Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Card / Thank you Letter: Dear Paratransit provider

Dear Transportation Provider / Contracted Paratransit provider,

RantWoman faithfully wishes to expect sincere and profound gratitude for all and sundry seasonal reindeer droppings for her spiritual compost heap.

Two Santas

First, pretty much whenever RantWoman is in the company of RantMom and occasionally some of your other regular customers, RantWomans ears runneth over with complaints about your scheduling and especially your routing practices. RantMon also, RantWoman is a littel embarrased to say, is quite vehement in her characterizations of some of your drivers' attitudes. RantMom cannot separate weird worship of GPS and sense of male entitleement and utter inability to ask for directions from ethnicity / national origin. RantMom also does not seem to beable to take a careful chill pill when trying to explain problems. Then she needs to tell RantWoman over and over again. RantWoman usually encourages RantMom to talk directly to you and RantWoman is pretty sure you have probably heard from RantMom, probably several times. In any case, blessings upon you for your contributions to dinner coversations.

Thank you so much also for deciding that the ADA paratransit services you are contracted to provide somehow do not apply on holidays at our location even though there is all manner of fixed route service and multiple people have courteously signed up in advance. RantWoman so enjoys the need to add emails imploring you to pay attention to RantWoman's endless task list.
RantWoman has information from neighbors indicating that the service did show up. She also has indication of multiple kinds of confusion. And irritating RantWoman who is mobile, mouthy, and generall able to act for herself is one thing, but you really blow it when you mess with a neighbor of RantWoman's who says about 10 words every 2 hours and whom RantWoman is pretty sure you do not want to to have tp send them complaining about your services.


Sincerely, RantWoman

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