Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After the election: MidWeek Meeting for Worship, and...


6:45 TO 7:45 PM.

University Friends Meeting Worship Room

That of God emanating from NPR informs RantWoman that on Election night throughout the land many houses of worship from the Nazarenes to the Episcopalians will be holding special worship and prayer gatherings. RantWoman's Light based on past post election experience is that such occasions sometimes inspire both seekers and journalists to address the search engine of their choice or, if kind of retro, to call up and ask "what do the Quakers think?" or "What are the Quakers Doing?"

RantWoman thinks that many Friends will be wanting to go to other election night events. RantWoman calls her readers' attention to University Friends Meeting's regular midweek Meeting for Worship at the coordinates above. If any results are the least bit doubt on Tuesday evening, much greater clarity may have arrived by Wednesday!

RantWoman will consult with weightier voices or at least the clerks of key committees about a general and more formal invitation. RantWoman is also clear that God and the authority to note a public invitation already extended are accessible to all.

RantWoman especially invites those who feel led to pray, reflect, celebrate, mourn, lament, howl, yowl, commiserate, yearn, hope, envision.. related to results of the election to consider this worship opportunity.

Note: our worship is unprogrammed expectant waiting on Divine messages. Even if one is certain a message involves howling or yowling, we urge anyone offering a message to ask whatever you call the Divine for help holding at least a few breaths of worshipful silence between messages.

RantWoman further soberly notes:

--An assortment of people believe that the earth is only a few thousand years old and that the Bible is a perfect roadmap for family life.

--A long and embarrassing parade of politicians keeps making angels dancing on the head of a pin pronouncements about rape and conception and abortion and the will of God. These politicians never once ask themselves why the US ranks embarrassingly low among industrialized nations in infant mortality and other measures of maternal and child health or what policy steps might both cut the number of unwanted pregnancies and improve these other indicators.

Our nation needs particular ONGOING prayers, if only because the politicians described above are no less certain than is RantWoman to be speaking for God--and we ALL get to try to work out our problems together. May we all at least pray together. In that vein, why stop at a one-time visit. Y'all are welcome every week too!

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