Saturday, October 17, 2015

Go Team!

Comparative Football Careers

RantWoman humbly admits that she is almost COMPLETELY football-challenged, only VERY sporadically able to muster conversational capacity related to football. And look what happens when RantWoman goes near the topic.

Wonder blind person Jake Olson played high school football after losing both eyes to cancer. He is now playing for the USC Trojans. He talks in an interview about his faith. ESPN articles talk about how good his presence is for team morale. Use the search engine of choice if you are led to research further.


A recent twitter search on #quakers yielded a surprisingly high percentage of tweets dedicated to some or another football competition. There being both British and US tweets, RantWoman expects "Football" has multiple meanings.


Irrepressible Nephew's name appears on an internet site along with about half the other names on his high school team roster who have

--No jersey number

--No position played

--the fact that he is a freshman; many on the no information side of the roster are upper classmen!

--No height

--No weight.

(RantWoman is unsure the reason for this approach to a team roster but for various reasons is inclined to think there is an aspect of inclusion and welcome and maybe some other threads.)


In the ongoing collide again with previous phases of life that comes with every new eara of Irrepressible Nephew's life, RantWoman notes for comparison:

--RantWoman has never wanted to play football, either before or after vision loss. Good thing because the Rant family eye conditions recommend against contact sports.

--RantWoman in high school was taller and larger than a large percentage of both the football team and the men's basketball teams. This does NOT mean RantWoman was anywhere near their equal in athleticism.


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