Friday, December 21, 2012


Blog as file cabinet item about people leaving NASA Curiosity rover program because of demands that they submit to security clearance procedures.

One of the many colorful moments in RantWoman's life: RantWoman briefly worked as an IT contractor for a certain local large aircraft manufacturer. RantWoman at some point might reflect on the circumstances that made her clear to do that, the circumstance RantWoman was called to witness as result. RantWoman's only point today: besides other circumstances pointing to layoffs, there appearedto be a good chance that RantWoman's group was going to get assigned to provide computer support to build fighter planes. RantWoman rather directly suggestedthat under the circumstances it would be fine just to lay her off. The fighter plane contract never came to fruition, so MAYBE RantWoman got ahead of herself about exiting. RantWoman hereby holds everyone facing the decion discussed here in the Light.

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