Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quaker speak: Why I Don't Wear a Tie in Court

Favorite comment: "I don't have time for a clearness committee."

RantWoman appreciates the reflection on issues women face.

Favorite theme to tug at: YouTube serves up alongside this something about surrendering the self.

RantWoman digression about hat honor and court:

At some point RantWoman means to read up specifically on the question of women and hats and hat honor. RantWoman suspects that, as with clothing, expectations are allover the map.

RantWoman wears a hat indoors because of glare.RantWoman recognizes that courthouses do not like hats for security reasons but if RantWoman were doing in-person interpreting and were known to the court, RantWoman would absolutely add to her standard intro speeches an item about a request to wear a hat if the glare were unbearable.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Gratitudes: Popcorn. Wolf Howls. Monday meditations

Monday gratitudes, in lieu of average Monday morning minister reflections:

RantWoman arrived at worship already well-fed spiritually and otherwise from Friend "Faithie's" memorial. Memorial was sooner after her death than Quakers sometimes do. "Faithie" has many children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren. There was much love, much energy.  Family nerves were a little achey and raw the way nerves sometimes are right after a death. In RantWoman's experience and observation at least, the being together is holy and sometimes also holy  sh*t at the same time. RantWoman would SO like it if she had ANY confidence that Worship and Ministry had any capacity to talk and think about these points. Hold that problem in the Light. Which problem? Lack of confidence? Lack of Capacity? (Sarcasm alert: further lacks deleted for now.)

Sister and Irrepressible Nephew were also on the bus to worship. Sister does much better when mobile; for that we thank new wheelchair. Irrepressible Nephew is on his way to another Camp with due gear in tow. Boring Square Auntie suggested that the backwards baseball cap and shades made him look like a juvenile delinquent. Irrepressible Nephew said his father says the same thing; he also did a thumbs up.

Yesterday Ministry of moving large muscles and banging things, also known as making coffee. Adhoc Adult Ed theme somehow related to #Ferguson MO events. RantWoman could not hear and closed do to bang more unobtrusively. Suspect some interesting discussion missed. Sigh. RantWoman offered thoughts particularly on tragedy and the Twitterverse later mixed in with Woolman.

A committee meeting that left RantWoman unsettled and grumpy. Grumpiness resolved when RantWoman found some more Be True to Your Light messages. Oh crap!
Poked head into worship for a few minutes at the end: The kids were there. There was a long message. There was some kid fidgeting but the room felt very gathered.
--The doorway was hot. The room was gathered in spite of a message that went on much longer than the 30 seconds RantWoman hears recommended. RantWoman decided God needed her more finishing the coffee prep and sitting by an open window.
--RantWoman heard reviews that mentioned popcorn but also that did not mention predictable themes from the news: #Ferguson #suicide Robin Williams, war disease and ecological stress everywhere. So what the heck DID they talk about? RantWoman is interested in the word "popcorn," her own sense of gathered worship, and a grumble RantWoman has heard before and will listen further for from a Friend who felt nourished by worship even though she also mentioned popcorn.
RantWoman is still going around asking people "SO, what did YOU make of closing worship at Annual Session?" This is turning out to be WAY more diverse and diverting than chatter about the TV show of the week.

The Association of Bad Friends group on Facebook.
--A little alarming recently to discover how many other people there are who find the idea of feeding hallucinogens to alligators deeply amusing.
--Not sure how to deal with firearms posts being a little to Bad Friend even for the Association of Bad Friends.
   --We in the West, we take our Second Amendment seriously. Look, a few years ago Missoula Friends did the Cows with Guns song for community night.
   --That photo of the wolf with a rifle that showed up the same week wildlife managemetn folks in northeastern WA shot the alpha female of a pack getting reestablished there.
   --Digression to wonderful Wolf Howl of God post in blog roll.
  --And the different kinds of ammo in the gumball machine? Where ELSE would one like to lock up one's ammo?
 --Oh dear, and did anyone mention guns and drug gangsters and ....?

Woolman reading group:
--Attendance was down because of conflict with a work party and other events sigh.
--Essay written by a Jesuit so very organized and clearly numbered points. Rich discussion. RantWoman did not say everything on her mind about the cross and crucifixion of the ego. RantWoman could get really fast to the phrase misogynist crap. Hold that and more nuanced theological terms for the thought in the Light. RantWoman thinks if we are to labor with that of God in everyone, keeping ego healthy has a lot to recommend it. But it's also possible RantWoman just needs different language for the same concept.
--Somehow the subject of physics and what a couple physicists did for their careers. RantWoman fessed up: one of her recent spiritual diversions was a Youtube video about "Don't eat the particle accelerator."
   --Hold in the conversation those "other" one is in dialogue with: the Indians at Wyalusing in Wooklman's journal, the voices of liberation theology, the conversations of Twitter, essays from nadine Gordimer about her relationships to different thoughts in trends among Africans.
--RantWoman sort of HOPES that being herself in Woolman group MIGHT plant some "don't tkake it personally" seeds about RantWoman communications quirks. Hold that thought in the light.

Dame Jocelyn Bell presents 2010 Newton Medal and winner gives a speech.

RantWoman snagged this one partly just because of the phrase "Dame Jocelyn Bell presents"

RantWoman finds Dr. Edward Witten's statements about peace in the Middle East and about his relationship to Judaism, um, interesting.

And RantWoman concedes that free associating with physics videos is an eccentric way to procrastinate.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hallelujah, as rendered by Bridge City MM for NPYM 2014 Community Night

RantWoman notes without supplying details that a LARGE percentage of the individual Meeting / Worship group skits at NPYM 2014 Annual Session related somehow to worship.
One that did not was from Bridge City Monthly Meeting.

Hallelujah Epistle

Lyrics to the Bridge City "Hallelujah Epistle" performed at community night.
I.   We meet in Forest Grove this year
To greet dear Friends from far and near
While eating meals in tents upon the lawn, yeah
Those plastic forks
Thou shall not waste
Care for the earth,
we have embraced
They say we are a people quite peculiar
Hallalujah, Hallalujah
Hallalujah, Hallalujah

II.   We couldn’t connect to cyberspace
We had to resort to face to face
And put aside our personal computers
Release, return, receive, respond
Connecting with the great beyond
It turns out body prayer is pretty cool, yeah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

III. The building that
was last year’s Light
Had turned into a construction site,
And confusion worked its way right down into ya
Construction noise
Was bad at times
The thumps and bumps
And buzz saw whines,
Despite it all the Light just shined right through ya
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

IV.  Tom Rawson’s our presiding Clerk
No banjo, but he’s hard at work,
With dreams of fishing on the Calapooia
There were a few
long plenaries
Fast fading
in our memories
Like changes to the structure they put to ya
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

V.   So as we leave this Friendly place
We’re grateful for the love and grace
It’s not the accommodations that really drew ya
Deep worship and,
Good fellowship,
What’s not to like?
It’s worth the trip!
Come back to Annual Session it’ll renew ya!

Faith who insisted she had no faith

Faith who said she had no faith:
Memorial for Faith Adams, this afternoon

Faith is the second of the 12 people on RantWoman's mental list of seriously blind people in Meeting to kick the bucket, a MT phrase that Faith would probably enjoy.

Faith, as it happens, lived with her family for many years on a ranch near one of the small towns outside the "large" (70,000) city where RantWoman graduated from high school. RantWoman imagines the ranch as dry and dusty, rough in many ways, VERY down-to-earth.. This also described Faith, and RantWoman does not at all mean this in a negative way. RantWoman is very glad to hear from neighbors that, although Faith lost much vision and hearing, her frank directness and lovable gruffness never faded.

RantWoman is unclear how long Faith suffered from macular degeneration but remembers the last time Faith brought a display of her wonderful fabric art pieces to our Meeting's monthly art show. By that time, Faith still talked some of colors but between her vision and arthritis or other problems with her hands, she was doing less and less to create new works.

RantWoman got to know Faith mainly in connection with the Monroe Worship Group. This blog post is a decent history with notes about Faith citing her work with the Department of Corrections.

RantWoman is unclear how long Faith worked for the WA Department of Corrections but remembers her being blunt both about the inertia of bureaucracy and the realities of different inmates' personalities and situations, including public perception in some cases.

What makes RantWoman smile most, though: Faith as she aged grew more outspoken about lack of faith, atheism, and her certainty that people who felt otherwise were just deluded. It would be very easy to be completely appalled about this certainty except that, in RantWoman's experience it takes considerable faithfulness even to maintain a facade of total unbelief. RantWoman would NEVER want to insult Faith by pointing this out though.

A webpage of Faith's fiber art

From Faith's artist statement
I have an esthetic that I believe quite passionately: art is human experience cast into the discipline of for, thus acquiring meaning.

Friday, August 15, 2014

World Of PeaceCraft - Thank you John Oliver

RantWoman supposes that with West Africa on fire with an Ebola outbreak, Russia and Ukraine mid-boundary clash, Gaza again in meltdown, and tens of thousand of refugee children streaming northward , not to mention hundreds of thousands of weapons streaming southward, just maybe POSSIBLY, the following item could be considered, um, tasteless!

Bring it on!

RantWoman is a little afraid things could be EVEN WORSE than this parody.

Also note: although some people can get addicted to Youtube videos, RantWoman is PRETTY sure that getting addicted to this particular video will be a lot harder than getting addicted to the video game it parodies. Let's hope!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gender Odyssey: August 14-17, WA State Convention Center

Such is RantWoman's level of hipness (NOT!) that she only just today heard of the annual Gender Odyssey conference taking place August 14-17 at the WA State Convention Center (WSCC on the schedule) and numerous nearby venues.

RantWoman learned of this event via her local public radio station. RantWoman thinks she is supposed to be hip enough to already be on some mailing list where transgender issues would be mixed in with other life issues. RantWoman is fully prepared to embrace being nowhere near that hip and just to celebrate living in a place where the public radio station carries the announcement!

RantWoman notes all sorts of topic tracks: Families, Partners, Spirituality, Elders, Health and well-being.

RantWoman would especially enjoy the session on language and pronouns.

Maybe RantWoman will use this as an excuse to have one of her occasional hour-s long phone conversations with Amazing Artist Friend.

Maybe RantWoman will look at already too clogged schedule and stay home and do laundry. (Sigh.)

RantWoman dedicates this post particularly to:

--A young deaf woman whom Furrener Husband befriended. Young Deaf woman moved to Seattle from MT to find a more hospitable environment. The other thing that sticks in RantWoman's mind was particular interest in eating lots of salad.

--A Seattle trans teen whose visit to MT counsins and MT restrooms caused great consternation which RantWoman heard about one time from someone she went to school with

--Value Village Formal Wear Former Neighbor. As another neighbor ever so tactually put it, "she used to be a guy." The commenting neighbor also observed that Value Village Formal Wear Neighbor is much happier living as her true self. Did RantWoman mention that her true self is also hard of hearing / very low vision and that RantWoman collects LOTS of reports about misadventures involving need for interpreters.

--Mr. Suddenly Booming Voice, someone RantWoman knows from even before he started making his pronoun gender preference known at work. RantWoman had not seen Mr. Suddenly Booming Voice in quite awhile and definitely noticed the new voice at a recent meeting.

--RantWoman's suitemate at Annual Session. RantWoman peculiarly is not clear either to post a name or to make up a nom-de-blog but is pleased to report meaningful conversation about breasts and containing them and summer and sweat and also about social construction of gender, as well as about misgendering. Suitemate's father says he would be too happy to go with suitemate to Gender Odyssey but RantWoman did not think to collect an email address. Sigh.

--various other trans and genderqueer people RantWoman knows with less familiarity.

--Everyone who has ever misgendered RantWoman.

--Everyone trying to be a good ally

--Everyone to whom it has never even occured to try to be a good ally!
Just GO if you can!