Friday, November 13, 2015

Watch oh lord with those who wake or watch or weep tonight, but why Paris?

Lit Candle cupped in hands
Pray for Paris
First we get the Pray for #Paris part down. It's monstrous. There are ohter places where monstrous things are happening: Burundi, Syria, numerous places in Ukraine. many places in Mexico, even in gun crime terms some places in the US.

But tonight we pray for #Paris.

And we hold questions:

--Why Paris?

   --RantWoman is not aware of Paris being involved for instance in the battle of the bomimbing campaigns in Syria.

    --RantWoman is not aware that Paris has done anything one way or the other as far as Europe's current refugee crisis.

   --Leftovers from #CharlieHebdo?

--Why now when the climate change talks will bring many more dignitaries, okay and security details in just a few days?

Eiffel Tower Peace Sign

--And why the choice of targets?

   --An American death metal band concert?

  --A Cambodian restaurant?

 --Okay, the prime minister was at the soccer game....

But still, Why #Paris?

Ghoulish skeleton fiddler

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