Monday, October 19, 2015

Did your boyfriend do that?

RantWoman is festively celebrating National Domestic Violence Awareness month and National Disability Awareness Month with a tangle of issues present and past.

"Did your boyfriend do that?"

RantWoman heard that a lot during a Summer of Swollen face a few years ago. Mostly the question came from strangers.

(RantWoman sees badly but RantWoman a time or two has thought though not always voiced the same question.)

RantWoman appreciates that she had people in her life who laughed when she said "No, my doctor got paid to do that to me."

RantWoman appreciates that a couple of the people who laughed work for her eye doctor, the practitioner who got paid for RantWoman's swollen face.

RantWoman also appreciates multiple people who suggested arnica, a remedy RantWoman remembered from"herbal medicine witches" she had spent time around years before while being out consensually getting dragged around and coming home all bruised up.

All of that is appreciated but neither here nor there as far as other matters of listening, ableism, and general exasperation.

Please hold all in the Light and find ways to ask about bruises.

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