Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas! Let's talk about Death, memorials

Remember Trombone and MisMatched Socks Friend, aka Mr. Nasturtiums in Salad Friend?

Christmas Eve is his birthday.

RantWoman dedicates this pair of socks to his memory. RantWoman wore this pair to Christmas worship. RantWoman has another pair she may wear to Sunday Meeting for Worship.

Mismatched socks for RantMom to exclaim about. RantWoman offers prayers particularly for:

--Several high school classmates for whom, Thanks be to Facebook and a classmate who reads online obituaries, RantWoman has learned of parents' passing or even the classmates' own passing.

--Some Friends close to RantWoman in age who have recently lost parents

--Another friend who tells of his dad saying, three times, three different ways, that he was ready to leave his life on Christmas day a few years ago.

--A couple of really different grieving widows, besides Nasturtiums in Salad Friend whom RantWoman has been given to grow fond of

Manger Scene on a wreath

A few weeks ago in Meeting for Worship, a sequence of messages offered up one after another a sizable list of people friends in the room were remebering. Several of them, including Trombone and Mismatched Socks Friend passed away this year. Still others passed away within the last few years. One or two passed away thirty-odd years ago when some who are now elders were brand new in Meeting.
RantWoman had spoken to a newcomer before worship and was curious about his experience afterward.
"It's a lot of deaths."
"Yes, some of them are really fresh, and many people remember."
(and what, by the grace of God did not make it out of RantWoman's mouth, "..and in 30 years, I hope someone from today will mean as much to you as the person mentioned from 30 years ago meant to the person who remembers her."
It's a lot of deaths, and more importantly amazing lives to celebrate all over again

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