Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Before enlightenment... After enlightenment...

Lately, Meeting for Worship has been visiting and revisiting themes of hope and hopelessness, love and faithfulness.

From Meeting for Worship, a couple weeks ago, a Buddhist quote which RantWoman remembers as :
"Before enlightenment, chop wood; sweep the floor. After enlightenment, chop wood; sweep the floor."

RantWoman: Wait a second! It's the age of global warming and trying NOT to cut down all the planet's magical lungs and natural climate control. What about:

Before enlightenment, Chop wood, sweep the floor.
After Enlightenment, how about passive convection heating, solar-powered cooking, and a renewably powered Roomba (robotic vacuum cleaner) to clean up after ourselves?

Oh, wait, RantWoman is Missing the POINT about faithfulness.

RantWoman missing the point? Impossible!

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