Sunday, December 7, 2014

Advent week 2 The Hippopotamus again

The yen for a hippopotamus set in earlier this year than last. Scroll down to the youtube link if you just want the silly hippopotamus song.

Update as to Nerf battle matters: secondhand, apparently this year there were g-g-g-girls involved. RantWoman notes that change without comment; Irrepressible Nephew apparently was not charmed. RantWoman for her part has been meditating about the difference between Grandmas and Aunties. There is SOME dork factor inherent in USED nerf Blasters. RantMom was still happy to facilitate and RantWoman has opted not to want to repeat....

RantWoman awhile ago acknowledged that God is just going to have to get hermssages through the means available to RantWoman. That is RantWoman is going to TRY to stop stressing about all the ways she cannot get messages and focus on asking what is possible.

But in an effort to give God something vaguely God-themed to work with, RantWoman hereby includes the daily Bible references from the two devotional streams RantWoman at least intermittently interacts with:

From Our Daily Bread: Luke 19:28-40

From The Upper Room, Hebrews 12:1-4

Okay God, WTF?

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