Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas Let's talk about Death

RantWoman honors times people get together and wind up talking about good and bad death and the circle of life.

Yes, RantWoman knows that the image here is blobby  and eerily lit and that it does not do justice to the manger scene that is part of the wreath. And yes, RantWoman understands that making this particular image the avatar for talking about death is, um, weird. Cope. This decoration is from the late RantDad's late Aunt Sister. RantWoman remembers this late aunt for a lot of Jello, for endless gifts of crocheting and smelly Avon products. RantWoman also remembers some frightening medical challenges, some of them brought about by poorly treated workplace injuries, and many circumstances that contributed to her death. RantWoman also remembers this Aunt crocheting a lot of baby booties for the Crisis Pregnancy Center, maybe more than enough of an association to add the nativity scene.

Manger Scene on a wreath
RantWoman is grateful sometimes for attention to radio broadcasts during the day. RantWoman apologizes, sort of , for lacking patience to go look up the segment on http://kuow.org she has in mind.
Readers get to be grateful for the moment that RantWoman is aiming for laconic and just posting resources:

Ellen Goodman,

The site above contains several resources for having conversations about end of life wishes. RantWoman thinks these resources would be a great thing before holiday gatherings. RantWoman also thinks they might be lovely preparation for the event below.

(RantWoman is also seasoning a call to have a temper tantrum but promises to save the tantrum at least until a little later in the day.)

RantWoman invites readers to attend this event; if you want to attend and do not already read the Meeting bulletin, leave a comment and RantWoman will forward. RantWoman also posts it here as an artifact and will say more in the same festive holiday spirit as she talks about other themes in the vibrant yucky topics festival that is her life.

SAVE THE DATE: *Free* ADVANCE CARE PLANNING WORKSHOP sponsored by Care and  Counsel: Saturday, Jan. 10, 9:00-11:30am in the Social Hall. Natasha White Marsh, Hospice Chaplain and End-of-Life Consultant, will guide you through completing a 3-part living will.
RSVP by Jan. 3. To request materials in alternate formats or other accommodations please contact Natasha or a member of Care and Counsel.

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