Thursday, October 29, 2015

National Oatmeal Day

RantWoman had no idea there is any such thing as National Oatmeal day.

But since actual #Quakers get confused with the oatmeal people all the time, RantWoman is going to return the favor with a shameless product promo, trademark symbols and everything, inviting Quakers who do not mind the oatmeal meme to take advantage of this fabulous commercial offer.

RantWoman knows perfectly well that lots of people happily consumer plenty of oatmeal completely unencumbered by the Quaker® Oatmeal brand. And good on them too.

Cup of Cranberry Almond protein oatmeal
QuakerOats (@Quaker) tweeted at 3:08 PM on Thu, Oct 15, 2015:
On 10/29, we’re giving away Quaker® Oatmeal for #NationalOatmealDay!
Stay tuned for more details.

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