Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hanukkah, Nothing Appropriate and Jan Dismas Zelenka - Psalm 109, Dixit Dominus, ZWV 68

Hannukkah greetings from a brass dinosaur with a menorah along its back. Thank you Buzzfeed

RantWoman proposes another eccentric observance of another faith community's annual celebration. This year for hanukkah RantWoman means to post with at least modest attention to the phrase "Nothing Appropriate" or "exactly nothing that would have been appropriate."

RantWoman probably will not be led to marry gefilte fish with lutefisk.

RantWoman does not plan to call for any pogroms or, say to post links to Wagner's Gottedammerung. RantWoman may or may not get around to articulating either an appropriate prayer or the precise personal resonance for the phrase "nothing appropriate." And RantWoman sincerely sends whatever greetings are appropriate.

And for the first night, RantWoman proposes lovely music without checking the text of the Psalm. Oh well.

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