Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh Wolves, what are you to teach us?

RantWoman notes a previous blog post linked below which referred to two wolves from Ojibwe spirituality which have recently showed up in Meeting for worship.

Here by request is appearance in our monthly newsletter of the Story of Two Wolves, encore by request from Friends who first heard it in Meeting for Worship:


The Objiwe tribe, the Original People of North America, have a story. It goes like this: Every person has within them two wolves. One is named Love and one is named Fear. Love creates all that is good in life: generosity, forgiveness, acceptance, peace, and all those things which open and expand our hearts and connect us to one another. Fear creates all that is destructive: greed, judgment, prejudice, anger, hatred, violence, and all that makes our own, and others', lives small, separate, and miserable. Love and Fear are always fighting. Do you know which one wins? The one you feed the most!

Here is the ministry which came immediately to RantWoman about the wolves along with some RantWoman does not know when to quit elements which Meeting for Worship was spared.

The recurrence of the wolves as a meme in our worship has, predictably generated furhter rants around RantWoman's Inner Blowtorch.

--Who does this bunch of darn palefaces think they are, appropriating elements of native spirituality with nary a native in sight? Yes, of COURSE RantWoman would probably hear the message more clearly if it came in the form of New Testament parables. Still, RantWoman knowingly willfully, intentionally attends worship in a place where messages are delivered by talking wolves. Can you say act of FAITH?

--Cue RantWoman's reflex to rant about Friends in Unity with Nature. HELLO. Nature is not in unity with us. Nature has earthquakes, fierce windstorms, tidal waves, blizzards, a whole wealth of WAYS TO KILL YOU. Wolves, by the way are top of the food chain predators. Yeah, PREDATORS.

--But, But wolves are pack animals. There should be more than two of them. It makes NO sense for them to be eternally at war?

--Oh Boo-hoo! Yep pack animals, and if the pack of wolves chomp on farmers' livestock, as was happening for a pack trying to get restablished in northeastern WA, the Department of Natural Resources (cough!) is still going to eliminate them.

--But, But, who SAYS love never involves fear or limits?

Last First Day's Meeting for Worship was nearly silent with only a few messages all right at the end of the hour. The wolves showed up in two messages right at close of worship.

Call Me Up and I'll Figure it Out for You Friend was called to preach the gospel of Love. Eye Roller Friend, who RantWoman believes, was NOT present when the wolves came up previously, was called to object in colorful spluttering presentation to false duality; the objections to false duality were delivered so vividly that RantWoman immediately got back a blechy feeling several hours later returning to reflect on the morning's messages and on the closing of worship right after Eye Roller Friend's message.

Friends are not at unity about how to respond when God trips over something as messages emerge from Eye Roller Friend. Some would prefer just to ignore him. RantWoman was seasoning a different message which deserves its own post. In the hours later wave of blechiness, RantWoman realized a comment such as "Thank you for expressing your concern so vividly so that we can hold you in the Light in your distress" might have been entirely on point. Maybe.

Oh Wolves, what are you trying to teach us?

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