Sunday, May 29, 2016

Retirement option: The Baba Yagas' House?

 People moving into retirement communities seems to be a thing around rantWoman right now. In appreciation:

The Baba Yagas house in France with the bonus option to stream Radio France in 15 languages

RantWoman is both charmed and perplexed by the thought of a retirement community named after scary witches from Slavic mythology.

(Hell's belles! Put "Baba Yaga" into the search engine of your choosing and see for yourself)

RantWoman is also deeply charmed by the option to listen to radio France in 15 languages.

Bless RantMom's heart. She probably would NOT be deeply charmed by either meme above.

Hold that problem in the Light, for one thing because RantMom's rent is going up and that is nudging other conversations back to the forefront.

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