Monday, October 19, 2015

The bedbugs, roused

RantWoman would SO have preferred that one to RantWoman's ear NON-URGENT item on a recent Meeting for Business agenda be heard another month when another topical figure as well as one of the people to whom RantWoman is led to say "Thanks but no thanks" could at least be present. RantWoman freely admits, she has been hearing "thanks but no Thanks" uttered a little too often in her direction and keeps testing whether this is the basis for her leadings about "Thanks but No Thanks." Hold that problem in the Light.

In the meantime, RantWoman has received another missive hacked up by her Meeting's bedbugs.

To all Friends everywhere.

Remember us? We are the bedbugs at RantWoman's Meeting. Past precedent has been on leap days to offer our accounting of life at our faithful Interpreter RantWoman's Quaker Meeting.

Frankly we have been a little distracted watching the size of the 2016 Republican primary hopefuls list mushroom. We lost count somewhere around 4 zillion and are not particularly amused that most of them seem to boast the same foreign policy consulting firm.

And our faithful interpreter RantWoman has been very busy being true to her Light about matters outside her Meeting.

RantWoman is also very conscientious and we have had several conversations that RantWoman would call "client education." In these typically, the language professional carefully explains to the customer any number of different reasons the customer really should consider engaging another interpreter. We understand RantWoman's concerns that our words might be better heard if they came out of someone else's mouth but we have found no one else with RantWoman's capacity for linguistic nuance and perspicacity.

We are inclined to tell those distressed by our presence that they just need to cope. Sometimes people just get the interpreter they get! We also cope with usual interpreter protocol about speaking of themselves in the third person and the professional norm that if the client utters it the interpreter is liberated of multiple forms of social opprobrium for repeating it. We do not even apologize if this whole paragraph just gives readers headaches trying to figure out who is actually speaking and on whose behalf and whether or not the direct lines to God have somehow gotten tangled.. Consider yourselves held in the Light and Cope!

What has roused us earlier than usual to begin putting together our Leap day offering?

We have learned of a concern, among other things that the State of Society reports from RantWoman's Meeting frequently turn into community laundry lists where all is glorious and the children are all above average and Friends may or may not detect recognizable spiritual content, never mind whether we have even had a conversation about what we mean by "spiritual content" BEFORE we charge someone with cultivating it!

Partly in an effort to start earlier than average and to work on this concern, two volunteers, "It's Not Good for the Community Friend" and "I still don' wanna read RantWoman's email" Friend have stepped forward and announced their desire to speak on behalf of the Meeting. It's Not Good For the community Friend has other Noms de Blog but part of the point of our leading to begin work early examine the state of RantWoman's Meeting arises from the ways "It's not good for the community" Friend and "I have only been trying to Silence RantWoman for Five Years and I cannot understand why she demurs about me thinking I am going to be able to fix any better than I have for 5 years Friend  have done to earn their Noms De Blog.

RantWoman has other concerns, not all of which are documented as RantWoman posts and editorializes. And we, the bedbugs, also recognize that "It's not Good For the Community Friend is particularly distressed about everything to do with Bedbugs. We are sorry. We do not know of anything we can do to help that. If being held in the Light by bedbugs seems palatable please consider this an offer to do so; if not, please cope and do not blame RantWoman either. She is only our messenger.


The Bedbugs.

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