Monday, November 20, 2017

Beyond Disability Rights; Disability Justice: Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samar...

RantWoman likes this video VERY much. RantWoman is also finding herself in the same weird space she was when she decided that comparing herself to various Wonder Blind Person people she knows was unhelpful. Possibly RantWoman still has to figure out things she thought she had figured out. Sigh

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Roy Moore Was Banned From A Mall And YMCA

WARNING: Humor about way disgusting topics.

The Lord Works in mysterious ways

Line of the Night: "...putting the CHRIST back in Christmas..."

Al Franken Faces Groping Accusations & Roy Moore Stays on Defense: The D...

RantWoman admits to being wary of offering opinions about big events based only on short YouTube clips. RantWoman is wary but not deterred.

Did Al Franken or did he not fully apologize. The apology here is orders of magnitude different from other Deny Deny Deny. But ya know saying the target of your groping "misinterpreted" your intentions is BS! You do not get to define how she experienced it. She does.

RantWOMAN, um, your own...Seasoning?

Yeah. Seasoning.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Many Shitty First Draft Moments: sex abuse prevention training and document format circus.

Bless us oh Lord and Please hold this entire circus in the Light. RantWoman means it about Hold in the Light. RantWoman CANNOT deal with the fiascoes here alone; RantWoman has faith that publicly holding in the Light will find needed paths.

RantWoman, your whole community--including you--is traumatized by recent doings in Meeting for Business and you are writing about document formats.

Yep! and there are MANY strands of confusion. So be forewarned: this entry IS complex and RantWoman reserves the right to join everyone else who  loses it in conversation, tell others just to read the post, write down questions, and THEN talk to RantWoman.

Let's start with the 3 documents on RantWoman's mind.

--Two one-page handouts from the most recent Sex abuse education event at RantWoman's Meeting

--A notebook in the Meeting library full of pamphlets and handouts about a number of topics related to abuse and domestic violence . At least RantWoman assumes the topics she remembers are still there since RantWoman has not been in a position to do more than put her hands on the notebook in more than a decade.  Has the notebook been checked for updates, question RantWoman was TRYING To communicate years ago....? Even if a lot of contact info may be out of date, should there definitely still be something people can put their hands on in the library? Does RantWoman even care since RantWoman knows plenty of topical search strings and resources and is likely just to use her search bar anyway? PS Someone at the event mentioned a website; RantWoman did not catch the url. Somehow a request to have that url got lost.
PPS For anyone besides RantWoman who might care, has downloadable and easy to pring PDF's in a number of languages.

--The report on the Meeting's website
  • 2013 A Quaker Ministry on Sexual Abuse and Interpersonal Violence: An Historical Notebook from University Friends Meeting, Seattle, 2

  • This 350+ page PDF compiles excerpts of minutes from walking with a specific offender through treatment. In retrospect kind of excruciating reading at several points. Headings help for screen reader and RantWoman definitely recommends reading the table of contents and knowing how to skip to the corresponding pages, but of decidedly limited use if one is looking for resources in a crisis.

    Now to today's document format saga.

    Blame the technology, or blame the Official Bogeyman of RantWoman's Meeting. Either way, there is WAY too much data and RantWoman should intone a moment from a long ago eldering conversation: if you're in a hole, stop digging. (RantWoman was thinking the same thing in the direction of her counterpart, but  let's just say the thought took time to ripen and mercifully did not tumble out of RantWoman's mouth at the time.

    Recently RantWoman's Meeting held its annual sex abuse prevention training session. RantWoman is duly grateful for a presenter who donated her time. RantWoman is grateful for participants new to UFM's ministry who had a lively discussion. There were other moments RantWoman collected data about and will hold in the Light.

    Now we come to what Breme Brown calls the shitty first draft SFD interpretation of several data points, the initial frequently wrong first pass analysis  we all do leaping to conclusions never mind how many people might also be around discounting lived experience

    Data points. RantWoman goes to public events all the time staffed by people who understand the phrase reasonable accommodations and most of the time when RantWoman remembers to ask, needed documents are forthcoming. RantWoman thinks that would be a minimal courtesy though Rant Woman does not really care to argue the applicability of ADA for religious organizations here except to note that the topic needs more reflection. In any case, RantWoman did not think to request electronic copies of handouts before the event and was peeved after the event to be told that electronic copies were not to be had.

    SFD interpretation: RantWoman is a flake who communicates poorly and has unreasonable expectations that people might know her needs without being told.

    SFD interpretation: Lots of people know RantWoman is blind and might think to ask for handouts in advance when planning an event.

    SFD interpretation: RantWoman has been doing a poor job of educating people about her needs.

    SFD interpretation: even if RantWoman had been doing a better job of educating...

    Data point: why would RantWoman not think to ask the person organizing the event about electronic copies of handouts? Well for one thing because event organizer acts personally affronted when RantWoman asks her pretty much anything. And for another thing because one of RantWoman's  standard SFD stocks in trade is that if she asks for what she needs the world will fall apart and people around her will explode, and not even in a funny cartoon way.

    Sometimes RantWoman HATES collecting data.

    2. RantWoman received a copy of the handouts but gave them away thinking it would be reasonable to ask afterward for an electronic copy.

    SFD moment: RantWoman was being Dork blind person and failing to use her technology. Ummm, RantWoman does not have the spiffiest OCR phone app. In general RantWoman's experience, app or no app, is that OCR of cellphone camera text images is not by far her favorite technology.path to accessibility.

    3. When no electronic copies of the handouts were to be had, RantWoman emailed several of those present and asked whether anyone still had the handouts and could just scan them and route to RantWoman.  In short order RantWoman got back quite usable images from one of the younger participants and RantWoman was able to read the documents sufficiently to read that one of them contained a request not to copy without the presenter's permission, a request that needed commentary in the email about copying for accessibility

    In keeping with a promise not to do reply/all more than once in 24 hours, RantWoman did not tell others that she had what she needed. Possibly doing that would have been preferable to learning that another person present had torn the handouts up for scrap paper but was willing to tape them back together if that would help RantWoman. How to say it kindly: taped together images are about as useful as smartphone camera images or maybe less so. Or just say "Thank you," as RantWoman practices many times a day for all kinds of unhelpful help.

    SFD interpretation: RantWoman is ungrateful for one person's efforts.

    SFD interpretation: no one on Care and Counsel thinks about such handouts as a community resource.

    4. Possibly RantWoman should have just quit, but RantWoman asked a question in email about updating the Notebook, meaning the big thing full of resources in the Library. RantWoman expressed the value of lots of people understanding the same resource.

    SFD response: For RantWoman's trouble a request was made to someone to scan all the (probably outdated pamphlets in the resource notebook and send them to RantWoman.

    NO! That was not anywhere near what  RantWoman had in mind. That would take hours and possibly leave RantWoman with a whole library of documents of varying visual quality needing to be read. Thankfully, RantWoman's NO was heard.

    But no, we are NOT done with confusion. In another conversation about Friend Who taped things, someone else asked whether the resource notebook in the library was the thing on the Meeting website. Noooo!

    And for still more achievements in the realm of Quakers at their very, very best, one of the conversations about taped together handouts came with a spectacular tirade about how RantWoman is the abuser and abusers are not to be tolerated in the age of Trump.

    Please excuse RantWoman. A bunch of pissed off people with
    disabilities standing up for themselves and getting themselves
    arrested in Congresspeople's offices all over the country is a big
    part of what at least for now derailed Trumpcare. So maybe possibly if
    RantWoman heard in said conversation any sense of who exactly is directly under attack
    needing to stand up for themselves and frankly needing all the help we
    can get in the current regime, RantWoman MIGHT also be better able to extract meaning from other threads of the whole day's conversation. MAYBE.

    Actually someone's "I'm concerned about YOU" matters and that has to be enough for now.

    Sunday, November 12, 2017


    A very, very HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY to RantMom!!!

    Mom!  Mom! Mom!

    RantWoman has much more to say but it is not corralled into the right form of festive verbiage--yet.

    Hugs and blessings ALWAYS.

    Sincerely, RantWoman

    (and GIANT thank you's to Little Sister for the picture!)

    Day of the Dead with SHARE / WHEEL Day of the living with property value

    El Centro De la Raza has a tradition of inviting community organizations to provide ofrendas for exhibirt as part of their Annual Day of the Dead / celebration of Life / excuse to further distribute Halloween sugar event.

     This ofrenda is provided by SHARE / WHEEL. Since 2000 SHARE / WHEEL has been standing vigil every month for homeless people who have died outdoors or by violence. This year's ofrenda contains over 700 stones, each with the name of one of these people.

    The total for 2017, so far is 79, 20 in October alone. RantWoman hears statistics about the totals every month and every month, the total has been up from last year. When rantWoman asks the person who presents the info, the person blames "the sweeps," the police practice of "offering services" and then busting up unauthorized homeless camps including anyone who does not get connected with services.

    But, says another person on the spectrum of homeless / formerly homeless / in need of and very grateful for secure and very low income housing, some of those people in the unauthorized encampments really ARE terrible neighbors.

    Yes, went the conversation, and people in the camps are afraid to call the police on the terrible neighbors because they too will get dislocated in any resulting sweeps.

    RantWoman could probably leave the memorial above as is, to speak for itself, but RantWoman famously does not know when to quit.

    1. It is City Council budget season. One measure that would help is the HOMES tax, a head tax on the largest employers in the city, thought to be responsible for skyrocketing housing costs. RantWoman urges the City Council to support this.

    2. How is our Meeting called to address this? On one hand, escalating real estate values have created great potential windfalls for many members and related to ourcampus itself. On the other hand, skyrocketing housing costs create considerable stress for many in our community and others in our community can find many reasons to dread any further reduction in the supply of very low income housing, to be distressed by displacement and breakup of favorite neighborhoods and parts of the community.

    RantWoman finds herself seeking and is curretntly sighing off many things In Light and faithfulness.

    Bridges Not Walls

    Another Display from the El Centro Day of the dead observance. This one says Build Bridges and not Walls.

    Catholics mumble their confessions to a priest behind a screen.

    Lots of Protestants mumble in unison through some statement printed in their bulletins.

    The following meditation may or may not apply to a complex situation on RantWoman's mind. Or it may be just a Quaker confession. In any case, it is jumbled enough that RantWoman SHOULD let sit and go to bed. RantWoman is not going to do that but does reserve the right to edit further.

    Friend, RantWoman would say thee has been treating RantWoman badly (and others have been enabling but that is a different problem.).

    RantWoman thinks you fell on your face while doing so.

    RantWoman hopes you did not skin your nose too badly and really really does want you to pick yourself up and keep going. RantWoman though is stuck and trying not to keep spinning in the same ruts.

    RantWoman realizes the following comments are not necessarily going to sound respectful or confidence-building; RantWoman really does mean them in a more respectful way than they may come out.

    You have been entrusted with the task of clerking a major complicated process. RantWoman has been going around saying how much it meant when she was way newer to meeting than you are to be included in something, RantWoman does not remember what exactly. RantWoman hopes you feel the same way. RantWoman acknowledges that unwanted advice probably comes with the territory. RantWoman keeps trying to just let unwanted advice be unwanted. RantWoman is not succeeding.

    So far a question the campus discernment process has not touched: what kind of community do we envision in 10 or 20 years. What ifwe think ahead 100 years? How much is location tied up in what kind of community we imagine.

    What conditions might make it absolutely necessary to move?
    How might our community need to adapt as part of a chainging neighborhood?
    How are all the changes, skyrocketing rents and dislocation... affecting Friends in our meeting?

    In terms of immediate work, RantWoman has been thinking in terms of defining tasks that anyone new attender or longtimer could help with. RantWoman means to post some email lists that people could just follow and then share info. RantWoman thinks this level of participation could be very meaningful, but RantWoman feels like all her emails go into a black hole without even any acknowledgment. So RantWoman hesitates even to bring up...

    RantWoman further wonders whether some past RantWoman moments would help about what RantWoman partly sees as "Don't take it so personally" problems.

    Here is one blog post sort of on point.
    And another one