Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shout outs!

RantWoman keeps aiming for the well of universal love and plowing into the well of universal crabbiness and yucky topics festivals.  This can be sort of a problem, say at the holiday  party.

First a big shout out to all the musicians, performers, restaurant staff, ... first responders working their behinds off so everyone has holidays. RantWoman loves holiday music and spectacle, but as proud progeny of a performer from the Tuxedos are work clothes set, RantWoman also deeply appreciates that the spectacle can be a LOT of work.
RantWoman's most recent venue for such spectacle: the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme computing, the RantWoman spiritual and human resources laboratory otherwise known as the STAR of Seattle.  RantWoman has permitted the blogosphere to suck her into procrastination about some thank-yous related to a recent STAR Center holiday party
A particular shout out to May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul.   There is some media element that starts automatically; RantWoman is not commenting on the autostartup issue. For the 4th year in a row, May and her husband and stagehand Bob performed, hopefully to enthusiastic response.
RantWoman learned that May is off to the Seychelles to perform for the holidays and that in the new year, May will be performing for Holland America on some of their cruises. May sounds excited about the locations, but she reports that just like all the rest of the crew musical staff have to go through various forms of physically demanding safety training  May actually looks like this has been good for her, but RantWoman wants to send her off with an extra kick of energy in thanks for all she brings to our parties. PS. Check out her site....

It was an awesome Christmas party. The food was wonderful. Residents , students, everyone RantWoman knows about thought it was a wonderful event.

And lots of us really missed Donna!


--knew everyone in the building and made sure they showed up to things like this.

--knew how to negotiate details like staff to clean up

--knew how to have a good time as witnessed late in life by hair that changed colors periodically, purple, bright red not usually found in hair, aquamarine

--knew how to shop for a party and how to make shopping for a party a FUN adventure.

 In other words, Donna was good at lots of things that RantWoman, for instance, sort of SUCKS at and RantWoman is having yetanother opportunity to learn TEAMWORK just to get enough people in position to handle all the different things just one Donna used to do!
Luckily, May Palmer was in tune with her audience; she is also missing Whitney Houston!

Whitney Houston Christmas Album

We now digress to another staple of STAR Center  gatherings , Zumba. Pick one of th e links below. Picture a whole bunch of people of different abilities and disabilities. Some are doing recognizable dance steps. Some are ...NOT. Now DANCE.

(RantWoman has good intentions about diacritics, but...)

Antonio Banderas  Resistire

Soft Rock, Castillian Spanish, El Duo Dinamico

Estela Raval 1934-2012, overproduced, melodramatic, but obviously memorable

Estela Raval, 40th Anniversary of ...

Another Estela Raval

A different setting of Resistire

Bug RantWoman to find:
--the memorial video

--a song about Besandome otra vez

But you get the idea.

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