child's capacity and enthusiasm for food. RantWoman  was called to ask whether Rice Bucket Friend's middle daughter's death could be labelled for what it was, suicide. 

No, apparently. The label did not get used at the memorial but RantWoman was reminded of the issue conversationally after the memorial. RantWoman was also reminded that someone she herself met a similar end about the same time. Then the Computer Hacker Barbie School of Spiritual Nurture summoned peculiarly consoling advice from Mathematics Friend  for anyone who finds suicides maddening that...,well...: "If you think your life is worth less than 0 then 0 is an improvement."

RantWoman's final moment of ipossibly inappropriate levity came in the form of the phrase "double mastectomy." Little Sister, after obsessed in every way  search enginesmakepossible earlier in the testsequences is now over the weekend suspended in her current phase of medical recommendation between lumpectomy and double mastectomy. RantWoman considers it a GREAT blessing that, when the possibility of a whole library of different prosthetic bosoms for different days of the week stumbled out of RantWoman's mouth, Little Sister LAUGHED.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hannukah Flash Mob

And lo' the season of winter festivity fell upon the land and theological / thealogical options for time warp set upon RantWoman's brain.

And RantWoman reads young Quakers who DO advocate distinct days of Thanksgiving

and who think of thanksgiving every day.
And RantWoman reads of solstice rituals

and adds Orthodox liturgical year to her options for hyphenated Quakers

and meditates fitfully but without bloggable coherence of Advent on
Can you Believe

and The Lamb's War with spiritual digression with thoughts of Metro as mission field and wonderment for the God of the bus and the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven

and digressed to a different Word and Flesh moment

And lo, tidings of Hanukah penetrated RantWoman's dense skull and  the Lord spake unto RantWoman and the Lord said "search engine hanukah flash mob" and lo, the Lord and the search engine delivered unto RantWoman:

RantWoman has read the accompanying titles. RantWoman suspects that if she knew anything more about the exact organization who produced this video, she might find reason to become apoplectic. Nevertheless, RantWoman is clear to hadd this to this year's theological festival of singing and dancing and to let God handle any brouhaha which might result from theological collisions on her blog.

Coming up next: Presbyterians gone wild?

Journey of Faith Flash Mob repurposes Temple of Commerce

From a relative RantWoman, who is actually very fond of said relative, still sometimes affectionately refers to as "Uncle Spam."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CRPD: Thank you FCNL for tracking.

RantWoman is feeling REALLY grateful to the faithful Friends of FCNL for even caring about the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities! RantWoman knowingly puts herself in the way of tidings about all sorts of matters of public life. RantWoman Appreciates having these info floods available even though she herself cannot interact with all of them. Indefatigable as RantWoman is about getting in people's faces, even RantWoman hesitates about sharing the full bounty of her concerns with others. So RantWoman is truly grateful to have tripped over this item on the way to looking for the new FCNL priorities.

The gist of the post: as with lots of other international agreements, members of the Senate declined to ratify this treaty because of fears it would impinge on "sovreignty." These same Senators have no problems with any number of international commercial ventures seeking to organize their environments to their  tastes regardless of international borders but they refuse to submit.... Sorry, RantWoman needs not to rant, jsut to be grateful to FCNL for noticing and paying attention.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sexuality items from blogroll

RantWoman is amused and trying not to be diverted too far by the following items:

5 Best and Worst Things Christians say about sex ....

Walt Whitman's Quaker Paradox

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fast, Pray, Walk for a Nuclear Free World

RantWoman is presenting some information for her own and others' edification.

1. RantWoman wishes to acknowledge recently receiving an exhortation to check out a site called

RantWoman received this in connection with matters of WA Public Policy. RantWoman is unclear how directly the site relates to WA Public Policy.  For one thing, the site is in Japanese. Mr JAWS does inform RantWoman the site was last updated in July 2012. Mr JAWS also informs RantWoman AGAIN that Joomla is uneven as far as output that tells Mr. JAWS everything RantWoman thinks is needed. RantWoman does not speak or read Japanese and is in no position to comment further on content.

2. In the spirit of also interesting to pass on:

Shonin Senji and Gilberto have organized a 2 week long peace/ anti- nuke/ Rohachi event in southern California starting Nov 29- Dec 12.

Fast, Pray, and Walk for a Nuclear-Free World
Respect Mother Earth

11/30-12/12, 2012 San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, LA and Diablo Canyon

After Hiroshima, Chernobyl and Fukushima, our world is crying. We may see a tear on the Buddha's face and sense that Jesus and our ancestors also weep. We will fast (& walk) with hope and prayer for peace and nuclear free world.

We have a duty to pass on to the next generation a safe, clean, peaceful future and the possibility of happiness. But we face great challenges to survive on Mother Earth with the increased spread of radiation and the continuing possibility of nuclear war.

All life is born and sustained from the same source. We are one, irrespective of nationality, race, gender, or age. We can strive to live peacefully and to love one another. In this spirit, we are going to fast and pray at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant during the first week of December. (Dec. 8th is the Buddha’s Enlightenment day.) Afterwards we also will walk and pray in LA and San Luis Obispo. This is an interfaith activity and open to everybody. It will offer the opportunity to learn more about the great wisdom of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and the spirits of our ancestors.

Kanaeda, Senji

Tentative Plan:

11/30 Fri. Walk to or around San Onofre (TBA)

12/1 Sat. Rohachi Fasting 1st Day 7am-5pm (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station)

2 Sun. 2nd Day 7am-5pm

3 Mon. 3rd Day 7am-5pm

4 Tue. Breaking Fast (4th Day)

5 Thu. 5th Day 7am-5pm

6 Fri. 6th Day 7am-5pm

7 Sat. Breaking Fast(7th Day)

8 Sun. Jodo-e Celebration (Buddha’s Enlightened Day) Move to LA

9 Mon. Rest Day

10 Tue. Peace Walk in LA

11 Wed. Move to San Luis Obispo

12 Thu. Walk from San Luis Obispo/Morrow Bay to Diablo Canyon

Br. Senji Kanaeda and Br. Gilberto Perez

206-780-6739(anytime) 206-419-7262(after December)

RantWoman is informed that hopes are to carpool from the Seattle area. RantWoman is not opining about carbon footprint or some other issues. RantWoman is interested in this announcement mainly for the spiritual language and the names of the occasions referenced; those RantWoman might better understand if she knew even a tiny bit more about Buddhism.

Nipponzan Myohoji Seattle(Bainbridge Is.) Dojo 6154 Lynwood Center Rd. NE

Bainbridge Island WA 98110

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A mutually Verifiable Bilateral ... Sex Scandal?

What if make love not war really WERE a military strategy?
Warning: some may find what I am about to say utterly tasteless and insensitive. If you are feeling the least bit irony challenged or humor impaired PLEASE click away and save yourself the conniptions!

RantWoman began this post before a whole bunch of decidedly not funny warfare flared up in the Middle East and Central Africa. RantWoman is holding those flash points in the Light, the light of healing and clarity, not just the RantWoman Inner Blowtorch. Meanwhile back at the CIA....
RantWoman wants to THANK General Petraeus and General Allen for philandering. RantWoman is  not, Not, NOT speaking for their wives. RantWoman is simply expressing awe and wonderment
about how their sex scandals are gumming up military careers that she wishes to make a suggestion: could we please evaluate our options for whipping up good sex scandals to put our counterparts out of commission in say Afghanistan? After all, a good sex scandal kills a lot fewer civilians and has a lot less PR blowback than all those drone attacks inflaming the sensibilities of people the US keeps declaring our allies.
I mean, it IS the CIA. Can't they come up with SOMETHING?

Friday, November 16, 2012

TATu Make Love Not War

RantWoman is celebrating the occasion of her Profanity to Quakerese filter suddenly lurching into operation recently while RantWoman was tending to her own spiritual practice in pursuit of more music, swimming, and massage in her life. To wit, RantWoman has been led to render a considerably more vulgar Russian phrase simply as "Make Love Not War." How did RantWoman get there?

It dawned on RantWoman that Youtube has a search bar and suddenly RantWoman needed to reprise a cultural moment from 2003 just before the beginning of Gulf War II. The occasion: a US tour of the Russian pop-duo TATu, "This one loves That One" also known as "we're not lesbians, we just play them on TV." TATu are famous for kissing on camera.

RantWoman notes that in general Russians of both genders kiss others of their gender more often and more innocently than, say, people from the US. RantWoman has decided just not to opine about why it's controversial when TATu do it. One of the duo's first media events was a performance on Good Morning America. The news was full of impending war; the US literally was about to start bombing, and TATu appeared on Good Morning America wearing T-shirts they themselves decorated with the offending phrase which RantWoman is rendering as "Make Love Not War." It appears not to have occurred to ABC that Russian-speaking guests might need Russian-speaking backup for the regular network censor and no one caught that the slogans on TATu's t-shirts is obscene.

A performance, with T-shirts, which is why this is a link, not an imbed with mention of various "things are not as they seem" elements,:

By the time TATu performed on Jay Leno later the same day, the matter of the profanity was caught. Sigh. That's why the next night, the band performed wearing T-shirts that said "Censored." The band appeared on Jimmie Kimmel--after Don King and Monica Lewinsky. Again, RantWoman is not commenting on numerous presentation points. The offending slogan appears briefly, scrawled on the host's hand with a LONG bleep while the slogan is explained:

The wonders of YouTube are not necessarily helpful if one is prone to free associative wanderings anyway. Here are clips, first in Russian with Spanish subtitles and then in English of TATu appearing on a Russian TV show "100 questions for Adults." RantWoman is posting the clips for comments on parenting and art and career.

Part 2, both English and Spanish subtitles

Part 3, English subtitles, no Spanish, about blasphemy, art, sin

Part 4, no subtitles

RantWoman sort of kind of apologizes for leaving her monolingual readers hanging but suggests that if you click on the links, the wonders of Youtube might help find subtitles which do seem to be available for some segments.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dana Lyons...or Business Meeting ...?!?!?

RantWoman just helped abbreviate the following item for the weekly bulletin.

Earth Ministry:Singer Dana Lyons, best known for his comedy hit song Cows with Guns, is touring communities from Billings to Bellingham and from Portland to Coos Bay along the route of proposed coal trains. These trains would carry millions of tons of coal from MT and WY to west coast ports for export to China. Dana will perform a concert and give a short informational presentation on the regional environmental and other economic effects of the proposed trains and coal ports.
Sunday, November 11, 1-3 pm

Woodland Park Presbyterian Church,

225 N. 70th St, Seattle 98103

RantWoman acknowledges she is doing everything she can to maintain her cred as a Bad Friend:

--Cows with guns?

--The timing of this event conflicts with Meeting for Business

--The Clerk himself will likely be strongly interested in attending.


RantWoman promises to post further tiding about evnnts that do NOT conflict with Meeting for Business.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After the election: MidWeek Meeting for Worship, and...


6:45 TO 7:45 PM.

University Friends Meeting Worship Room

That of God emanating from NPR informs RantWoman that on Election night throughout the land many houses of worship from the Nazarenes to the Episcopalians will be holding special worship and prayer gatherings. RantWoman's Light based on past post election experience is that such occasions sometimes inspire both seekers and journalists to address the search engine of their choice or, if kind of retro, to call up and ask "what do the Quakers think?" or "What are the Quakers Doing?"

RantWoman thinks that many Friends will be wanting to go to other election night events. RantWoman calls her readers' attention to University Friends Meeting's regular midweek Meeting for Worship at the coordinates above. If any results are the least bit doubt on Tuesday evening, much greater clarity may have arrived by Wednesday!

RantWoman will consult with weightier voices or at least the clerks of key committees about a general and more formal invitation. RantWoman is also clear that God and the authority to note a public invitation already extended are accessible to all.

RantWoman especially invites those who feel led to pray, reflect, celebrate, mourn, lament, howl, yowl, commiserate, yearn, hope, envision.. related to results of the election to consider this worship opportunity.

Note: our worship is unprogrammed expectant waiting on Divine messages. Even if one is certain a message involves howling or yowling, we urge anyone offering a message to ask whatever you call the Divine for help holding at least a few breaths of worshipful silence between messages.

RantWoman further soberly notes:

--An assortment of people believe that the earth is only a few thousand years old and that the Bible is a perfect roadmap for family life.

--A long and embarrassing parade of politicians keeps making angels dancing on the head of a pin pronouncements about rape and conception and abortion and the will of God. These politicians never once ask themselves why the US ranks embarrassingly low among industrialized nations in infant mortality and other measures of maternal and child health or what policy steps might both cut the number of unwanted pregnancies and improve these other indicators.

Our nation needs particular ONGOING prayers, if only because the politicians described above are no less certain than is RantWoman to be speaking for God--and we ALL get to try to work out our problems together. May we all at least pray together. In that vein, why stop at a one-time visit. Y'all are welcome every week too!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ben Pink Dandelion at North Seattle Friends

If news somehow has missed you of Ben Pink Dandelion delivering 3 days of Woodward lectures at North Seattle Friends Church, on the topic "A Short History of Time, Transformation, and the Quakers," there is still time for two more lectures.

If you are short of time, get on the road to the lectures and skip the rants below!

The stories of Ben Pink Dandelion's name make RantWoman smile, not only for the utterly engaging delivery. Ben was born a surprise to parents, "devout atheists," in their 40's. For some reason a Biblical story about parents in a similar state led then to name him Benjamin. The surname? Oh, the surname. That dates from a peace camp in 1984. All the anarchists there took very silly names. Everyone else with even sillier names changed their names back the next year. Pink Dandelion did not. RantWoman wonders whether the concept of parental consternation applies to atheist parents faced with such choices.
RantWoman is  Biblically challenged as far as the finer points of theNew Testamentand the evolution of Paul's thinking. RantWoman is also severely challenged as to early religious tracts and the history of 17th century England. Perhaps it is no wonder that some pieces of the story Pink Dandelion is trying to tell have not cohered in RantWoman's mind. Alas, RantWoman is going to be unable to attend the Sunday lecture where the part about what all this means for our life today is on the schedule. So RantWoman wil have either to get the lecture secondhand subject to idiosyncratic digestion,  , read abook, or trust her own Light. Oh Dear!

Speaking of reading a book, SIGH! RantWoman visited both Amazon and Pendle Hill sites. Pendle Hill is selling NOTHING electronically, not even so much as a PDF version of a pamphlet. SIGH! RantWoman found a number of things on Amazon and bought a small pamphlet for her Kindle. RantWoman gets to debate about any more of the subset of the total titles that are availabe for her Kindle. Sigh!

And then there was Powerpoint, aka Death by Powerpoint in Quakerese.

RantWoman congratulates Pink Dandelion for his very first Powerpoint ever, a VERY Quakerly Powerpoint.

First, RantWoman was told there were three slides;RantWoman remembers only two. In eihter case, RantWomanappreciates numerical modesty. The title slide was appropriately plain. Bold font, womehwat larger would not have hurt.

The other slide RantWoman remembers featured some kind of a line drawing of timelines tying together the first Coming and the Second Coming. The image was very Quakerly in the following sense. No one expects RantWoman to see anything but fog and blur; almost no one else could see anything either. This approach certainly evokes a certain visual sense of Waiting on God. If that was the intended effect, RantWoman thinks this Powerpoint virgin succeeded remarkably. RantWoman is not feeling nearly as absolutist as sometimes about Powerpoint. In fact, she is compiling a couple of Powerpoint sins forto send to a blind Powerpointer needing to make some pedagogical points; in the Spirit of integrity and single standard ofTruth, for purposes here, advice: if you are going to sin with Powerpoint in the first  place, PLEASE sin boldly!

In the meantime, another concept to check out at the lectures, get thee to  the next two lectures!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween, Hanging over


(Warm lighting

Grey-brown chairs against grey-brown walls punctuated by Exit signs.)


(I will not text during Meeting for Worship. I will not text during Meeting for Worship. I will not text during Meeting for Worship.

No, but I WILL do my hand PT exercises.

I will not text during Meeting for Worship. I will not text during Meeting for Worship. I will not text during Meeting for Worship.

No, but I will exercise legs, ankles, wrists….)


(Halloween is the middle of the week, so which Sunday gets to be Reformation Sunday?)


Zombie figures wandering back and forth between worlds or at least in and out of worship mourning

Andrew Tole, whom RantWoman never met, of Harvard Business School and case study method fame.

Rice Bucket Friend who just had a memorial that should have its own post

(Mother of Peace Activist Friend, seriously weighty Friend in her own right

Mr. Recently Widowed Friend

Lynn Waddington whose book needs to be an audio book.

Police officer shot in line of duty the same day Lynn died and his brave partner who returned to work after also having been shot

Recently Decamped Neighbor due to get her own memorial)

Halloween #Haiku #Quakers

Too much Quaker grey?

Bright lighting, many fidgets

Again with the bland?

Too much Quaker grey?

A time of many colors

Worshipful palette?

A Rainbow sweater

A coat of many colors

Halloween party!

A Rainbow sweater

A coat of many colors

Biblical harvest

Multihued Worship

A night of many colors

Happy Halloween

More blog characters

Think Worship and Ministry

Maybe don’t think hard.

I see you’re in pain

Let me tell you about mine.

Worship and mourning?

Evolution Friend

All evolution always

When do we evolve?

Overbooked parents

An hour and a half per month

To get God’s work done?

Put it behind you …

We have a fresh new load of …

Biblical harvest?

“I’m scared. God’s spooky”

“Your God’s too spooky for me.”

“God is mine, all mine.”

Hold us In the Light!

I do not apologize

For speaking my Truth

Multihued Worship

Discerning many colors

Happy Halloween

So I thank You God

For the fabulous curry

Still warming me up

Multihued Worship

Discerning many colors

Happy Halloween

Oh, Oh, Montana

Neighbor Recently Decamped,

From East Helena

Oh, Oh, Montana

My brother wants, needs his coat

Winter drawing near

Oh, Oh, Montana

Painful things near my surface

Oh, Oh, Montana

Multihued Worship

A night of many colors

Happy Halloween

Metro Halloween

All kinds of Spooks and Goblins

May I get off here?

Multifaith Metro

Need Peace Testimony NOW

Happy Halloween

Are you a Muslim?

A very drunk Halloween…

May I get off here?

Metro Halloween

A very blessed Halloween

Again with the blessed?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Facebookistan: rapist Friends rape survivor from long ago

Warnng: FRANK discussion of survivor issues and circumstances related to a rape.

Creepy and full of rationalizations but in places surprisingly less creepy than one might think.

Emily McComs, editor of  talks about her rapist asking to Friend her on Facebook.

RantWoman is posting this here because of a story about 2/3 of the way through about a woman whose rapist Friended her on Facebook. Here is the link for the whole show, for background about the Facebok practies that made this encounter possible.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


RantWoman apologizes: she has no idea what would be a proper greeting for this occasion but RantWoman wants to offer something appropriate.

RantWoman has been on a mailing list for the Idriss Mosque since sometime after 9/11 and reproduces the email without further comment as an artifact of our day.

In the Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful

McCaw Hall (At the Seattle Center) 321 Mercer Street Seattle, WA

Eid celebration
Friday, October 26, 2012, will be Eid Al Adha

The Program Schedule
9:00 AM: Takbeer
9:30 AM: Eid Prayer
9:40 AM: Eid Khutbah

Come early, bring a rug; security has been provided for everyone�s safety


The Seattle Police Department will be out in FULL-Force to secure McCaw Hall (At the Seattle Center) and surrounding areas for the protection of all the Muslim community.

Directions, Parking & Maps

Parking Garage across the street on Mercer

McCaw Hall is located on Mercer Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues, on the north edge of the Seattle Center campus, approximately 2 miles north of the Downtown Seattle business district. The Hall�s street address is 321 Mercer Street.

Via Public Transportation
Buses Bus lines that have stops within a 3-block radius of the main McCaw Hall entrance: 3, 4, 16, 30 & 45 (express)

■Mercer/Warren stop (heading eastbound): 30 & 45 (express)
■Mercer/4th Ave stop (heading eastbound): 30 & 45 (express)
■5th Ave/Republican (heading northbound): 3, 4 & 16
■5th Ave/Mercer (heading southbound): 3, 4 & 16
For more information, please visit King County Metro.

Seattle Center Monorail
Seattle Center Monorail is the nation�s first full-scale commercial monorail system which provides a fun, quick and convenient link between downtown Seattle and Seattle Center.

The monorail departs approximately every 10 minutes from two stations:
■Seattle Center station, adjacent to the Space Needle
■Westlake Center Mall station, at Fifth Avenue and Pine StreetIf you chose to take public transportation, the following site will be offering you assistance in finding the appropriate information:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Excellent Service Dog Fundraiser--with bonus rant

First click here for a really powerful request from a parent trying not only to look out for her child's interests but also to get help about an appropriately trained service dog.

RantWoman enthusiastically endorses this plea for funds.

If you have not been fully inspired or your life still suffers a tirade deficit, may RantWoman offer a couple comparatively further remonstrances:
From another mom trying to figure out how to fund training for a dog who already provides many of the benefits of a dog with more training: really pisses me off that disabled people have to either fork over massive amounts of money or go without, when it comes to service dogs. ... Why is it that our government can justify spending massive amounts of money to kill and disable people in other countries, but not to pay for the relatively small cost (for the government, but huge for most individuals who aren't independently wealthy) of a service dog??

Why should parents like Sarai and myself have to worry about our kids wandering off and getting hit by a car, failing in school, etc....just because we cannot afford the training for these dogs?

RantWoman's version from the perspective of a state budget in a state where there are a large number of known billionaires most of whom RantWoman suspects are tragically undertaxed:

The state budget version is why should parents have to bear all the risks just because our poor benighted rich people need some more tax breaks and a lot of people are afflicted by paralyzing phobias every time anyone breathes thoughts of fairer taxation?

Please note: the rants above are framed in terms of government. RantWoman would never discourage the private sector from taking more initiative as well.

Here's hoping Sarai in the post at the top gets her service dog funded and trained. Then she can move on to fun, fun, fun moments such as the ones captured here:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Food is Blessed

I will not grumble about other people's prayer practices! I will not grumble about other people's prayer practices! I will not grumble about other people's prayer practices! I will not grumble about other people's prayer practices!

Wait! Who do people think this is? This RantWoman! OF COURSE RantWoman will grumble about other people's prayer practices.

Recently RantWoman was at an event involving representatives of many faith communities. Readers of this blog may be able to guess at the event but RantWoman means at least to TRY to move ahead with positive relations. RantWoman arrived not expecting to be offered a meal and was very grateful to be surprised on that score.

The surprise for which RantWoman was grateful: a wonderful meal of pasta, salad, rolls. NICE brewed coffee and dessert. The menu included CLOTH napkins, solid metal tableware, quality ceramic plates, cups--and saucers, lovely glass water glasses. RantWoman has the impression that there was catering involved or else a very evolved hospitality committee. The ONLY thing RantWoman might quibble about: this would probably not be such a nice meal if one has problems about both wheat and dairy; RantWoman for better or worse has problems about neither and came away very well nourished.

So WHAT is the problem?

This event involved representatives of many faith communities and especially many pastors and denominational staff. As one might expect in such a crowd, someone was asked to offer a blessing. The pastor who spoke explained that his husband is a buddhist, they have one son who is a Unitarian and another son who they wish were something. (sympathetic chuckles). At their household they gather and hold hands and the blessing that came to him for the evening is that the food is blessed by those gathered to eat it.

Okay, sure. Good company is a blessing. The earth is full of bounty for us to appreciate. But wait just a doggone minute! RantWoman of late has been feeling great pangs. RantWoman personally at present does not even sow or reap so much as a chive, let alone do the kind of backbreaking field or factory labor involved in getting the plenty to our tables. RantWoman is acutely conscious that the same imbalances in our food system that make obesity far too easy for RantWoman also mean many are hungry too high a percentage of the time.

And RantWoman does not even want to get started on immigration, the workers who harvest much of our food, their families here and there, wherever there is. Because of course, if RantWoman did get started, pokey evolution along some dimenstions would be inadequate and there would be need for lightning and thunderbolts and wings of fire exhortations, for God's sakes Gosh darn it to FIX OUR IMMIGRATION SYSTEM. And in the meantime, bless the food and thebounty and all the people who have labored to bring it before us.

All RantWoman has to say, the ONLY thing keeping RantWoman from going all John Woolman on the situation: RantWoman is REALLY, REALLY glad that the program agenda those assembled are working on implicity and perhaps explicitly includes concern for immigrant rights!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Healing Pain and the Power of Goodness

By way of blog as filing cabinet, the Western Friend edition of John calvi's address to the 2012 Annual Session of Pacific Yearly Meeting:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Blue Jesus Prayer for our nation (and everyone else?)

RantWoman received this offering from one of RantMom's church friends. Church Friend has many family reasons to need to be held in the Light; one might or might not need Blue Jesus to hold Church freind in the Light. RantWoman is unsure what message Blue Jesus has for her.

God Bless America, indeed! RantWoman is thinking of Weighty Russian Believer friend's thoughts about need both God Bless and God be Merciful (Gospid blagoslovi/ Gospodi pomilyi!)

Follow all the directions for maximum effect although RantWoman thinks she got as much as can be gotten without maximum effect.

Click on the link below.

If you have speakers, turn them on.

I do pray for our nation and its leaders to change their hearts - let us unite in prayer for our nation and our leaders.
When the screen fills up with words, the words tumble to the bottom and new words start up again at the top of the screen.

Listen, read and watch.
Click here >  The Lord's Prayer set to music with Blue Jesus

Pray for our nation
then click on F11 key to go full screen.

God Bless America--and everyone else!!!!

Oh Wolves, what are you to teach us?

RantWoman notes a previous blog post linked below which referred to two wolves from Ojibwe spirituality which have recently showed up in Meeting for worship.

Here by request is appearance in our monthly newsletter of the Story of Two Wolves, encore by request from Friends who first heard it in Meeting for Worship:


The Objiwe tribe, the Original People of North America, have a story. It goes like this: Every person has within them two wolves. One is named Love and one is named Fear. Love creates all that is good in life: generosity, forgiveness, acceptance, peace, and all those things which open and expand our hearts and connect us to one another. Fear creates all that is destructive: greed, judgment, prejudice, anger, hatred, violence, and all that makes our own, and others', lives small, separate, and miserable. Love and Fear are always fighting. Do you know which one wins? The one you feed the most!

Here is the ministry which came immediately to RantWoman about the wolves along with some RantWoman does not know when to quit elements which Meeting for Worship was spared.

The recurrence of the wolves as a meme in our worship has, predictably generated furhter rants around RantWoman's Inner Blowtorch.

--Who does this bunch of darn palefaces think they are, appropriating elements of native spirituality with nary a native in sight? Yes, of COURSE RantWoman would probably hear the message more clearly if it came in the form of New Testament parables. Still, RantWoman knowingly willfully, intentionally attends worship in a place where messages are delivered by talking wolves. Can you say act of FAITH?

--Cue RantWoman's reflex to rant about Friends in Unity with Nature. HELLO. Nature is not in unity with us. Nature has earthquakes, fierce windstorms, tidal waves, blizzards, a whole wealth of WAYS TO KILL YOU. Wolves, by the way are top of the food chain predators. Yeah, PREDATORS.

--But, But wolves are pack animals. There should be more than two of them. It makes NO sense for them to be eternally at war?

--Oh Boo-hoo! Yep pack animals, and if the pack of wolves chomp on farmers' livestock, as was happening for a pack trying to get restablished in northeastern WA, the Department of Natural Resources (cough!) is still going to eliminate them.

--But, But, who SAYS love never involves fear or limits?

Last First Day's Meeting for Worship was nearly silent with only a few messages all right at the end of the hour. The wolves showed up in two messages right at close of worship.

Call Me Up and I'll Figure it Out for You Friend was called to preach the gospel of Love. Eye Roller Friend, who RantWoman believes, was NOT present when the wolves came up previously, was called to object in colorful spluttering presentation to false duality; the objections to false duality were delivered so vividly that RantWoman immediately got back a blechy feeling several hours later returning to reflect on the morning's messages and on the closing of worship right after Eye Roller Friend's message.

Friends are not at unity about how to respond when God trips over something as messages emerge from Eye Roller Friend. Some would prefer just to ignore him. RantWoman was seasoning a different message which deserves its own post. In the hours later wave of blechiness, RantWoman realized a comment such as "Thank you for expressing your concern so vividly so that we can hold you in the Light in your distress" might have been entirely on point. Maybe.

Oh Wolves, what are you trying to teach us?