Monday, April 27, 2015

The Tantrum Option

Popcorn Kernel from recent worship sharing

Queries were something like:

What are your hopes and concerns for the next year?

What help do you need / what are you going to do to ask for it?

and "take care of ... If you need restroom, snacks..."

RantWoman: "and if I need to lie on the floor and kick and scream and have a giant tantrum...?"

[RantWoman is pretty sure there might have been tremulous eye-rolling. RantWoman? REALLY?]

(RantWoman to herself REALLY?)

RantWoman has been thinking of many kins and of people in her family's life who were adults not parents and how much difference they made at times.

RantWoman has also been thinking of a much younger self, new to Friends who found it a great relief actually that people much older than she were still struggling and trying to figure things out.

RantWoman munched popcorn and attended to others' offerings. Apparently she attended badly because other than deep gratitude for the sharing RantWoman humbly admits remembers no details she can work with after the fact.

Oh, and apparently if RantWoman and others around her can admit the POSSIBLE need for a tantrum, RantWoman just MAY be able to get along without an actual tantrum.

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