Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Horror: Kwitcherbitchin' with Pumpkin Witch


RantMom at the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme computing.

RantMom, between
Internet Searches
Thank you God for planting in both RantWomen's heads the thought that RantMom should just show up at the Friendly Neighborhood Center during regular hours and RantWoman would help her in approximately the same terms she helps other people.

What does that say? How about that? Okay, click / try tapping on that.

RantWoman has been helping another customer in approximately these terms. RantWoman realized that the same approach definitely applies to RantMom. If RantWoman can talk her through a couple times, she cannot help knowing at some point how to do on her own. RantWoman means to say more about RantMom and excessive blinkiness but that will be on another blog.

RantWoman in Tech Support All Star / Reality Check Cheerleader mode.

Smiling Pumpkin in witch's hat on background of candles
Pumpkin Witch,
Tech Support Goddess
Reality Check Cheerleader wants to say to RantMom,

"Look Ma, you are doing FINE. Listen to all these other people and what they struggle with.

Now, keep trying.

and Kwitcherbitchin'

and be glad you have only your own problems.

Hold RantMom in the Light and not just all those candles in the picture!

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