Friday, September 21, 2018

Nurturing Our, um, "enhanced" by RantWoman with Headings and comments and queries

RantWoman is deeply humbly grateful to receive a couple documents ahead of time from the Quarterly Meeting Planning Committee. Readers, please though bear with RantWoman's need to "fix" things.

1. RantWoman made printed copies in large print. This will work better for RantWoman and probably for others around her than high-speed chatter splattering out of one of RantWoman's devices all over rooms because RantWoman hates headphones.

2. As long as RantWoman was fussing in Word, RantWoamn also decided to add headings and then experiment to see what Mr. JAWS finds in Word and when RantWoman makes an HTML file for pasting into the blog. Preview says what RantWoman has done will work.

3. As long as RantWoman was "fixing" some technological things, RantWoman OF COURSE was also called to enhance the content.

4. RantWoman actually found the need to add headings to the longer document helpful: in the process of figuring out where RantWoman would find it helpful to have headings, RantWoman actually got more of the document read than she might on the fly in an interest group.


*Nurturing the Light in each other*


As Quakers, we strive to recognize and uplift “that of God” in ourselves and in one another. In addition, continuing revelation is central to our community. We are all in the process of learning how to support one another’s Inner Guide, as we each change and grow, too.

In that spirit, the Quarterly Meeting planning committee from University Friends Meeting wishes to offer several guidelines and reminders for this weekend:


*1.      **Ask before touching someone. *

Create a culture of consent by asking for permission to hug someone, touch their shoulder, etc., and by allowing the person space to say “no” without guilt. People may decline touch for any number of reasons, and nobody owes anyone an explanation for saying “no.”


RantWoman comment:

Ableism warning: if someone looks like they need help, ask whether help is needed ; if yes then provide the help requested. If the offer is declined, respect the person’s choice about how to do things.

Especially tirade-worthy:

“grab the blind person and bless them.”


Are there other sensory, disability or touch-specific points Friends might wish to share?


*2.      **Respect people’s pronouns and bathroom choices. *

Over a year ago our Yearly Meeting approved a Minute of Inclusion that reads, in part:


“We recognize that when we embrace the Light within the full spectrum of gender identities in our meeting, our worship deepens and our community is enriched. As part of our evolving struggle to live our testimony of equality, North Pacific Yearly Meeting minutes our commitment to becoming and affirming, safe, and nurturing place for everyone to live fully that which the Spirit is leading them to be. We extend our loving care to people of all genders... We will continue to educate ourselves and our communities and take appropriate action to bring about a more equal world.”


There are many ways to support trans and gender non-conforming people: one way that we can do this is by honoring people’s preferred pronouns  (e.g. “she/her/hers,” or “he/him/his,” or “they/them/theirs,” or “zie/hir/hirs”). Please consider including your pronouns on your name tag, and correcting yourself and others when you notice someone being referred to with the wrong pronouns. It is not the end of the world to make mistakes, and we all do it occasionally; it’s usually best to offer a quick apology and move on with the conversation.


Men’s and women’s bathrooms can be physically and socially dangerous (and therefore anxiety-provoking) for trans and gender non-conforming folks. If you are using a bathroom with someone who doesn’t seem to be in the “right” place, please keep your thoughts to yourself. Everyone deserves to pee or shower in peace.


RantWoman Comments:

Please bear with the possibility that some Friends, especially Friends who have studied more than one language or lived in more than one culture regard the subject of pronouns as an essay question.

If you really cannot bear sharing a bathroom with someone for any reason please consider finding another restroom or visiting at a different time.


Is anyone besides RantWoman interested in conversation / discernment / meeting for worship with attention to howling about how bad bathroom design is bad many ways?


*3.      **Take care of yourself. *

The concepts of white supremacy, justice, and punishment have deep historical roots and intense personal and spiritual implications. We will likely have disagreements and difficult conversations. Pay attention to the difference between discomfort and danger. You are strongly encouraged to maintain boundaries that keep you safe, while also leaving yourself room to grow and learn. Please do your best to respect others’ boundaries as well.


RantWoman Comment:

If mentioning God or colliding with the phrase “What does God require of you?” or any other language for someone’s spiritual and worship experience is going to distress you, please consider yourself held in the Light. Please also realize that the problematic language is not necessarily just going to disappear.


What language do we personally use for difficult situations?

What helps us hear that of God in others?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Quarterly Meeting prep as probably no one has tried before


Did RantWoman EVER promise anyone 100% palatable language?

NOPE. Absolutely NOT!

RantWoman, CHILL OUT. Give the problem to God. It will work out.

Are you kidding? Some of these people do not even believe in God and we will not even talk about that non-consensual Old Testament God who does all sorts of wacky things  that HIS People interpret all kinds of ways. Or the God(ess(es)) people carry around in their heads....

RantWoman what ARE you talking about?

It is Quarterly Meeting time and Friends from RantWoman's Meeting are busy planning it.

The WTAF links

Fall 2018 Quarterly Meeting Flyer for your Meeting or Worship Group

The flyer with a technological digression as follows:
RantWoman is totally into world domination. If every document she ever received and every website she ever touched were perfectly accessible, RantWoman would not be the least bit displeased. RantWoman would not even mind if Friends can bear with her need to wax unbelievably appreciative some more about Headings  But today's meme is "How DO you do that?" This is the second PDF document in a week where instead of the screen reader moaning "Alert empty document," the screen reader reads a tiny part of the available text. RantWoman will OCR. Then RantWoman will wonder in the earlier document why even OCR does not find all the text. We will not even discuss Alt Text for pictures. Then we will return from exotic Planet RantWoman to plenty of circuses on the rest of the planet.

Selected Reading Links:
WTAF indeed?

RantWoman is having several problems with the proposed readings:

Yep, RantWoman THINKS she gets a whole bunch of things about racism and the criminal justice system, but isn't it a little bit racist to make criminal justice the main path to talking about race?

Crime is NOT all about race. This is one of those fractal threads where if one jumps on a single thread, suddenly the scope of words needed will expand enormously, more expansion than RantWoman even wants to try to comb into manageable strands tonight.

Ah, hell! On RantWoman's mind of late:

A Twitter thread where besides abortion politics (Could we maybe please try to agree about taking better care of the actually living children???), Catholics were trying to fast and pray and arrive at their own right spiritual state while digesting the latest PA grand jury findings.

A seminarian on the radio saying "now we are taught to call the cops." (And a digression to a long ago civil disobedience action in NY where the police academy cadets handling arrests were falling all over themselves having to cope with arresting Daniel Berrigan in his clerical collar and everything)

A thread on the radio about starting school at XCatholic institutions whereeven there views seem to have evolved at least somewhatin sensible directions.

Today's clickbait about #scotus nomination, #IBelieveChristine...

Annual cycles and new family threads to stir up....

And moreover:

RantWoman needs more "spiritual beings" forgiveness, grace and moral transformation language as well as boring social science buzzwords such as "evidence based" and lousy fiscal and public policy. In other words, RantWoman is NO DANG FUN.

This tangle is probably only one reason RantWoman needs to CHILL OUT for the evening and hold the upcoming weekend in the Light.



Saturday, September 15, 2018

Kevin Hart on White Water Rafting

Warning: if you are going to be distressed by foul language, DON'T WATCH the bleeping Video!

Full Disclosure. RantWoman has never gone whitewater rafting as a white person. RantWOman is in no position to comment about whiteater rafting as a black person, except the video is DANG funny, and RantWoman could probably craft and spin several threads of discussion from it, assuming the world even needs more demonstrations of RantWoman's capacity sometimes to be insufferable and overpowering.

Now, chill out and enjoy the video.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Blind Boys of Alabama on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

RantWoman appreciates the interwebs recently serving up this Blind Boys of Alabam item.

Enough Said for now.

Thursday, August 23, 2018


There is some serious, serious, serious shit going down. And RantWoman does not mean just need to clean out some Port-a-potties

RantWoman is THRILLED to find things to help her laugh in spite of it all.

First, RantWoman takes First Amendment rights to free speech extremely seriously. And anyone who has ever protested in our nation's capital knows that bringing large sticks to a protest is a dumb idea. RantWoman recommends that the organizer of last weekend's Unite The Right 2 rally attend remedial Protest 101 and read the National Park Service regulations.

Washington D.C.’s Unite the Right Rally Is a Flop & Leo Deblin Comes to ...

And should one be in Austin TX, this weekend, an item for protest amusement. The text is an image; RantWoman is happy to have OCR options to read it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Bad Idea for Fixing Homelessness that Just Won't Die


What might Friends be called to do? What does God require of us? doesGod have particular requirements of the technologically gifted?

Beyond this article,
RantWoman recommends checking out The Medium. One gets a few articles for free and then there is a pay part RantWoman has not yet walked through.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Houses for Hiroshima: NHK video on demand at least temporarily

RantWoman is posting this item in memory of one of her Meeting's founding members,  Floyd Schmoe and his Houses for Hiroshima project

RantWoman is posting in blithe disregard of the time limit for video on demand. RantWoman will let readers deal with whatever happens after that period expires.

"This short documentary about Floyd Schmoe and his Houses for Hiroshima project will be available for on-demand viewing through 8/27. I hope Friends will take the time to view it - for those of us who knew Floyd, it brings back memories and shows aspects of his life we may not have been aware of.  For those who never knew him, it gives a vivid picture of this important person in Northwest Quaker history.
"And if you look closely, you'll catch a glimpse of UFM Quakers in a special called Meeting for Worship for Filming..."