Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gratitude; Christmas Cactus

Grateful for the continuing flowering of the #ChristmasCactus.

Grateful for enough eyeball function and the right geekery to be able to see the blossoms in the photo.

Find the pink blossoms. Find the pink and white blossoms.
Christmas Cactus 11 14 2015
Grateful this time for RantMom's "I MUST get my family together and feed them" instincts, and for getting an early start a little ahead of Thanksgiving, just in time to celebrate RantMom's  BIRTHDAY!!!!

Celebration a little belated, but family tradition of inviting from the island of misfit toys will generate a fun, interesting guest list.

Fun, interesting guest list includes Irrepressible Nephew (Yeah!!!) but not his parents (Oh Well.)

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