Sunday, October 11, 2015

Advocacy! Gratitude!

Friday at the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing, RantWoman fielded another call of the form "I have multiple crises. Bureaucracies are driving me up the Wall. No one knows anything. Will technology help and how fast can I get trained?"

This caller lost vision almost completely very suddenly in April and has been dancing with options for help ever since. Even the Friendly Neighborhood Center call routing is um, also an excursion. But Friday RantWoman was in the house.

Caller expressed particular vexation about Highly Topical Agency. Caller mentioned something about being told he has too much anger and anxiety for Highly Topical Agency to be able to help him.

RantWoman talked what she could about technology and training. RantWoman among other things dutifully posted a request for help to the WA Council of the Blind email list and scored a phone call from the Chair of the Advocacy Committee.

Chair of Advocacy rates HIGH on RantWoman's list of Angelic Troublemakers. Plus Chair of Advocacy is also a night owl so if the phone says the caller is Chair of Advocacy, RantWoman will ALWAYS pick up.

Chair of Advocacy's comment about Highly Topical Agency, paraphrasing slightly: "Gee if they turned down everyon who has anger issues, they would never get any clients!" Yessss! This is why RantWoman loves Chair of Advocacy!

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