Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Avis, Upper Dublin, Prayers.

Yo, God, if you are going to give RantWoman a message, could you maybe possibly aim for something more compact than an entire Russian novel?

Worship at RantWoman's Meeting opened with two messages about death, one  a sudden death of a weighty elder's also elderly sister and the second a toddle in a car seat shot by a presumed road rage drive-by shooting.

Somehow the messages meandered toward "The Dead are released; it's the living who suffer without them, with the holes death leaves in the spider we bs of our human connections.
RantWoman tried to summon  words:

But no!  The dead are not always at peace or summomoning the memories still disturbs the pale pablum some call peace. 100+ years after the Armenian genocide at the end of the Ottoman empire, it's still REALLY hard to use the word genocide and someone's embassador got summoned to the prime minster's office this week for using the word.

But NO! If a Meetinghouse is built almost on top of the graves of an African American member's enslaved forebears, the dead are NOT necessarily at peace, and RantWoman can definitely see God sending messages about at least honoring the dead, the circumstances of their death.

This past week RantWoman was grazing in the Facebook Quakers Talk about Racism group and came upon, basically, a call to renewed prayer for Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting, Abington Quarter PYM, and Avis Wanda McClintock.  RantWoman offered to pray / hold in the Light... Facebook vexes RantWoman and RantWoman asked for email. Email suggests in different words that prayers, discernment, openings are sorely needed.

RantWoman offers the following links to Friends Journal items related to Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting
RantWoman recommends spending some time with comments.

Email indicates that the situation continues to evolve and prayers continue to be sorely needed.

Yo, Friends, are you in charge or is God in charge?

RantWoman is not clear to post further contents of email but does note that she can hold in the Light more clearly if participants in events post public accounts of...

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