Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Horror: Just Died / Not Dead Yet

RIP, but first
Belligerent Request from someone
demanding that people  figure out
who their friends are according to his method
This post is dedicated to Mr. Attack Receptionist, who very sweetly, understandably still misses his late wife.

Dude, thank you so much for this posting.

Look, RantWoman does not really care about your views of resurrection offered in response to someone else's prayers. Furthermore, RantWoman is decidedly emoji-challenged.

RantWoman will certainly miss you, both because you are ALMOST as good at Intemperate emails as RantWoman herself, and because you are WAY more likely to send the intemperate emails at wee hours of the morning.

Rest in Peace.

And no, RantWoman is not even going to bother about the Latin. It would not help.

Yeah, Yeah, premature in this case but Dude is in hospice
Crosses, tombstones, trees,
perhaps suggesting
a multiconfessional graveyard

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