Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quakerese...or...The Daily Show!

Bless us oh lord in all our or at least RantWoamn's excessive plain-spokenness:

All RantWoman has been trying to do is get to acceptable Quakerese: RantWoman is seasoning a powerful a need to blurt out that she is having trouble telling the difference between legislative pragmatism and institutionalized racism. RantWoman is further discerning leadings on her own and others' behalf.

And in that state of mind what to RantWoman's wondering ears should her media feeds deliver?

Watch, and hold RantWoman and those around her in the Light, for one thing because where RantWoman is led is IMPORTANT.

And to cleanse the brain, a resource

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Retirement option: The Baba Yagas' House?

 People moving into retirement communities seems to be a thing around rantWoman right now. In appreciation:

The Baba Yagas house in France with the bonus option to stream Radio France in 15 languages

RantWoman is both charmed and perplexed by the thought of a retirement community named after scary witches from Slavic mythology.

(Hell's belles! Put "Baba Yaga" into the search engine of your choosing and see for yourself)

RantWoman is also deeply charmed by the option to listen to radio France in 15 languages.

Bless RantMom's heart. She probably would NOT be deeply charmed by either meme above.

Hold that problem in the Light, for one thing because RantMom's rent is going up and that is nudging other conversations back to the forefront.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Moises Gomez: Dangerous Journeys; US Sponsored Border Militarization June 2, 7 pm

The Seattle chapter of the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador will be hosting Moíses Gómez from El Salvador.

Please join us Thursday, June 2 at 7:00 PM for a community presentation on border militarization featuring Moíses Gómez along with panelists from Northwest Detention Center Resistance and Casa Latina Workers Defense Council!

See below for details. Please share this message with your networks! Thank you!

* * * * *
What:  Dangerous Journeys: How US-Sponsored Border Militarization in Meso-America is Fueling a Human Rights Crisis

When:  Thursday, June 2nd, 7:00 PM-9:00 PM

Where:  Casa Latina, 317 17th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Seattle CISPES will be hosting Moíses Gómez in conversation with NWDC Resistance, Casa Latina's Workers Defense Council, and other area migrant justice groups, on the root causes of forced migration and the impact of US-sponsored border militarization on the region. Come learn how Salvadoran and Seattle groups are resisting detention, deportation, and militarization, and join the fight for the lives and rights of migrants!

Mr. Gómez is a professor and researcher on the Multi-Disciplinary Migration Team at the Central American University (UCA) in San Salvador, where he focuses on the experiences of deported day laborers and "the gaps that exist in the institutions that attend to migrants that have been forcibly displaced by violence.”

* * * * *
Watch for further emails or RSVP to the facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/1902679836624994/) for updates!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mother's Day: the after-action report

The Seattle wing of the Rant Family was supposed to gather for pho and to celebrate Mothers' Day. This did not exactly occur but it's time for...the next amazing episodeS of

Family Medical Angst, the eyeball edition.

Please understand there are VAST opportunities for Family Medical Angst, including a thing RantWoman needs to try again about. Here though RantWoman will concentrate only on Family Medical Angst, the Eyeball Edition.

Although RantWoman TRIES to remember to take care of herself, this time RantWoman, sigh,  has to share the limelight.

Over Christmas the Rant Family gathered. RantWoman and Brother-in-Law got to chatting. Somewhere along the way, Brother-in-Law shared that something big and cloudy in his eye is bothering him. From the symptoms ....

It could be a detached retina.

Or it could be a cataract.


RantWoman determined that it was not acutely painful and that Brother-in_law had noticed the problem FOR MONTHS but had only brought it up to Little Sister the night before. Still, the problem definitely needed more medical expertise than could be found in RantMom's apartment.  However, there was nothing screamingly urgent enough to summon 911 and Go Straight to the ER, Do Not Pass Go, Do not collect $200.

Okayyyy, RantWoman CHILL OUT and see what happens.

Easter happens.

RantWoman learns that Brother-in-Law has seen a doctor. The giant cloudy thing in the eye is a cataract. A specialist who meets the family language criteria AND accepts the available insurance is needed.


Now comes Mothers' Day.

Happy Mother's Day.

Around the RantFamily, such occasions go better with food.

Pho was on the menu. The pizza. Then plan C.

RantWoman SOooo hopes that the Family will have found a doctor. And MAYBE even that surgery has been scheduled. The question did not actually come up.. Instead,

there was some chatter of the vile intestinal crud that came with Irrepressible Nephew back from a church trip to Mexico to build houses

and... (just hold in the Light without details) meanwhile RantWoman will TRY to get herself motivated...