Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lessons and Carols

RantWoman is messing with the customary Lessons and Carols Form.

RantWoman is pretty sure there is gospel in here somewhere and wishes to be clear that divine guidance and Youtube may or may not overlap, depending.

Some items are only a few minutes; others are whole broadcasts.

But if you can't find something here or within the Youtube six degrees of separation to speak to your condition, please use your search engine your own darn self! Enjoy!

Hanneke Cassel. Childsplay, Strathspey and Reel

Tommy Peoples The Laird of Drumblain / Little John's Hame

Aidan O'Donnell teaching Donegal style fiddle

De Danann Live at the Embankment

Traditional Music in Modern Ireland, Documentary

Irish Folk Revival, 90 minute documentary

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra. The Gay Gordons

TheScottish Fiddle Orchestra The Canadian Bairn Dance 2

Modulations: History of Electronic Dance Music documentary

The Muppets Ringing of the Bells

The Muppets Jingle Bell Rock

The Muppets Family Christmas whole show

The Spirit of Christmas with the LivingStrings

Alegre Navidad

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