Friday, December 28, 2012

Mistletoe, Vision. Passing OverJustin Bieber

Mistletoe? Justin Bieber? You're Kidding, right?
No actually. Thank GAWD Justin Bieber is not a happening meme around Irrepressible Nephew

RantWoman's affinity for the problematic and vexatious and get to God from unconventional directions:
The Misunderstood Mistletoe

Is Mistletoe Killing Your Trees?

Mistletoe Management Guidelines

In RantWoman's days as a teenaged Baptist, one of her favorite hymns was Be Thou My Vision. RantWoman has never before thought about the history of this old Irish hymn. RantWoman admits, the concept of her vision and theology has high potential for metaphor manglement, but RantWoman needs to pray, always, even though still awash in Christmas. RantWoman likes all these different settings of Be Thou My Vision

Warning: not so great accessibility geekiness issue. RantWoman is lazy about naked URL's but a whole series of naked urls can be a big pain for a screen reader user looking for a specific item on a Links List. RantWoman would like to aspire to more courtesy about labels, but this is RantWoman here. Just use your reading keys and try to appreciate the text too. PS. If you are a content provider, use your tools; RantWoman finds descriptive labels much more helpful than "Here." "Click here" might be helpful for sighted people but...

Be Thou My Vision
Instrumental, with history in English and RantWoman assumes Gaelic. St Patrick, spring equinox, Bonfires. In other words, seasonal time warp, but tough.

Instrumental, flute, guitar, ...

Gorgeous, cello and piano, David Abramsky, Clothed in Gladness album

Cello digression, Nearer my God to Thee, 9 cellos, MODERN arranement, The Piano Guys

The Carol of the Bells, 12 cellos, the Piano Guys

Alison Kraus, Be Thou My vision
single voice w guitar

Selah, Be Thou My Vision

4Him, Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou My Vision, chorus, piano

Did we mention RantWoman needs to pray. The exact focus of RantWoman's prayer needs of the day: small children with traumatizing medical issues, overwrought parents, space for the sufferings of bigger children and it's the holidays gosh dang it, can't we all just smile and be perky?

Alison Kraus, Down in the river to pray

The Judds, Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

The Oak Ridge Boys, Oh Beatiful Star of Bethlehem, nice with several men's voices

Don't Stop Believing Flash Mob, OH Union

Almost any airport needs a good flash mob at Christmas time.
Lisbon Christmas Flash Mom

LAX Christmas 2010 Flash Mob

Denver International Holiday Flash Mob

More timewarp
WatkinsAle Music of the English Renaissance

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