Sunday, October 18, 2015

I Made Myself Blind: Living With BIID

Warning: EXTREMELY Upsetting Content, posted here for prayer at least.

Click PLAY with EXTREME Caution

The video below and a related newspaper article RantWoman has not yet encountered have been inflaming passions on one of RantWoman's blindness listserves.

RantWoman actually has little bandwidth even to go near the topic or people's reactions.

RantWoman knows that there is considerable psychological scholarship devoted to various forms of self-maiming and related syndromes.

RantWoman saw one comment suggesting that the psychologist in the video is guilty of malpractice; RantWoman on the other hand knows a number of people who identify as transgenderand who are much happier if theyacknowledge that fact of themselves. Some of the time RantWoman can view this video in the same spirit.

RantWoman has never met anyone with this exact story, but RantWoman does note that one element of her "Blind school" voc rehab experience and other journeys to Planet RantWoman is pretty gut-wrenching stories of people's vision loss experiences.

Phonetics note: RantWoman notes that although the narrator speaks with a british accent, all the other voices appear to speak various flavors of US English.

If you just need some topics to hold in the Light and do not feel like clicking "Play," good on ya!

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