Sunday, January 14, 2018

Minutes corrections 12 2017 as important to RantWoman

RantWoman posts her point of view here in a spirit of humility edits she hopes will make it into the official minutes for 12th month

Campus Discernment Committee

The Committee presented a report on its work to date, as per their committee charge. Friends expressed appreciation for the committee’s work. Friends were encouraged to learn more about Gethsemane Lutheran and other congregations that have made decisions about the future of their property. [add: A friend requested and a member of the Discernment committee agreed to post the document found on the link to the Gethsemane item on Campus Discernment Committee’s public Google drive. The document describes several other congregations and the housing programs they partnered with.] A Friend asked what the meeting can do to prepare for and participate in this discernment process as the committee continues its basic research. Friends spoke to the challenge of preparing spiritually.


Finance Committee

The Committee presented a report for the first four months of the FY2018 (July to Oct). Most expenses are in line with budget, with a few exceptions as we adjust to our new lease arrangement (attorney’s fees [to review rental documents], remodeling expenses, wifi service, etc.) These expenses are all within the range of what we expected and should even out in the future. The balance sheet shows …(information Rantwoman considers sensible but is not clear to put on this blog)…

Friends asked questions about [the possibility of one of our tenants qualifying for a city free Wifi program], advertising for additional [short-term or regular] renters, [(parking issues are one barrier)] as well as the Quaker House budget (which is managed separately). Friends expressed appreciation for the committee’s work in transitioning rental spaces.

Someone else reminded Friends of the opportunity for year- end contributions to UFM.



The minutes from the November Monthly Meeting were laid over until January, with a few substantial revisions proposed in the interim. [Add as led: considerable back and forth developed between two Friends. In contrast to numerous recent instances of Friends standing to silence a speaker and RantWoman not even necessarily realizing people were standing, a third Friend rose, USED HIS WORDS, and asked everyone to speak one at a time and to wait for the Clerk to recognize them. There was further clarifying conversation and Friends agreed to lay over final approval of the minutes until January.]


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Not just the search string

Warning: while this post includes some truly awesome African American Church Lady hats, there are many reasons to find this video extremely disturbing. If you are worried about being too disturbed, DO NOT WATCH the video. Confession: RantWoman started finding it repetitive and has not watched the whole thang either.

If RantWoman were half as pure at heart as she aspires to be, she would post only the search string
Key Peele Satan Uncensored
and make readers take responsibility to go look the  ^&!@#$@ video their own darn selves.

RantWoman is nowhere near that pure. Plus RantWoman wants to find the video easily herself.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Funny??? Trump Goes Nuclear on Twitter

RantWoman's (and the world's) cup runneth over. Sixteen tweets in one day. Highlights in the clip below

It would have been more than enough to stop at one, the nuclear button pissing contest with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un.

Digression in the realm of "so not nostalgic: topic. "nucular" winter

And Carl Sagan et al weigh in

(RantWoman, PLEASE leave snarky tweets about dealing with global warming to...)

Holy Crap! RantWoman has already been tweeting about how we just will not be able to afford a military buildup thanks to the new tax bill. Is the fear mongering over the Korean peninsula enough also to blunt enthusiasm to modernize the US nuclear arsenal, so tragically getting out of date?

Never mind! Just stick to North Korea for now.

Correlation does not equal causation.

The Orange one tweets about the size of his button and all kinds of confidence-building measures break out:

--The North Korean pairs figure skating team will compete in the Seoul winter Olympics.


--North and South Korea have held direct talks for the first time in two years. In other words, something has been stuck since the Obama administration.

God..? Are you JOKING?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Self-soothing: Locusts and Wild Honey - Songs for Celebration by the Monks of Weston Pr...

RantWoman's sense of the Divine absolutely requires a divine sense of humor.

First consider this absolutely gorgeous music from the monks of Weston Priory

Next, consider that hopes for a gorgeous male singing voice are about the ONLY reason RantWoman could even consider needing a different gender identity. Alas, RantWoman has never gone looking but does have a sense that if she cannot carry a tune to her satisfaction as a woman, that ability is unlikely to come along with any hormone shots.

Groupies hung up on all the patriarchal imagery, COPE. RantWoman has bigger problems, like the President's proclivity for using Twitter to threaten nuclear war or her persistent need to elder those around her for mansplaining, ableism, and just free floating "being a jerk." Perhaps for tonight we should simply listen to music and leave the linguistic exegesis and literary elaboration of the circumstances exercising her for another day.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Light Dawns? Thought Bubbles at least

Welcome to tonight's excursion to Planet RantWoman. There is a just past full moon. There is much to say. The itinerary includes several windy paths. Cope. Otherwise you will not be getting your money's worth out of the tour.

Dawn Seattle Jan 2 2018

Please do not argue with RantWoman about "money's worth." If you insist on arguing with RantWoman, RantWoman has several options for adding video. RantWoman does not recommend adding video, but could possibly consider adding electronic voice audio track for readers who like to listen rather than read. Caution: RantWoman reserves the right to be insufferable and record at the speed she listens at.

RantWoman has voices in her head.

RantWoman has voices in her head. This means:

--RantMom has done the aural implantation expected of every mother ?

--GOD is talking?

--RantWoman's brain is still trying to function at vision plus speed only with audio tracks and calamitously underpowered pattern sorting and lots of different audio streams clamoring for there nanoseconds of attention. (Earth to RantWoman, YOU may be feeling underpowered, but there is every indication that other people still feel overwhelmed even at this level., really. Okay sure. And not everyone can respond the same way but everyone can do three things and people can do enough different things, people can handle it...)

--RantWoman should hurry out for some psychotropic medication, something with a prescription, not the secondhand weed effusions endlessly clouding bus stops and doorways?

Uhhh, tonight it means both the headphones and the USB port are working on an office computer. Also, RantWoman has tuned the text-to-speech options on the devices she is using to scream along fast enough to keep RantWoman awake.

I didn't tell you about my day Digression: It was a harrowing day out in the world. RantWoman lost patience with scheduling and dispatch for the chariot service nominally available after an exciting fall of power to the people interactions with transit planning. RantWoman decided the book shelf delivery task she wanted to accomplish could be done by regular bus.

Apparently Ambassador Thwack the poorly comported white cane took offense at being asked just to lurk in one of RantWoman's bags and cope with the stresses of unaided travel with fog and blur; the white cane went AWOL on the first bus while the shelves were being transported. RantWoman called Customer Service. SOMETIMES Metro Customer Service can identify which coach a lost item is on and suggest ways to rendezvous and collect one's item.

Today RantWoman could not provide the charming customer service professional enough temporal coordinates to help him identify the coach and suggest meeting times for the stop nearest her abode. RantWoman opted NOT just to wait at the bus stop and ask every driver on the run. Sometimes the best option is just to go to Metro Lost and Found the next day. (RantWOMAN, that part about mentally referring to this professional as "MR. Potato head? REALLY???)

RantWoman has auxiliary backup canes at home but was not carrying an extra today. Mercifully, by the grace of God and other attentive travelers, RantWoman made it home without either plowing into anyone or getting run over. At home, RantWoman has discovered that one of her backup canes seems to need its inner bungee cord replaced. Usually there should be two strands findable at all the joints and it should snap into extended position easily. The cane most like Ambassador Thwack has at least one joint with only one strand of cord. When RantWoman tries to extend it to work, it's performance is lax and desultory at best. RantWoman WILL ask whether someone at the local blind store restrings canes. (Sigh. No.) Otherwise, as soon as Ambassador Thwack comes home, the backup goes into the Free Matter for the Blind box and off to MO for a new bungee cord.. But Onward. RantWoman has voices in her head and thought bubbles to spill out.

Remember a Meeting for Business awhile ago presenting information about new tenants? If not, it's okay. The itinerary includes the RantWoman Eye view anyway.

--Meeting for Business ended with people worshipfully standing in hopes that RantWoman who cannot necessarily tell whether people are standing would shut up. RantWoman also did not realize until later that the Clerk just left the room. RantWoman has been trying to explain an idiosyncratic point of view about respect for the clerk ever since. Sometimes one is just called to speak Truth and to trust that the Clerk can handle it.

RantWoman deeply respects the Clerk on MANY counts and understands that RantWoman being called to speak Truth may not LOOK like respect. RantWoman has faith that between the Clerk and others in the room there are paths, and paths, and paths... (Okay, there is that part about GOD Speaking in a room full of people some of whom are not even sure there is a God, a minor irregularity but definitely on the itinerary.)

--Minutes do not explicitly record, but RantWoman has a sense that she was supposed blindly to accept that impacts on staff would be minimal or were already well handled. RantWoman subsequently had a conversation with staff. The subject of large UPS deliveries came up, as did UPS delivery persons, and dollies full of boxes and stairs. But RantWoman is getting ahead of herself.

--RantWoman got an incomplete picture of some possible construction issues from what was presented out loud. RantWoman deeply laments that no one else seemed to be paying enough attention to ask some of the questions on RantWoman's mind, but a grocery story parking lot conversation and some email finally satisfied RantWoman that no one had gone out of their minds about the construction issues.

--Not so the wheelchair accessibility. RantWoman asked a question because she personally knows homeless people who use wheelchairs. RantWoman can tell Friends which bus routes to ride to meet different homeless wheelchair users almost every day. RantWoman has two family members, neither homeless, who use wheelchairs. Asterisk. The family members became wheelchair users partly because of poorly treated workplace injury, the kind that UPS delivery persons with insecure employment could also be vulnerable to. But again, RantWoman is running ahead of herself.

Initial reviews of RantWoman's question about wheelchair accessibility: oh, that's the tenant's problem. RantWOMAN WHY can you not just leave things up to our tenants?

Why indeed? Stairs? No wheelchair accessible entry. A not entirely comparable service delivery model for wheelchair users. No easy way to adjust wheelchair accessibility, despite a young Friend's enthusiasm for some guerilla ramp-construction. Oh, and some other bumps and glitches, site characteristics on the pedestrian route from the nearest bus stop. But other than all that everything sounds fine, just fine especially when accompanied by endless repetitions of RantWoman there is no problem. There is no problem. There is no problem.

To repeat RantWoman knows homeless wheelchair users. RantWoman can tell you how to find more homeless wheelchair users. RantWoman sometimes makes referrals to wheelchair users for services. RantWoman would like to be able to include new tenant. RantWoman further knows many wheelchair users who probably would be too happy to take up a project cataloging wheelchair accessibility issues....

RantWoman also takes note of legal language from WA state and federal statutes about public accommodation and non-discrimination. Legal language merits its own post. RantWoman's point, our new tenant COULD at some point ask us for help improving the physical accessibility of their service delivery approach. They could ASK and RantWoman thinks Meeting should cooperate.

But other than that, no problem. No problem. No problem.

Well, no problem except more don't send email and we cannot really listen in person and it's not even clear at least to RantWoman who is supposed to listen in the first place. But emails do go around. RantWoman expresses vexation about UPS delivery persons and back issues moving big dollies full of packages up and down stairs. RantWoman learns that there are some big UPS deliveries as the new tenant's office gets set up but then the flow of shipments falls off.
Somewhere in the email going around, RantWoman received nice email from the people currently helping tend our grounds: one of the things they do is help keep the new curb ramp the city put in clear of debris and generally to keep entrances on the main floor clear. THANK YOU for the work and for the information.

RantWoman also has a conversation about guerilla ramp building and herself suggests attention to process. RantWoman walks around building and looks at some wheelchair accessibility / ease of freight delivery points: things are fine as far as RantWoman can tell for other tenant, but there are still Big Problems, fuiled for just nust as site characteristics that probably need to get addressed in the future.

There. Now RantWoman has filled the internet more or less with what is on her mind. It would be AWESOME to hold things in the Light especially things that cannot instantly or easily be fixed, improved.  RantWoman is trying to decide whether repeatedly being told there is no problem is somehow evolution, improvement over a conversation some years ago where every time RantWoman brought up something to do with disability it was declared off -topic. Let's just say RantWoman is reserving judgment.

In Light and Faithfulness.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Icons Child with adult face Knowing

Christmas Cactus in snowy window
RantWoman has been meditating about this reflection from Johan and Judy Maurer . RantWoman thinks some queries would be on point but queries right now are beyond her Light.

... We sang “Mary did you know” at church last Sunday.

*Mary did you know that your baby boy will one day walk on water? Mary did you know that your baby boy will save our sons and daughters? Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new? This child that you've delivered, will soon deliver you*

The night before our son Luke had mentioned that he liked the French word “frisson” - the feeling you get when you hear an exquisite piece of music. “A thrill up your spine,” he said.

I certainly had that “thrill in the spirit” while singing “Mary Did You Know?" My mind went to the moment a friend of mine explained an early icon to me. It was one of those breakthrough moments, when I could never think the same way again. We were at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, standing in front of this  icon - it’s called the Vladimir Mother of God. It traveled around a bit in the early centuries of its existence - from Istanbul to Kiev to Vladimir to Moscow, where it landed in 1395 and has been in Moscow ever since.

I was lucky to be at the Tretyakov with my friend, an art history professor visiting from Philadelphia. I’m not sure if I said my thoughts aloud or not. Perhaps she simply knew I was thinking, “That’s weird. That baby in the icon looks like a mini adult. Why did they paint Jesus not looking like the infant that He was?” The subtext in my mind was “What’s wrong with these painters? Didn’t they know what a baby looks like?”

In any case, she murmured to me, “Eastern painters felt that what was ‘real’ was the emotional reality beneath the surface. So that’s what they painted. Western painters at the time were held captive by the image that they saw.  It’s like they were constrained by what they saw on the surface.”

So I looked more deeply at the icon. I saw how tenderly he is looking up at his mother, loving her. I saw on his face that he knew the pain that was coming to her - just as Simeon said to Mary when he met them in the temple, “And a sword will pierce your own soul too.”

By gazing at the icon - and it was painted so we can gaze at it in prayer - we can see into their relationship. She is loving and protective, cradling him in her arms. But he looks up at her, knowing. In this knowledge is loving and tender. No ordinary baby would have known all that was coming. Depicting Jesus as an infant somehow misses that deeper reality. I’m grateful that now my eyes can see that.

So yes, in answer to the song, Mary knew.  The final verse is

*Mary did you know that your baby boy is Lord of all creation?Mary did you know that your baby boy will one day rule the nations?Did you know that your baby boy is heaven's perfect Lamb?This sleeping child you're holding is the great I am*

Yes, Mary knew, and what’s more, Jesus knew. It makes the Christmas season different for me, now. It brings Jesus’ death on the cross into Christmas, because Jesus knew. He knew of the Resurrection as well, of course - John 2:19-21 says, “Jesus answered them, ‘Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.’ They replied, ‘It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and you are going to raise it in three days?’ But the temple he had spoken of was his body.”

The Resurrection, and the birth that preceded it, is the triumph over the worst that human beings can do. The Resurrection shows that heaven can create again all that that humans may choose to destroy.  The birth we celebrate this month is only the beginning. Let us rejoice.