Friday, October 9, 2015

On what planet? National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

RantWoman festively observes National Domestic Violence Awareness Month with two comments Friends offered in what to RantWoman look like pretty clear domestic violence situations. Thankfully, he situations have long evolved into safer terms, but RantWoman still needs to recount them and  is clear to poke at the attitudes they illustrate:

1. RantWoman heard about this one second hand and finds the problem credible enough to recount the story; RantWoman also has permission from the affected child's mother to speak of the situation.

Relationship is ending partly because of male partner being physically abusive toward one of female partner's children.

Child tells an adult from his Meeting that the male partner is "mean.."

The adult says "It's not very nice to say that."

On what planet does a child say someone is "mean" and not have an adult ask something like "Why do you say that?"

If RantWoman knew which adult was silencing this child, RantWoman would probably follow up in person. RantWoman continues to hold the child in the Light

2. Different end of relationship situation: Friend offers message in Meeting for worship about resolving to dislodge former male partner from her household after he threw her teenage duaughter against the wall during an argument. RantWoman had a conversation with someone who blamed "mouthy teenager."

On what planet is the existence of a mouthy teenager an excuse for an adult throwing someone against the wall?

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