Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Demur / Demure?

Thoughts which by HEROIC measures of Divine Mercy did not make it out of RantWoman's mouth  during the most recent Adult Religious Education:

Question: do you find it helps to come do presentations like this in person?
RantWoman to herself: Friend, I know there are people in this room who can and will be able to help. If you personally do not feel able to take on anything new, could you please perhaps just hold the entire situation in the Light?

Question: ...overpopulation...?
RantWoman to herself: Friend, we are talking about a three-year-old child who needs a live human with a law degree and whose mother is now 18. That means the mother was probably 15 when the child was born and 14 when the child was conceived. Can you possibly imagine how "overpopulation" might just not be the first thing on anyone's mind with respect to that situation?

Question: ...not our children....
RantWoman to herself: Their parents and relative only scrub our floors and harvest our food, and serve us our fast food and clean up after us all kinds of ways. What do you mean not our children? They are essential partsof our community!

RantWoman to herself: ..and furthermore... between the birthers and the government-issue ID to vote and Ebola paranoia and ... could it possibley be RACISM????

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Navy hopes to dramatically increase Olympic Penninsula Overflights without public review.

RantWoman posts the following basically verbatim from email; RantWoman has NO TIME to edit into something tighter but hopes this material might reach people who have a leading and capacity to comment in an informed way.

RantWoman is responsible for the choice of headline:
NAVY hopes to dramatically increase Olympic Penninsula overflights withoutminimal  public comment or environmental review.

The official window for comments closes October 31. In a nutshell, the Navy plans to take large swaths of the Olympic National Forest and use them for its Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare training program. It already has a training area in Mountain Home, Idaho, but according to their environmental assessment, the justification for not flying the additional 400 miles to Idaho is the savings in jet fuel and the ability of personnel to spend more time with their families. In return for that, at least 36 new supersonic EA-18G "Growler" jets will fly directly over north Olympic Peninsula communities and cities for 260 days per year, to do 2,900 training exercises for 8-16 hours per day using 14 towers that emit enough electromagnetic radiation to melt eye tissue after brief exposure.
> No public notices were published in any media serving the north Olympic Peninsula, which is why the Navy reported no public comments were received on its Environmental Assessment. It implied no public interest, but nothing could be further from the truth. Only one, poorly-advertised public meeting was held, in Forks, a drive of several hours from the more populous communities. The Navy, when asked, refused to schedule more public meetings, and it was only a public outcry that kept the comment period open for an extra two weeks, until October 31.
> I'm just an ordinary citizen, unaffiliated with any organization, but I'm encouraging you to brush up on this and comment using the links below, and to share this with your friends and acquaintances who care about the environment and our quality of life in this beautiful corner of the world.
> Thanks.
> Karen Sullivan
> #####
> A compendium of information on the Navy's proposed Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare training in Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park.
> Included below are some news articles, videos and links to official government web sites concerning the Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare training area being proposed by the Navy and awaiting the final approval of the Forest Service for use of their roads. The physical location is in the National Forest immediately adjacent to the Olympic National Park, but also so close to private lands that concern is high for injury to people who may get too near the boundary. The potential harm to nonhuman species is largely unaddressed by the Navy's plans.  See maps in articles. Flights would originate from Whidbey Island and go directly over the North Olympic Peninsula cities to reach the West End. The San Juan Islands are also likely to see increased military activity in their skies. 36 jets will fly up to 2,900 training missions for 8-16 hours per day, for up to 260 days per year. They will coordinate with 14 radiation-emitting towers on the ground.
> The gathering place for information if you're on Facebook: More than a thousand "likes" in a couple of days to this Facebook page that was set up after the Navy's lone meeting with the public in Forks, to cover this issue: https://www.facebook.com/protectolypen
> If you are not on Facebook, here are some links.
> The Navy's environmental assessment for the project: http://tinyurl.com/PDN-Electrowarfare.
> Deadline of October 31, 2014, for public comments-- email to Greg Wahl at gtwahl@fs.fed.us or sent to Wahl at 1835 Black Lake Blvd. S.W., Olympia, WA 98512
> Rep. Derek Kilmer's email address for your comments:  WA06DKima@mail.house.gov
> Contact page for Derek Kilmer: https://kilmer.house.gov/contact/email-me
> Contact page for Sen. Maria Cantwell:  http://www.cantwell.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-maria
> Contact page for Sen. Patty Murray:  http://www.murray.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contactme
> Recent news articles sketch out the issue: 
> Be sure to read the COMMENTS under each of these Peninsula Daily News articles:
> http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20140928/NEWS/309289934/0/SEARCH
> The better of the articles in PDN, this one goes into health effects:
> http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20140926/NEWS/309269975/0/SEARCH
> 10/16/14_Seattle Times_Front page above the fold:
> http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2024799865_electronicwarfarexml.html
> http://www.theolympian.com/2014/10/18/3376770_navy-plan-for-radar-detection.html?rh=1
> Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (not endorsed by the Forest Service) page, with a photo of what the Navy's portable radiation emitters look like when fully arrayed:  http://fseee.org/index.php/ground-truth/sound-off/1003983-no-olympic-war-games
> Letter from above organization opposing granting the Navy a special use permit for its electronic warfare program. It raises the issue of encroachment on private property:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz8MRyTv82TaUjhnMGhLd0g0bjVZU1otd2lsNlR5Y21rT0dF/preview?pli=1
> US Forest Service's official NEPA documents and information page on the Navy's proposed Electronic Warfare training for the Olympic Peninsula:  https://cara.ecosystem-management.org/Public/CommentInput?Project=42759
> Option "C," the no action alternative, is what we citizens are demanding. http://www.nature.nps.gov/protectingrestoring/DO12site/02_Ovrvu/027_alternatives.htm
> Navy admits jet noise is a problem:  http://citizensofebeysreserve.com/blog/a-major-win-navy-admits-noise-problems-in-port-townsend-and-san-juan-islands/
> Petition (as of Oct 24 there were more than 2200 signatures): : https://www.change.org/p/us-navy-do-not-put-any-camper-sized-trucks-with-electromagnetic-radiation-equipment-to-conduct-war-exercises-with-military-aircraft-from-15-sites-in-clallam-jefferson-and-grays-harbor-counties
> Videos by Nancy Botta of comments and questions at the 10/14/14 meeting in Forks with the Forest Service and the Navy; these are very revealing of the Navy's attitude:
> http://vimeo.com/album/3091035
> Other news articles:
> More jets for Whidbey/Noise for PT (no mention of warfare training in it)
> http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20141011/news/310119987/0/SEARCH
> http://kuow.org/post/potential-navy-war-games-alarms-peninsula-residents#.VEBnCxBAPKA.facebook
> http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20141008/NEWS/310089985?fb_comment_id=fbc_663391683767853_664262417014113_664262417014113#f29a646edc
> First article done by Christi Barron:
> http://www.forksforum.com/opinion/277005121.html
> World Health Organization (WHO) undertakes a health risk assessment of radio frequency and electromagnetic fields: http://www.who.int/peh-emf/publications/ch-03-rad-fields-inside-body-PC-2014-09-29.pdf?ua=1
> American Academy of Environmental Medicine study on human health effects: http://aaemonline.org/emf_rf_position.html
> Video: Nature study on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on bird migration: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LjTQAFdFF1c
> Effects of aircraft overflights on national parks: https://archive.org/stream/reportoneffectso00nati/reportoneffectso00nati_djvu.txt

Friends New Underground Railroad Benefit October 31

Hop on the Halloween Train Dance and Auction
Friends New Underground Railroad
Join us Halloween Night! Friday, October 31 – 7-10 p.m.
Olympia Friends Meetinghouse
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Download and share the poster:

For more information about Friends New Underground Railroad see FriendsNewUndergroundRailroad.org.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tough Study

"RantWoman, it might hurt your feelings..."

Umm, we're across a big lake from each other. The worst thing that might happen is ai might get mad and throw my phone across the room, but I need my phone so that is unlikely to happen. Now, you were saying....

Turns out, RantWoman, aka Tough Study Friend collected feedback quite similar to feedback she has collected from others about more or less thinking in entire Russian novels all at once without leaving room for people to digest and interact with small bites. RantWoman peculiarly appreciates getting feedback from multiple sources, even when the feedback adds up to, among other things, GEE, RantWoman, you are a Tough Study!

Friend Worried about Hurting RantWoman's Feelings clearly got enough of a shared venture that brief excursions to Planet RantWoman enriched rather than impeded needed flows!

RantWoman also collected specific feedback and concerns about the problems that were, from RantWoman's perspective the original point of the call.

Score 1 for the phone not getting thrown across the room at all!

Releasing Friends: An author chat with Vonn New and Viv Hawkins

Blog as filing cabinet item

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thought Processes

The following may or may not resemble actual conversations in RantWoman's vicinity over a considerable spell of time. Believe it or not, the following is also about the best RantWoman can do as far as keeping low, soft persuasion, holding much up in the Light Fiercely and in a spirit of Love and Truth.

The most recent conversation, as processed by the RantWoman communications manglement service:

RantWoman (Just lighten up...Your turn.....I am not interested in your thought processes.

Bless your heart, Not Interested in Thought Processes Friend. You have now been yelled at more than one First Day by multiple people, NOT just RantWoman, about the need when you close Meeting for Worship both to SPEAK UP yourself and to encourage other people to Speak up.

This week RantWoman heard one particularly timid newcomer. That is RantWoman heard timid newcomer mumbling but heard no words.

But someone else had already asked YOU to speak up and YOU forgot to encourage other people to speak up and for once RantWoman decided that more public yelling would not make a timid newcomer feel more welcome.

RantWoman (Just lighten up...Your turn.....I am not interested in your thought processes.

Bless your heart, Not Interested in Thought Processes Friend. You have now been yelled at by multiple people, NOT just RantWoman, about the need when you close Meeting for Worship both to SPEAK UP yourself and to encourage other people to Speak up.

RantWoman admits "yelled" might not be strong enough. One time when you said "Seriously?" RantWoman snarled back "YES, Seriously!" Think of it as RantWoman channelling a long deceased and much beloved Friend known for exhorting EVERYONE To speak up. RantWoman is still a lot younger, not as petite, definitely not as limber, and the accent is all wrong, but SERIOUSLY!

RantWoman is thinking partly of the time she first introduced herself at Meeting. RantWoman has no memory of the speak up issue; RantWoman only remembers how welcoming it felt that several people came up and resonated with something that RantWoman had said. RantWoman hopes Timid Newcomer felt well welcomed but RantWoman AGAIN encourages you both to SPEAK UP and to encourage others to speak up.

Echoes from a good while ago:
RantWoman I am not interested in your thought processes.

Really, I hadn't noticed. You ignored half my requests to make an event more accessible for me but the ones you got DID make a difference. And we all discovered a couple more issues that it has taken a LONG time for people to get.

RantWoman I am not interested in your thought processes.
Sounds like a few other people aren't either, but why the heck did you invite me to the party?

RantWoman I am not interested in your thought processes.
Rotten Truth: in RantWoman's experience, you talk a lot and listen poorly and RantWoman is not necessarily that interested in YOUR thought processes either, but we are all called to be in community so how are we going to deal with it?

And lest anyone feel singled out for the opprobrium of public eldering all over RantWoman's blog, here are a couple links from previous efforts to elder ...

RantWoman I am not interested in your thought processes...

Yes, there would be a freight train of other sore topics rumbling in the background.

Hold the rumbling in the Light.

Or set it to music.


Weaving: Quarterly Meeting Digested

A phrase RantWoman is still enthusiastically massaging after the most recent Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting: "Public ministry."

--Public ministry rather than activism

--Word nerd / word cloud digression: advocate / agiitate / activate as opposed to plop plop plop fizz  fizz of activism.

--Blog as public ministry?
  Really, RantWoman?

RantWoman already said she is a "show your work" recording clerk.

There is also that bit about Friend in Progress / Continuing Revelation / gardens and paths from the meditation  Just take RantWoman and EDITTING. RantWoman has been thinking about positive experiences where RantWoman hands someone Way Too Much and says "help." And "help" turns into take out and put back and clarify and rephrase and trim and prune and all those things that people wish RantWoman would do instantly to their tastes...

Collected posts of the last Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting:

The always elegant Iris Graville at BloggerByConvincement

Lynn Fitzhugh:

RantWoman goes there and back again, partly aimed at broader audiences that Quakers alone

Other topical materials: