Saturday, October 10, 2015

Raptured with no dialogue, only Likes.

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Quakers do the Rapture:

Rapture Punch Card: Survive 9 end of times events and the 10th one is free

RantWoman is well aware that theoretically she might have a whole lot more to say about the Rapture and these pictures. But RantWoman is going to go a different direction.

RantWoman is a student of different people's Facebook presences. Some people have lively discussions over short intervals. Not RantWOman. It's all RantWoman can do to count the number of likes. RantWoman cannot imagine trying to type enough to have lengthy conversations on Facebook. And for further comparison, RantWoman and SOME people are able to season things by email. This works best when everyone tries not to do more than one email / day.

Yet, as RantWoman does protest in the following blog post, RantWoman DOES like processes that show the range of waht matters to people. Okay, now what?

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