Friday, July 31, 2015

Sleep? or Blue Angels!

Bless you Blue Angels!

Mr. Attack Receptionist is medically in an end pattern. He writes on Facebook of being too afraid of never waking up to try to sleep. But when he did finally get to sleep, he wrote of the Blue Angels waking him up--after about 5 minutes of sleep..

Bless you Blue Angels.

Dear lord and Father of Mankind.

um, scratch that.

Bless the Lord, oh my soul,

Does not RantWoman already have Enough Else to Do without taking on electronic hospice ministry? Never mind that. We thank God and Facebook that the little dribbles of what RantWoman can do MIGHT reach both the soon to depart and others around him.

How does one minister to someone whose Facebook posts are full of "I am praying for you" despite the fact that the recipient of all the "I am praying for you" posts has probably told everyone else what he told RantWoman: he does not consider himself religious, does not pray, really could not care less about some kind of clergyperson from his life offereing to come and pray with him.

Dr. RantWoman has so far restrained herself from saying "Duuuude, if you cannot handle praying for you can you just cope with people needing to pray because that is what they know how to do?"

Mr. Attack Receptionist has an untreatable blockage in one of his dialysis ports. His Dr. has told him to Get his Affairs in Order. Mr. Attack Receptionist is NOT charmed by this news.

Mr Attack Receptionist has been one of the stalwarts at the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing. By stalwart, RantWoman means great faithfulnessa about some matters, fierce attachment to others, and capacity if the Friendly Neighborhood Center... had a Still Didn't Get the Memo on Email Immoderation to ably fill a spot there.

But today's ministry comes in two parts:

Mr. Attack Receptionist complained of being too scared of not waking up to try to sleep.

See Above.

Because of all the "not religious and don't pray" stuff Dr. RantWoman went a different direction: the reading cure. Dr. RantWoman suggested, as illumination on an unenviable path:

Dante: the Divine Comedy

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Final Gifts: stories collected by two hospice nurses of different ways people under their care have died.

RantWoman offers these suggestions humbly, with NO expectations about whether they will help or not. The suggestions are what RantWoman can offer.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Leading AI Researchers call for ban on Autonomous Weaponry

Blog as filing cabinet item:

Leading AI Researchers call for ban on Autonomous weaponry

Blessings with Blue Angels

Bless the Lord oh my soul for my cup already runneth over with vexations, irritations, distractions, dithers, twitterpations, epizootics, tics, twitches.

RantWoman, do you like the Blue Angels ? Navy fighter planes screaming by with gut-wrenching sound waves, gut-rattling roars...

Random image of 6 fighter planes in formation flying upward to the left.

I like when they STOP, which will be many days from now and most of them are supposed to have 90-degree weather, guaranteed to turn many Seattleites into whining howling puddles of distress.

Bless the Lord oh my soul!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

How to Interrupt Racism, per the United Church of Christ

UCC Statement on how to be an interrupter, stashed here as well as via Facebook so I have options for finding again.

Does anyone besides RantWoman see some ways some of these suggestions could go awry?

Sorry Scrren redeader users, you might need "Convenient OCR."

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Voice of the Lord, Lunch, Learn, Lentils...

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman...

Careful. If that means hearing voices you could wind up like the brave woman at the Thursday #ADA25 Lunch and Learn who had to fight years of forced hospitalizations when she started to talk about the voices in her head.

Seattle City Council Lunch and Learn about 25th Anniversary of the ADA
(This speaker is several minutes in; RantWoman also sounds off way toward the end. Think lots of intense stories and glas is half full / glass is half empty)

Uh, okay.

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman...

RantWoman, God does not speak only the language of the king James Bible. Plus, the anachronistic language will get you really fast to Leviticus gone awry and President Obama in Africa trying to speak about LGBTQ Rights in Kenya while being Gay is illegal in 36 African countries, thanks partly to the zeal of US evangelicals Other option: to neighboring Northwest Yearly Meeting "releasing" West Hill Friends Church for being an open and affirming congregation. Um the new testament a God of love is supposed to get people unstuck from all the old Jewish laws. Supposed to.

Take nothing for granted.

Send prayers.

All RantWoman can do for today.

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman.

(RantWoman's stomach was speaking up about acquiring food, constrained resources....)

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman saying "You have a whole kitchen full of ingredients. Spend some time turning them into food."

And lo transformations occurred in the realm of tuna, pasta, veggies and also in the realm of lentils and other plant matter.

And lo, a phone call also arrived offering to share from a larder overflowing with squishy ripe fruit.

And the Lord was well pleased except it's as important that RantWoman was well-pleased.

In order to make this war more accessible....

RantWoman celebrates (?!?!?) numerous opportunities to have time-warp brain. Hold that problem and any and all utterances that might result in the Light.

 Consider for instance a statistic offered by the Paralyzed Veterans of America at the Wednesday July 22 Rally in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the signing of the ADA:
[The Paralyzed Veterans of America really do appreciate all the ways that the ADA has helped make life better for many paralyzed veterans. And ....]

Thanks to (a couple major wars launched without provision for the probable casualties and to) the powers of modern rehabilitation, there are 300+ war amputees now BACK IN UNIFORM and serving our country.

Just exactly how are Cranky Pacifists Opposed to Mayhem Everywhere supposed to receive this news?

Please forgive RantWoman but the first thing that comes to mind: what the hell kind of reasonable accommodations letter does one write: "Dear...., as a reaasonable accommodation in order to make this war more accessible, please ...."

#ada25 #accessibility

On the other hand, RantWoman quite likes the following clip because:

--It is captioned.

--It comes from something called Rooted in Rights that RantWoman definitely wants to learn more about (or in RantWoman telling too much of the truth terms, it looks like an awesome grassroots perspective, soemthing a little thin at the official get everyone a job hand out some plaques and read some proclamations event.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Upper Dublin, process, space, and then back home

RantWoman has two sets of cut-to-the chase points about People of Color issues in Friends' contexts far from RantWoman. RantWOman offers these comments humbly, with an eye to letting them feed into the distant work while RantWoman focuses better on matters closer to home.

To the white Friends of Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting,

RantWoman is sad to learn of your Meeting only in the context of Avis Wanda's need to be true to her Light about honoring the memory of her enslaved ancestors, some of whom are buried around UDMM. RantWoman's command of Pennsylvania / east coast history is, well, pathetic. Still RantWoman thinks it extremely unlikely that you are the only Meetinghouse built on the graves of enslaved people. RantWoman, humbly, is wondering what is the big deal about acknowledging that point? And RantWoman's heart just aches for Avis every time RantWoman hears more of Avis' story.
RantWoman does not assume that acknowledging this past will be painless, just illuminating, worthwhile. An acknowledgement will not change the past. RantWoman does expect it might create openings for a better present and future.

[Note and Update: RantWoman has found a statement from Upper Dublin Friends Meeting on Facebook. RantWoman continues to hold this situation in the Light, conscious that it is important to recognize how things LOOK to different parties.]

On the way to that acknowledgment, RantWoman again speaking only for herself would find it easier to hold your Meeting in the Light if there were minutes of the ongoing process and discussions or video / audio somewhere on the internet. In fact, RantWoman would encourage publication of the DRAFT minutes in a forum where people might suggest edits and comments. Post the draft. List a timeline after which any new comments will not be incorporated into the seasoning process. Make clear when you publish minutes you consider final that you consider them final. If people still object, as a process point, consider the option of revisiting the topic in 6 months or a year. RantWoman mentions posting draft minutes because even this process can be a valuable if also frustrating indicator of what people do or do not understand.

Right now, the info stream RantWoman sees is VERY one-sided and in language that sets RantWoman's teeth on edge.

RantWoman does not think it is any white person's job to police anyone's language. People use the language they use. They have the spiritual support they have. RantWoman actually also does not think it her place necessarily to wade into all the history and personality conflicts of your Meeting. It does occur to rantWoman to ask whether there is anything else you feel a need to be held in the Light about besides matters with Avis. Rantwoman is happy to offer some examples from her experience and to ask whether these stories have resonance for Friends of UDMM. But first, RantWoman needs to address others.

In the Light


RantWoman has been reading about the pre-Gathering event for People of Color and their families before the FGC gathering. At first RantWoman was just going to comment as a white person in terms of her experience. But crash, clatter. Irrepressible Nephew's father is from Guatemala. Nephew has adult half-siblings, niece, nephews. In the hypothetical (highly unlikely but still...) event that any or all of these people decided to attend the FGC Gathering, RantWoman would certainly qualify as a family member of people of color.

RantWoman honestly thinks it's A LOT to ask to expect people of color to commit to both a pre-Gathering event and the entire Gathering. RantWoman thinks it would be avery big lift to get members of her multicultural extended family to do that. Timewise. Moneywise. Culturewise There would be barriers. RantWoman further notes that in some parts of the country there are Hispanic Friends churches; RantWoman is in NO position to comment on whether Friends from these churches would be interested either in attending the Gathering or in a pre-gathering people of color event.

RantWoman wants to honor people's desire to create space for solidarity before a big gathering but also feels led to ask whether there is room in people's thinking for the idea that a sense of solidarity might be cultivated slowly. Perhaps People of Color come for a weekend because that is what they can schedule. They feel bonds that nourish them over a year in the life of their home Meetings. Maybe they find something of value in an FGC resource. Maybe in a future year they become much clearer to try the whole gathering. Maybe they are like RantWoman and become clear that meetings in person are important but Gathering might not be the vehicle they are most clear to use.

Here RantWoman would like to speak of personal experience with the value of having part-time attenders. The Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology conference is a 4-day gathering of women mainly from NW Yearly Meeting (EFI) and North Pacific yM (independent). When there have been part-time attenders, more younger women have been able to come; one Friend was able to have her usual Elder present. Although the event certainly builds for people who attend the whole session, at least for RantWoman having people there parttime enhanced rather than detracted from RantWoman's experience.

RantWoman's other experience along these lines is a 4-day conference in Portland sponsored by the Western States Foundation. RantWoman has had the privilege of attending twice, but because of who pays for RantWoman's registration and travel, RantWoman has had no other choice except to attend for the whole conference. This conference includes some separate time and space for people of color and does allow for single day registration. Many of the people of color who attend are Latino. They benefit greatly from sessions in Spanish. Many times they bring their children. Likely they would not attend at all without single-day registration. RantWoman benefits tremendously from listing and including these voices in discussions and heartily endorses all the registration flexibility that makes this possible.

RantWoman offers these comments in a spirit of humility, not necessarily feeling a compelling need to comb over  events of this year's pre-Gathering event but hoping Light shines in helpful directions going forward.

In the Light


There. Rantwoman needs to pause and resume attention to simmering matters closer to home:
--Meditating about the disconnect within her Meeting between the friends interested in wandering through John Woolman and people of color concerns in the 18th century for a couple years and the friends engaged actively in the 21st century as mainly white allies  in various strands of public ministry and local struggles for racial justice. [In this vein, Friends are especially invited to hold in the Light a weighty Friend, So Out of Order Friend even though RantWoman feels NO Call at this moment to elaborate on this Friend's nom de blog.]

--Digesting the latest in the saga of Rachel Dolezal, lately replaced as the president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP

--Thinking about some white ally / concerned person of faith questions related to a topic RantWoman does not feel clear to entangle in this posting.