Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bedtime Music: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Genghis Barbie

A Friend from RantWoman's Meeting is fond of saying "If so-and-so had the sense God gave goats..."

RantWoman means to invoke that thought and try to be off tne computer nand headed to bed before this item posts. Good intentions.

Yeah, Good intentions with digressions.

One of RantWoman's consisten experiences at Quarterly Meeting is waking up in the middle of the night and needing to go pace quietly in the large room in the building where RantWoman most often stays. Pace. Stretch. Pray. Pace Stretch. After awhile either settle on a couch or jsut go back to bed.

RantWoman does not even care that this seems odd.

RantWoman does note that other Friends are sometimes also afflicted by various middle of the night  moments. One Friend frequently up at past Quarterlies complained one time of not sleeping because of leaving his CPAP home. This time RantWoman did not notice that Friend up and wonders whether he remembered his CPAP. RantWoman further notes this Friend jsut recenlty landed stable housing after a LONG spell of couch surfing. But thinking of two recent couch-surfing hosts, RantWoman kind of hopes they were a positive factor in upping the use of CPAP. RantWoman wonders this because, well because....

Cough. And RantWoman has her own benefit vs pain in the neck and annoying protocols and, and, and issues about the entire topic. RantWoman WILL say more but not tonight. In the meantime, hit play again ahd have some more Genghis Barbie.

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