Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Card: You STAY

RantWoman was offered opportunity to put pen to paper to write a greeting to someone far away. If RantWoman had put pen to paper, probably nothing appropriate would have come out.

RantWoman sincerely sends prayers and heartfelt good wishes both to Someone and to Someone's parents, but RantWoman is not sure Someone would be entirely receptive to what RantWoman has to say.
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Dear Someone,

RantWoman sincerely sends prayers and heartfelt good wishes both to you and to your parents. RantWoman has no doubt that you needed and need the care you are currently getting.

RantWoman generally thinks that the provisions of WA state law allowing youth as young as 13 to seek health and mental health care on their own independent of their parents is a VERY good and necessary thing. RantWoman thinks youth need to check with their providers about confidentiality issues as far as how billing happens, but RantWoman is clear that this law probably allows LOTS of youth to get badly-needed services that they would not be able to get if they were required to be able to talk to unresponsive or overwhelmed or otherwise challenged parents about sensitive and difficult topics.


RantWoman COMPLETELY understands how parents with good insurance might balk when asked to continually foot the bills for youth who are not cooperating with needed treatment or who are engaging in any number of kinds of youthful flakiness. RantWoman thinks, even though youth might not appreciate it right now, youth whose parents have the resources to take them out of state and keep them there long enough for treatment to be effective should be DARNED GRATEFUL their parents care and are able and willing to help in this way.

And RantWoman further emphatically blesses parents who also are willing to engage in the family components of the program your family is working with.

But please excuse RantWoman for being too focused on being present in the present with her own family's past to craft any gentler message and again, please accept RantWoamn's good wishes to you and your family!

In the Light.


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