Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Middle School Play, as you wish

This post is dedicated to...The Princess Bride, aka The Middle School Play, STARRING ... Irrepressible Nephew, a few other boys, and a whole bunch of girls, some of them already really tall, and many of them, shock and horror, playing male roles. Diction was a little underrealized. The audience learned that the opening night performance was the first time the actors have gone through the whole play in sequence. The giant is duct-taped to her shoes until after the show. Good Lord there are lot of deaths or presumed deaths. And Irrepressible Nephew clearly had a ball.

RantWoman considered it her sacred duty to show up, if only as payment of karmic debt for many high school music efforts. RantMom is equally certain of her duty to attend. Ambassador Thwack even realized need for vigilance around lots of people who do not know RantWoman. RantWoman admits to a Worse Auntie,  moment when she encountered a sign on the women's room door asking playgoers not to flush while the play is in progress; RantWoman was glad for Lead Me Not Into Temptation seating with RantMom across the room.

RantWoman is especially touched and deeply grateful that the teacher who directs the play lives near Irrepressible Nephew and therefore can give him a ride home. Otherwise Irrepressible Nephew would not be able to do a play without LOTS of bus conniptions for his parents, his grandmother, and of course Auntie.

Now RantWoman will shut up and offer some topical video clips.

As you wish, clip; RantWoman actually liked the school play better but can understand why others might not.

Storybook love, arranged for classical guitar.

Storybook love, fully orchestrated

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