Friday, December 19, 2014

Hanukkah: Tree of Life, South Park

Tree of Life Menorah with birds and flowers and fruit

This post is dedicated to RantBrother and all his gifts, albeit faded, about horticulture and tree pruning and landscaping and formerly even a lot of ability to negotiate and projects of various scale.

And here is the Hanukkah song from South Park.

Here is a reprise of a blog post about RantBrother.

It is mostly an accident of circumstances and atrocious parental lapses that dreidls are permanently stuck in RantWoman's mind along with a serial child molester. RantWoman is also not sure what if anything besides know said molester half the Jewish kids in school did to land on the enemies list mentioned in the above blog post. At this late date RantWoman has no expectation of ever finding out.

RantWoman's prayers for this year:
May the Lord Bless and Keep RantBrother  employed and living indoors and too busy to try to come from MT to visit for Christmas! RantWoman would even accept a collect phone call!

May further psychological ooze about RantBrother find the right spiritual and mental health resources and ...

May the words of a moderately inflammatory email land on fertile ground and lead Little Sister and Brother in Law straight to a bicultural parenting class! RantWoman has grown tired of being sister confessor for Little Sister's concerning commentary, particularly when Little Sister shares the commentary and keeps turning up her nose and resources offered. RantWoman has also been clear to say "I do not enjoy watching your husband pick at your son the way RantDad used to pick at RantBrother."

And I do not enjoy arguing about any of this in front of RantMom and I do not enjoy hearing RantMom grouse about Brother In Law and frankly, if RantWoman winds up taking a giant latte and some popcorn out on a ferry ride by herself this year it all might be a great blessing! And may the Lord bless and keep the holiday holy anyway!

And all of this has very little to do with Hanukkah which makes it fit perfectly in the Nothing Appropriate concern!

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