Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mother's Day: the after-action report

The Seattle wing of the Rant Family was supposed to gather for pho and to celebrate Mothers' Day. This did not exactly occur but it's time for...the next amazing episodeS of

Family Medical Angst, the eyeball edition.

Please understand there are VAST opportunities for Family Medical Angst, including a thing RantWoman needs to try again about. Here though RantWoman will concentrate only on Family Medical Angst, the Eyeball Edition.

Although RantWoman TRIES to remember to take care of herself, this time RantWoman, sigh,  has to share the limelight.

Over Christmas the Rant Family gathered. RantWoman and Brother-in-Law got to chatting. Somewhere along the way, Brother-in-Law shared that something big and cloudy in his eye is bothering him. From the symptoms ....

It could be a detached retina.

Or it could be a cataract.


RantWoman determined that it was not acutely painful and that Brother-in_law had noticed the problem FOR MONTHS but had only brought it up to Little Sister the night before. Still, the problem definitely needed more medical expertise than could be found in RantMom's apartment.  However, there was nothing screamingly urgent enough to summon 911 and Go Straight to the ER, Do Not Pass Go, Do not collect $200.

Okayyyy, RantWoman CHILL OUT and see what happens.

Easter happens.

RantWoman learns that Brother-in-Law has seen a doctor. The giant cloudy thing in the eye is a cataract. A specialist who meets the family language criteria AND accepts the available insurance is needed.


Now comes Mothers' Day.

Happy Mother's Day.

Around the RantFamily, such occasions go better with food.

Pho was on the menu. The pizza. Then plan C.

RantWoman SOooo hopes that the Family will have found a doctor. And MAYBE even that surgery has been scheduled. The question did not actually come up.. Instead,

there was some chatter of the vile intestinal crud that came with Irrepressible Nephew back from a church trip to Mexico to build houses

and... (just hold in the Light without details) meanwhile RantWoman will TRY to get herself motivated...

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