Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nuggets of Good News if one looks

It's FALL and the state of the world is more rant-evoking than average.

But RantWoman is seizing good news, albeit phrased decidedly non soft persuasion language, out of all sorts of sick and distressing situations:

1. Right wing foes of Planned Parenthood wage relentless attack on the organization with doctored video including someone pimping the body of a stillborn baby. Presidential hopeful Carly "I am supposed to be smarter than Sarah Palin" Fiorina loses it all over national television about the supposed murder of this child.

RantWoman comment: Gee, ma'am, I see how very distressed you are. Now what are you going to do if and when you become Commander in Chief? Will something stop you from giving all those orders to drop bombs and target drones and send in troops? I mean that would be a true seamless garment stance and it would be kind of amazing to see that in a President, but is that what you are running on?

2. As a baptized in the diaper stage Presbyterian and by Righteous Rev. rRant Granddad no less, , RantWoman is DELIGHTED that the Presbyterian Church USA is calling out Boob in Chief Candidate Donald Trump!
Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church USA calls out the Donald.

RantWoman is also intrigued by the term "stated clerk" but is not intrigued enough to chase down the etymology. On to the next nugget of good news.

3. One moment of sanity after another from David Pakman of RingofFireRadio about the Umpqua Community College Shooting

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