Wednesday, December 31, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR With Notes and a Fractal.

Some exotic New Year's Fireworks:

RantWoman is trying to clear the psychic sludge and start the New Year off  esh. RantWoman aspires to do this, but it is not going to happen. RantWoman is blessed with an endless supply of raw material for her spiritual compost heap and this holiday season seems especially rich in reindeer droppings for said compost heap. So Friends are asked please to bear with such gestures ... as RantWoman can offer tonight.


 Dear Friend A

 RantWoman has observed you several times in slightly different contexts being REALLY really challenged in talking about a set of topics in our Meeting.

 Please forgive RantWoman for directness and inelegant phrasing. How about we all just accept that said topics are difficult for many people and you maybe possibly are considerably less gifted than average about working with these topics? Then we can all do the best we can to spare you roles where you are expected to...?

 Now that you are off the hook, please forgive RantWoman. At the very least RantWoman is going to quit beating herself up about her own inability to accommodate ...




Dear Friend B.

 Eureka! you too are off the hook. Never mind what all you are off the hook for. The problem is not anything you might have done or not done. Nor is the problem anything RantWoman might have done or not done. The problem is The Curse of Your First Name.

See, RantWoman has this, cough, gift for sometimes blowing things up that need to be blown up / shaken up. RantWoman is fond of explaining that the RantWoman as Clerk of the Still Didn't get the Memo committee on Email Immoderation of today is, believe it or not, a kinder, gentler, SOMEWHAT better seasoned version of previous versions of RantWoman. That would be one problem.

Another problem would be that sometimes RantWoman making everyone mad creates room and frees energy for someone else to come along and reweave frayed edges in new directions.

Still another problem: several of these circumstances have been associated with people whose name is either exactly like yours or a very slight phonetic variant. Soooo, if we want to absolve ourselves of... we could just Blame the Curse of Your Name. RantWoman is not sure there is any precedent for this either in the Bible or in anyone's historical or even modern Quaker journals, but we could consider...

 In the Light,



Dear Friend 1.

 You clearly are still hot under the collar about some of the exact same public moments in time that RantWoman is still hot under the collar about. RantWoman thinks for a few different reasons that those moments need the care of more than just thee and me and is wondering whether we might consider one of RantWoman's suggestions from awhile ago. RantWoman suggested we pick some of those public moments, look at the minutes, and hold what you and I are still hot under the collar about.

 RantWoman is not suggesting ... because she is some kind of weird exhibitionist. RantWoman suggests more shared discernment because, while RantWoman is not necessarily very good at some pieces of this, RantWoman greatly esteems this when done well. Would you please consider...?

 For example, RantWoman has heard you about your view of one Friend's intent in a public moment. RantWoman is unsure you have heard RantWoman about barriers and boundaries in private making RantWoman's EXPERIENCE of the public gesture decidedly other than what you assume was intended.

 In another case, something needs to happen to unfreeze several big hard stops for RantWoman. RantWoman does not expect to solve the HOW of any of this on New Year's Eve, but RantWoman does expect....

 In the Light



Dear Friend 2

 You are not completely off the hook either but RantWoman is clear enough about a path for what remains on her mind at least for now.

 In the light,



Dear Friend 3

 Ya know, RantWoman decided to go along with the process you all proposed and RantWoman thinks the work is incomplete.

Thank you for your concern that I might be endlessly disappointed by people’s efforts in the realm of accommodations. Thank you for this concern on my behalf. How about we talk about paths to what actually matters, what is nice to have, and what falls in the realm of life-threatening? RantWoman actually thinks this is not a conversation for just thee and me and has in mind a path forward but feels no clarity to wade in tonight before the fireworks go off.

 Thank you also for the information that Care and Counsel committee is working on more pronouncements about email. Considering the LONG contribution from the Still Didn't Get the Memo on Email Immoderation last time Care and Counsel did this, would Care and Counsel PLEASE consider the following suggestions from RantWoman:

 --RantWoman has a time or two contributed thoughts about email to some r another document as part of what she does for a living. Consider this an offer to help!

 --RantWoman frequently finds that understanding ttechnical / technological points of time and search string and filing / archiving practice, as well as routing options GREATLY enhances her ability to stay spiritually centered. Perhaps if you involve RantWoman in the conversation upstream, you will more quickly get to some shared understandings of several points and make efficient use of the technology.

 --RantWoman went to an event about boundaries awhile ago. RantWoman has various observations which those who presented did not seem interested in at the time. RantWoman also went home and promptly told about 8 people by email why she is unable to conform to the boundaries they were trying to set about email. Please consider it a big giant chicken clucking REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS request to have a fuller discussion of RantWoman's concerns in this area.

 Hallelujah. Amen. In the Light. And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL


A New Year's Fractal in honor of a summer God and fractals moment.

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