Saturday, December 13, 2014

St Lucy 12-13-14 Patron Saint of the Blind.

RantWoman acknowledges that perhaps there is some cosmic joke in a Quaker, ostensibly no respecter of days being called to observe St. Lucy's Day. Tough. RantWoman notes the numerical sequence of today's date: 12-13-14. Today is also a blind friend's birthday and RantWoman esteems this friend for a well-honed giftof mirth. RantWoman learned that St . Lucy is the patron saint of blind people. RantWoman  is pretty iffy about this whole patron saint concept but nevertheless feels called to fill a post with such imagery as she is led to glean in the image gallery of her choice.

St Lucy according to Wikipedia

A brief introduction to St. Lucy and why she always appears with eyeballs separate.

A nice concise blog post

Prayers to St. Lucy, "Patron saint of eye ailments."

Lucy with a whole lot of eyeballs.

St Lucy of the Halloween costume

And the also familiar crown of candles:

Lucy with Candles

RantWoman notes that she lost patience with visual searching and is underfulfilling plan as to commentary about the crown of candles imagery. Plus the general concept of gouging out one's own eyeballs, even on principle makes rantWoman, um, nervous rather necessarily than inspired. With that in mind, RantWOman let herself be led in a completely different direction with no gouged eyeballs involved.

RantWoman gratefully acknowledges the contributions of these imagesand humbly aspires to generate enough hits to have mroe of a copyright problem than can be covered with this acknowledgment.

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