Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Assume a can opener?

"RantWoman, 'Assume a can opener?" Huh?"

RantWoman's capacity for fracturing jokes is enormous. "Assume a can opener" is the punch line for some joke involving an engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician. RantWoman is unclear which needed to assume a can opener; RantWoman also does not apologize to her sundry strands of groupies that these professionals are who rattled out of RantWoman's keyboard.

RantWoman also did not feel a need to delve either into the language of the joke or into someone's flak about whether or not God exists. RantWoman was wanting to impart some of what wells out of her own experience. RantWoman was thinking to connect God Does Not Exist Friend with someone more willing to go on at length about the matter of Divine existence and to offer what she herself can offer on a more practical level..

Most of all, RantWoman was thinking something along the lines of "Friend, thee is being annoying , vexatious, irritating, obtuse, stubborn, dismissive of people who genuinely care and want to help as they CAN. . It is only by the Grace of God and some appreciation of your long service that RantWoman is remotely able to put up with you right now in this state." Arguably RantWoman has a lot of dang nerve assuming she has something useful to try to impart,but may we please assume a can opener about the existence of God question and ....?

Holding , in the Light.


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