Friday, April 20, 2018

Fox Spews: Tucker Carlson Goes on Epic Rant Against War in Syria

No, of COURSE RantWoman is not a big or regular consumer of Fox Spews. But screeds like this are one reason RantWoman occasionally wades into the roiling streams

For the record the cruise missile strikes delivered after the poison gas attack discussed here also generated Russian language Twitter claims that 70% of the missiles were shot down by Russian anti-aircraft forces. Go figure.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Microaggression Mania

As far as RantWoman knows there is no Quaker testimony about Microaggressions, never mind the possibility that Friends commit them left right sidewise and all over the place. RantWoman feels some need actually to think through both theology and neuroscience but that ain't gonna happen tonight.

Adult Religious Education Theme Last week: Microaggressions?

Presenter is:

--a well-educated white guy?

--the kind of pediatric neurologist RantWoman would want if her kid needed a pediatric neurologist?


RantWoman, to herself, "STFU. See what unfolds; be glad SOMEONE is taking on the topic especially since you might be too uncentered by the torrents of microaggressions besetting you to.... Now appreciate thoughtful preparation. Appreciate the neuroscience even if RantWoman does not quite see a couple threads. Appreciate thoughtful historical research even if brain craves more, more than the room can handle in a n hour."

Member of Worship and Ministry introduces topic, says the Friend does not know much about the topic, a little bit surprising to RantWoman but safe to learn.

Presentation about layers of neural development, reaction time, empathy. RantWoman could think of ways to quibble but not in this crowd. RantWoman also would still like some kind of a bibliography especially electronic resources.

But back to Adult Ed. People engage generously.

Is it a microaggression

--when someone has this weird jolly laugh which RantWoman consistently reads as dismissive? Should RantWoman at least ASK whether maybe it is just the Friend being uncomfortable? RantWoman admits to already being tired of behaviors this Friend cannot imagine might be annoying so RantWoman would be charmed if someone else would ask about this.

--when a participant out of some deeply held reservation of conscience refuses to use the mic when speaking and then refuses to speak at all? RantWoman did not succeed in having a followup conversation, at least not yet.

--when RantWoman unceremoniously moves from tiresome grumpy-making folding chair to lovely wooden bench that is up higher and has a nice wall for RantWoman's back?
Presenter did a lovely job of tolerating RantWoman's need to erupt, basically, about Gender Deafness Syndrome, the problem where some men literally cannot hear an idea out of a woman's mouth but the exact same thought will suddenly become instantly comprehensible when it is repeated by a man.

RantWoman could be crabby both to be, she thinks the youngest person there and because some people who, judgmental? Nahhh!--RantWoman thinks REALLY NEED the exercise were not there. Is that absence also a microaggression????

RantWoman is grateful that this event gets high marks from other people besides RantWoman; more importantly, RantWoman was thrilled to hear a Friend's voice RantWoman's thought: it's just the beginning of an important conversation.

Yeah. And RantWoman is a very Bad Friend. RantWoman is envisioning, for the next in a hypothetical series of Yucky Topics potlucks, MicroAggression Mania, with Gamefication!. Everyone gets to name up to say 5 behavhiors they consider microaggressions, how much the behavior bugs them and things that help.  Then people clump up based on whether they either afflicted by the same microaggression or can do something to reduce the burden. Okay so the game needs more thought about what Friendss might be trying to minimize and maximize. but.

In the department of possibly inappropriate amusements, to the Microagression Mania potluck, add the bipolar bakeoff as described here:

Blame Autocorrect, NOT Voice Recognition

"(RantWoman,) One Friend told me that you frequently do not keyboard emails, but use voice recognition software and dictate emails...."

One Friend would be WRONG and REALLY should NOT be going around spreading misinformation. PLEASE convey to One Friend the following: . RantWoman hates voice recognition software and uses it as little as possible. Once in awhile RantWoman uses voice recognition on her phone to look up some tech support issue but RantWoman does NOT like talking to her devices. RantWoman likes talking TO PEOPLE through her devices! RantWoman does not use voice recognition software for one thing because RantWoman gets really tired of all the transcription errors she reads in the emails she gets from all kinds of other people who do use voice recognition software.

We do of course live in an age where there are many technological paths to message manglement. Consider Autocorrect. Consider RantWoman's idiosyncratic vocabulary, use of slang, jargon common to subcultures such as Quakerdom. RantWoman can cite WAY too many times when her phone thinks it knows what RantWoman means to say better than RantWoman does.

WRONG! And WRONG in ways that wind up being hard to edit for a funky reason RantWoman has not untangled. SOMETIMES the volume up / volume down buttons work to move forward and back in a message. Sometimes RantWoman's phone thinks she specifically wants to adjust the volume for her talking accessibility features. RantWoman has no way of predicting which option will come up. RantWoman thinks POSSIBLY there might be a tech support  / training video out theresomewhere to help RantWoman achieve more predictable results., but so far RantWoman has not intersected with any such thing.

RantWoman does TRY to observe the following forms of email discipline:

--RantWoman prefers to edit long email on real keyboards, particularly if Autocorrect has already mangled something RantWoman did not notice until too late.

--RantWoman tries not to respond on any multi-person email thread more than once in 24 hours. RantWoman makes exceptions when she (or someone else) makes new subject lines but each new thread only gets one response.

--RantWoman is extremely cautious about sending out email after 10 pm. RantWoman's experience: sometimes after 10 pm, RantWoman is highly certain that the internet needs her efforts. RantWoman recognizes that her judgment may misfire. RantWoman also invites readers to consider that sometimes when email gets sent at that hour, the universe REALLY NEEDS IT if only for the need to practice looking at the time stamp before deciding whether to do anything besides hold RantWoman in the Light.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Love Truth Curiosity Popcorn Kernels

Meditations from the RantWoman world of message manglement and muddling along.

RantWoman's bedtime reading right now involves Breme Brown and Rising Strong. the word arising  at the moment from the flow of somnolence is "curiosity," but as a good literature major, RantWoman could also happily dawdle and meander in various realms of blindness tourism and personal vs corporate discernment.  RantWoman could easily dawdle there but NOT TODAY.

"Be mindful, Dear Friends, of the promptings of love and truth in your hearts: they are the motions of the Holy Spirit leading you to God".

Promptings of LOVE and TRUTH?

Love? Are you sure?

TOO MUCH of the Truth?

Truth in forms that are hard to handle, that cause discomfort, that take time and energy?

Quaker exhibitionism all over the interwebs?

RantWoman here collects popcorn kernels, conversational moments ripostes, comments that MIGHT have made it out of her mouth or off her keyboard.

1. "RantWoman, I actually understood what you said in Business Meeting.."

RantWoman attempting if thunderous eyerolling.erupts at least to be gracious about it.

Friend, if you have not understood RantWoman before, what has kept you from asking for clarification? That would be SO much nicer that "I don't understand so RantWoman must go away," a sentiment long leaving a bad taste connected with your name and this despite MUCH progress in some areas.

2. "RantWoman, I  / we do not understand your vocal ministry...(but we cannot recall enough of what you just said to even have some basis for further conversation.)

Friend, has thee considered the possibility that RantWoman rose clear to give the message, clear that it was for someone in the room but not necessarily for you?

(Friend, will thee consider RantWoman insufferably arrogant if she also tells you that three other people have just expressed appreciation for the message that you find incomprehensible?)

Friend, RantWoman has said a number of times that people tend to have repeated messages. RantWoman is aware that for her two basic messages recur though they get hung on different stories. It may or may not be reasonable to hope that someone listening has enough Literature Brain to be able to pull out RantWoman's two most frequently recurring themes, but RantWoman has to trust that the messages are to be voiced even if imperfectly comprehensible. But Friend, what might help you have better conversations if something bothers you?

3. Recently RantWoman has had two conversations where somewhere in the conversation, basically, actual or implied by circumstances

"...but my children..."

in the department of NOT "God as personal butler," what came to RantWoman

"Yes, RantWoman thinks she has a pretty good idea what Friends are hoping RantWoman will say. Friends are hoping that RantWoman will gush with regret for causing distress.

Or perhaps RantWoman is supposed to apologize for expecting something of others' children. 

The sentiment on the tip of RantWoman's fingers: RantWoman sometimes had to cope with parents needing to do adult things like have a conversation. RantWoman is pretty sure your kids can cope too."

(and RantWoman in insufferable oldest child mode MIGHT even go so far as to say "...and learning to cope will be GOOD for them. OR if we all pray to whatever we consider holy and eat our vegetables and get enough sleep, RantWoman MIGHT be able to hear the suggestion that she is just letting her Oldest Child Complex run amok AGAIN.)

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Biking in the Manner of Friends

Another in RantWoman's collection of "How I got connected to Friends" items.

Biking in the Manner of Friends

RantWoman collects these items partly in humble belief that Friends do in fact have something to offer people who are not already Friends, that being able to talk of one's journey is a path to draw others into the circle, and that drawing others will NOT lead, HORRORS, to growth beyond the capacity of a community  to hold but MIGHT in fact renew and enrich, atl east until in our transient community something calls some to move on.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Substance Process Priorities

Substance and Process Meditations on DRAFT Priorities Recommendations for FCNL’s work in the 116th Congress

DRAFT as to be presented at Meeting for Business ( Process point: THANK YOU to everyone for HUGE accessibility measure of sending out draft documents by email)

1. Address deregulation of banks and other lending institutions that ends up driving up debt. Restore regulations.

2. Support policies that encourage economic equality and sustainable infrastructure development.

3. Support policies that address climate disruption.

4. Support policies that address gun violence, including holding gun manufactures and NRA accountable.

5. Continue to support policies that address Native American Issues.

6. Promote Peacebuilding a) support diplomacy and peaceful prevention and resolution of violent conflict, eg. North Korea b) support nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation c) reduce military spending and armed interventions.

7. Continue to work on criminal justice reform, eg. stop military equipment being given to local police departments.

Submitted by 15 people at Seattle’s University Meeting’s Adult Education hour.


Substance Meditations:

Crap! RantWoman SHOULD just let it be and not feel called to do more as an individual.

Crap. RantWoman should try to chill out and hold the thought of her twitches coming from other places also participating in the priorities process

Crap! RantWoman reads more carefully the second time around and does sort of recognize the deregulation point. But the transparency and accountability point is missing.

Where are the people? They are not here as well as some years and particularly not a sense of people around the world should all have the same rights.

Add dealing with the AUMF issue to the anti-militarism item.

Gun violence is in at least 3 places but for instance criminal justice reform is way more that curtailing militarized policing.


Process meditation 1. why oh why does the State of Society Report, posted elsewhere,  not mention our experience trying movable microphones in at least some of our meeting activities? RantWoman’s experience is that the movable mic works a lot the same way interpretation at FWCC events does. Using the mic ensures that people can hear and increases the odds of understanding; moving the mic also gaps between offerings. RantWoman would be inestimably grateful if other people also noticed this improvement.

Process meditation 2. Group editing in any format is a fraught exercise. RantWoman having to get used to only audio and no visual refresher is only part of the problem. RantWoman can at least see whether she has brain space to hold others in the Light. RantWoman CAN try.