Friday, November 13, 2015

House eyes: Dark and Stormy, with Binge Blog Leftovers: Continuing Revelation

Yea verily, not likely RantWoman's first Quaker apostasy: RantWoman's experience is that God shows up in meetings run all kinds of ways, under different modesls of consensus and even, gasp, under Roberts' Rules of Order. That is God better show up because RantWoman will not get done what is needed without God.

Apparently spookiness helps too.

Oh Look! Continuing Revelation
Look! Careful what you may see!
In RantWoman's most recent Roberts Rules of Order experience God showed up by granting RantWoman the posterior fortitude to sit through the entire proceeding so that the description of the committee RantWoman chairs could be amended in the organization's constitution.

God also showed up with a quaking need, after multiple rounds of vexatious election votes repeating themes from previous years to speak about people wearing too many hats and positions rotating among friends with limitations on the inclusion of new talent. God has not yet showed up in the right words in email or phone conversation. Hold that problem in the Light.

In the realm of Angelic troublemakers:
WA had a law like the ADA decades before the rest of the country. One of RantWoman's angelic troublemakers gave a speech recently about the first two cases she helped file under this legislation:

Case No1. The predecessor of the Dept of Services for the Blind resisted hiring a blind mental health specialist.

Then shortly,Case No 2. the Talking Book and braille library could not imagine hiring a blind receptionist.

That was decades ago.

in the realm of need for continuing revelation, this very year, the Governor's commission on Employment of People with Disabilities, an organization that has plenty of access to training about how to produce accessible documents, distributed at least one iteration of press release as a poorly produced PDF that was unreadable to users of some versions of screen reading software and comical because of scanning errors to users of other versions of the software.

If RantWoman were anywhere near the pure light of virtue she vaguely things might be achievable in some distant millenium, RantWoman would spend a rainy Friday the 13th playing with accessibility tools to see whehter she can in fact extract from email enough suggestions to get the offending documents read.

Fear not. There is not enough virtue in the entire universe to get RantWoman revved up about software tricks tonight. Instead, a link to the pure unvarnished layers of one simple proclamation AND of need for continuing revelation in the form of eager young former Americorps interns now being schooled at RantWoman's feet.
RantWoman on Training about Accessible Document Creation

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