Friday, November 16, 2012

TATu Make Love Not War

RantWoman is celebrating the occasion of her Profanity to Quakerese filter suddenly lurching into operation recently while RantWoman was tending to her own spiritual practice in pursuit of more music, swimming, and massage in her life. To wit, RantWoman has been led to render a considerably more vulgar Russian phrase simply as "Make Love Not War." How did RantWoman get there?

It dawned on RantWoman that Youtube has a search bar and suddenly RantWoman needed to reprise a cultural moment from 2003 just before the beginning of Gulf War II. The occasion: a US tour of the Russian pop-duo TATu, "This one loves That One" also known as "we're not lesbians, we just play them on TV." TATu are famous for kissing on camera.

RantWoman notes that in general Russians of both genders kiss others of their gender more often and more innocently than, say, people from the US. RantWoman has decided just not to opine about why it's controversial when TATu do it. One of the duo's first media events was a performance on Good Morning America. The news was full of impending war; the US literally was about to start bombing, and TATu appeared on Good Morning America wearing T-shirts they themselves decorated with the offending phrase which RantWoman is rendering as "Make Love Not War." It appears not to have occurred to ABC that Russian-speaking guests might need Russian-speaking backup for the regular network censor and no one caught that the slogans on TATu's t-shirts is obscene.

A performance, with T-shirts, which is why this is a link, not an imbed with mention of various "things are not as they seem" elements,:

By the time TATu performed on Jay Leno later the same day, the matter of the profanity was caught. Sigh. That's why the next night, the band performed wearing T-shirts that said "Censored." The band appeared on Jimmie Kimmel--after Don King and Monica Lewinsky. Again, RantWoman is not commenting on numerous presentation points. The offending slogan appears briefly, scrawled on the host's hand with a LONG bleep while the slogan is explained:

The wonders of YouTube are not necessarily helpful if one is prone to free associative wanderings anyway. Here are clips, first in Russian with Spanish subtitles and then in English of TATu appearing on a Russian TV show "100 questions for Adults." RantWoman is posting the clips for comments on parenting and art and career.

Part 2, both English and Spanish subtitles

Part 3, English subtitles, no Spanish, about blasphemy, art, sin

Part 4, no subtitles

RantWoman sort of kind of apologizes for leaving her monolingual readers hanging but suggests that if you click on the links, the wonders of Youtube might help find subtitles which do seem to be available for some segments.

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