Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sheep. Flocks. Shepherds, Grazing

And lo RantWoman cried out in angst. ?Come thou fount of every blessing, what is the theme or our holiday festival of music and dance  to be today?"

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman and the Lord said "Sheep Flocks Shepherds. Grazing. Search engine."

And Lo the search engine served unto RantWoman

Sheep May Safely Graze by "Louisville's greatest wedding ensemble"

Some actual grazing, for everyone who won't go a day without thinking about climate change, Cows, Holistic High Density Mob Grazing, multiage but apparently not flash mob

Intensive Rotational Grazing Whole Systems Design Carbon Farming, noodly music and text slides. Worth reading I guess but someone else besides me gets to do it.

Holistic Management, Regenerative Agriculture

Joel Salatin on Pasture management and Keyline Design for Grassfed Cattle

Now hopefully back to music
Sheep may safely graze or students may safely try to graze sheep

Sheep safely grazing with a whole baroque orchestra

Sheep may safely graze on the piano

Gloria in excelsis Deo from Messe in h Moll,

In honor of a sheepherding culture, something from the Basques,

Turns out we have some shepherds who need to get to Bethlehem.

Además dijo El Señor, Otra Vez en Español
Los Pastores a Belén

Los Pastores a Belén, Yvonne y Yvette

Los Pastors a Belén, David Archuleta en el Templo de los Mormones

y otra
Tatiana, Los Peces en el Rio

Done with holiness? RantWoman, secret and former cello imperialist, is not even sorry.
And a nod to cello imperialism; 12 'cellos; the carol of the bells

The Piano Guys, Star Was Parody. Electric Cellos with Light Saber Bows,  and an accordion?

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