Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hanukkah: Tree of Life and Concept couplet

Et voila: thank you Google for  "tree of life menorah"

Tree of Life menorah. Image from

RantWoman meant to have some kind of menorah imagery here but a very superficial Google Search turned up this wonderful and dense item about the menorah and the tree of life:

In the realm of sonic celebration, RantWoman also hereby recycles two posts paired in her other blog.

RantWoman can live with the possibility that some readers will howl "nothing appropriate" about pairing these two items. Tough. RantWoman notes the women soldiers of the IDF choir and the woman poet And consigns further meditations on appropriateness to teh Goddes.

RantWoman aspires to more in-depth thinking today but sometimes the schedule is the schedule and one does what can be done.

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