Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Presents: White Privilege

RantWoman hereby enlists Santa Claus to deliver unto herself and those around her opportunities to reflect on privilege.

Two Santas
RantWoman acknowledges several forms of privilege embodied in the very fact of this blog post:

--RantWoman has a smartphone and sufficient technological expertise, at last, to clog the interwebs with the banal imagery, albeit blurry, of RantMom's Christmas treasures.

--RantWoman, vexed as she is by all aspectso of midlife vision meltdown, sees most colors very normally AND sees enough not to have to feed her blogging obsession with her screen reader alone.

--RantWoman, RantMom and Little Sister all have managed to navigate a number of life bureaucracies well enough to live in many respects very well in spite of numerous lapses of good sense that might have derailed such comfort for others.

--Whatever else one can say about RantWoman's Make Your Own Job circumstances, they allow her time to fuss with Life Issues by blog.

And still, RantWoman thinks the conversation needs:

Holiday non-shopping tip: the Invisible Backpack of Whtie Privilege

Another item on privilege

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