Sunday, November 1, 2015

Binge Blog: medium scary with drumming

Imagine a drumhead with...

Bung  Bung  Bung

RantWoman heard this week via Facebook of a Buddhist nun she knows. RantWoman remembers her from one context but thinks she saw her in several places. She played a drum and walked a lot. The playing a drum part is supposed to make one feel more peaceful.

RantWoman does not automatically take to this flavor of peace. In face, Sometimes RantWoman can become downright hostile. Sometimes if RantWoman hears even ONE more....

Neverthless RantWoman is very glad Buddhist nun friend is still walking.

Queries: note to whoever reads this. Make some queries. Suggestion: queries about being both blessed and vexed at the same time. Or ask your guide for another direction and THEN make some queries.

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