Thursday, October 15, 2015

Midweek, Authority, Take On Me by Genghis Barbie

RantWoman, ever striving to be humble about such gifts of prophesy as show up in her vicinity is certain days in advance that it is going to be the kind of week where readers just need some Genghis Barbie.

Consider the leading to provide such fulfilled.

Readers who can both listen to music and listen to other audio tracks (RantWoman, SOMETIMES, for instance) might also want to check out a wonderful 45-minute item from Lloyd Lee Wilson about spiritual authority. The moment RantWoman takes away: "if the proohet says what is needed, the prophet has done HER/ HIS /ZIR (RantWoman editorializing about presumed gender issues) job regardless of whehter the prophet has been heard.
Look here for Lloyd Lee Wilson item on spiritual authority.

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