Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Abundant RantBrother proxies

It was RantBrother’s birthday last week. Happy belated birthday RantBrother.

 RantBrother called RantMom. RantMom says she thinks he’s missing family. Family peculiarly admit to missing him even though the missing comes with a LOT of prayers that RantBrother might somehow be willing to interact with enough help that the rest of the family can…

 Hold that problem in the Light.

 And meanwhile, just when RantWoman was thinking about maybe permitting herself to miss some of RantBrother’s best Brother Demento emails, lo, RantWoman’s email groans with contributions from someone  sipping from the same thought streams: abstruse references to legal matters is random legal jurisdictions, mentions of familya members entangles both in drug trafficking and law enforcement, mysteries derived from the average route straightto spam folder email streams....

Bless us oh Lord with sincere gratitude for the abundance of RantBrother proxies in RantWoman's life.

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